Title: Color
kawaii-kirei "KK"
K or G (there is implied s-ai, but all in all, this fic's pretty harmless. X3 -le gasp!-)
SasuNaru, NaruSasu

Disclaimer: Naruto and all of its characters does not and never will belong to me.

Author's Notes: Wrote this in a whim. Probably just ten minutes. Got inspired by the word gray. X3 And the fact that my sister is currently taking up interior design and I've been asking her for the past three years to teach me more about colors. XD This wasn't really how I first intended it to turn out, but nevertheless, I love how it came out. I wasn't really supposed to post this here, but I thought it came out good, so... :3 Please review!


Sasuke dreams in black and white.

Every time he closes his eyes and wills his consciousness away, that's the time that he shuts all colors out. He would dream of numerous things, dream of various scenarios, but all of them would only be in shades of black and white. Of an endless gray. He would wonder then if it was even possible to dream about colors. There were times that he would ask himself, what are colors for? What use are they, anyway?

In real life, he doesn't really pay any attention to colors. He doesn't care about tints, or tones, or shades. He knew the sun was yellow, the sky was blue, plants were green, the soil was brown... but other than that, what else was there to care about?

He had dreamt of places, of animals, of people, of Kakashi-sensei, of Sakura, and all of them were gray. He didn't care. But there came a time that he dreamt of something else... someone else. A certain someone that made him change his point of view altogether just by looking at him in that dark, desolate place in his mind, and when he smiled, Sasuke wanted to see him. He wanted to see hair like the sun, eyes like the sky... he wanted to see that colorful smile again.

He dreamt of Naruto, and wanted color back in his life again.

- owari -