I Never Knew You

By Justin A. Braton

On that day, that day of

Reckoning, I saw the Lord.

He looked at me with a

Face of anger. I knew that

I had done something wrong.

Before He spoke, I said to Him,

"Lord, Lord! In Your name, I

Spoke God's message!" But,

This did not wipe away His frown.

Again, to save myself, I spoke,

"Lord, Lord! I went to worship

You at church!" His glare remained.

The anguish grew, from His face

To His entire figure. Like a hammer

His immortal words did strike,

"I never knew you."

It was then and there,

That I broke down, and cried

Out my heart to the Lord.

Tears of anguish, for being

Sinful and guiltless, streaked

My features. I looked deeply,

Into those eyes of ever-love,

And sought that grace,

Which could have saved me.

But, it wasn't there, that God's

Grace was found. It was faith alone,

And love and honor in Him,

That salvation could be made.

Like Pontius Pilate, Christ

Washed His mighty hands of me.

In a tone of severity, He said,

"I never knew you."

Again, my heart was torn,

Ripped to ribbons with remorse.

I pleaded guilty, asked forgiveness.

Denied myself, praised the Lord.

But it was vain, my time was over.

I had failed to seek His love.

As did Peter, before Christ Himself,

Three times in fact, with no regret,

Jesus uttered those words of finality,

"I never knew you."