Unforgettable Love

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If you like to read about Athrun x Cagalli & Kira x Lacus falling love, than you should read this story you'll love it. This story is about Kira & Cagalli going too a new high school, making new friends & making new enemies. They also meet Athrun & Lacus, but Kira & Cagalli discover a dangerous secret that puts everybody around them in danger. (Updated)


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Chapter 1-Getting Lost


Cagalli was watching the old secertary typing up her schedule for the about an hour, Cagalli sighed "I can't believe I have to wait this long for someone to type up my schedule."

Cagalli missed her old school and her friends, although she does like her new uniform, she's wearing a royal blue mini skirt and a white long sleeve blouse, it was better than her old school uniform, it was dark green uniform, so Cagalli isn't complaining that much.

"Oh dear, Miss Attha I made a mistake I'll have to type your schedule all over again" as the old secertary looked over to see Cagalli, Cagalli looked like she was about to go insane "Why is she doing this to me?"


"Alright let's see what my next class is?" Kira looks at his schedule, "Literature, room: 250-A," Kira sighed while scratching head with his left hand, while looking at the school map.

"My class is on second floor and I'm right next to the Auxiliary Gymnasium, how am I going to get there?" Then the school bell ring and Kira had no idea how to get to class. "I wish Cagalli and I didn't have to move." Kira sighed and leaned against the wall.

Soon, Kira didn't notice, a girl with long pink hair came out of the girls' locker, noticing that he was in trouble.


Lacus came out of the girl's locker room carrying her Chemistry and Literature book in her right arm. When she closed the door Lacus noticed a boy she never saw before leaning against the wall, having a hard time.

So Lacus decided to help him, she walked up to him, but he didn't notice her yet. "Huh, hello, do you need help with anything?" The boy turned his head quickly noticing a girl next to him.

Lacus decided to introduce herself, to be polite, "My name is Lacus Clyne, what's your name?" she said softly.


Kira was surprised to see a beautiful girl next to him without him noticing, with long pink hair and blue eyes that glow like the night sky.

She introduced herself to him, Kira tried to speak, but his mouth was dry, he tried to focus on the question she asked him, "uh…I'm Kira, Kira Yamato" She smiled at him, which made Kira's heart melt.

Suddenly, Gilbert Dillindal, the principal of the High School walking up in front them, holding his hands behind his back, wandering why are they not in class, he cleared his throat to get their attention, "Why are you two not in class?"

As he look at both of them with a straight face. Lacus was able to say speak to him without being scared, "principal Dillindal, I was just helping Kira find his way to his next class."

Dillindal look at Kira to see if Lacus was telling the truth and Kira nodded, "Very well then, Miss Lacus will be responsible for finding your classes for now on" Dillindal turned and walked away still having a straight face.

When he turned the corner, Lacus turned and looked at Kira, "I'm glad we got out of that mess, here let me see your schedule and see where your class is." Kira handed her his schedule and examined it, "You have the same Literature class as I do, come I'll show."

Lacus grabbed Kira's right hand, holding it gently, making Kira blush, so did Lacus while she was showing Kira to their second hour class.

Kira looked at Lacus, while his heart was beating fast, "I think I made very close friend" Kira said to himself.


"Finally I got my schedule, let's see where's my class" Cagalli sighed from being stuck in the office that felt like forever, she looked at the schedule and a school map.

"Ancient World History, room: 251-G, uh…alright I'm next to the guidance office which they don't help me find my class, instead they just give me this stupid map that's impossible to read."

Cagalli looked around to see which hallway she should go down, she took the one on the right and then turned right passed the math office.

"HEY YOU STOP RIGHT THERE" Cagalli turned around to see who was yelling at her it was a boy her age with black hair and ruby red eyes, he must be one of the hall monitors trying to get extra credit by doing service for the school.

Cagalli was wondering why he told to stop she didn't do anything wrong, "Is their anything wrong?" Cagalli asked the boy.

He walks up to Cagalli and crosses his arms, "Where's your hall pass?" he asked her.

Cagalli felt confused "I didn't get a hall pass, I'm new here and—,"

"That's doesn't matter you still need a hall pass" he interrupted her. "Why is he being such a jerk to me, what did I ever do to him?" Cagalli said to herself.


"Mr. Zala slash pretty boy, go pick up my mail, I left it at the Math office" Mr. Yuuna Roma Seylan, the Ancient World History teacher, he's a terrible teacher and he gets jealous of Athrun, because half of the girls in the school are in love with him, so he puts Athrun to work during his class.

Athrun sets down his pencil and looks at his best friend, Nicol Amalfi, a boy with green hair and the brightest brown eyes you'll ever see.

"When is he ever going to stop telling me to go get his mail, Nicol?" Athrun whispered to him.

Nicol stopped writing on his essay, leaned over and looked at Athrun, "I wish I could tell you soon, but remember, he just jealous of you" Nicol laughed, Athrun joined in, then everyone around them started to laugh.

Although Mr. Seylan was tapping his foot because he was not amused, "Mr. Zala my mail is not going to come to me by itself."

Athrun got up and head out the door still laughing, he took right down the hallway and then a left to the stairs.

When he got the bottom of the stairs, then took a left around the corner, Athrun saw Shinn Asuka bothering a new student near the Math office, because they don't have a hall pass.

Athrun looked at the new kid, she had blond hair just touching her shoulders and the most amazing ember eyes, "This fills weird? I never felt this way before when I look at this girl, but I better help her." Athrun walks up behind Shinn and crosses his arms "Shinn are you bothering this new student just to get extra credit?" Athrun said jokingly and Athrun notice she looked at him with a surprised look on her face with those amazing ember eyes.


Cagalli was surprise to see the boy behind the crazy hall monitor, he had dark blue hair and beautiful emerald green eyes ever.

"Wow I can't believe he's going to help, but I have to see if he's going to help me get out of this problem?" Cagalli said to herself and focused and both of them.


"Back off Athrun, this is none of your business" said Shinn in angry mood.

Athrun started to laugh watching him making a fool out of himself, "You know new students don't need a hall pass on their first day" Athrun glared at Shinn.

Shinn tightened his fist and looked at the new student again "this isn't over" as he looked at her with the most frightening look, and he walked away.

The new student looked at Athrun after Shinn walked away "thanks for getting me out of that mess, why is that hall monitor mad at me?" she asked.

Athrun looked at her "he just thinks he can better grades by getting new students in trouble" Athrun explained.

She started to understand "I'm Cagalli Yula Attha" as she hold her hand.

Athrun smiled "I'm Athrun Zala" as he shook her hand. Athrun notice she looked lost, "Do you need help finding your class?" Athrun asked.

She nodded and pulled out her schedule "I can't find Ancient World History room: 251-G do you know where it is?" Cagalli asked.

Athrun was surprised that she has the same class with him, "that's my class too, I can show where it is but I have to get the wannabe teacher's mail first."

Cagalli agreed to go with Athrun to pick up the teacher's mail.


After they got the mail they headed down to the classroom.

Cagalli decided to ask Athrun a few questions about why he hates teacher, "why do you call your teacher a wannabe?" Cagalli asked.

"It's because he's jealous of me so he sends me down to get his mail every day." Athrun explained.

Cagalli seems puzzle "why don't you tell the vice principle that he's putting you to work."

Athrun sighed "I wish, but the problem is Yuuna's father is the vice principle's son so it's not easy."

"Wow" Cagalli was surprised. "Just be careful Cagalli, he likes hitting on girls who are beautiful like you, so don't think he's smooth." Athrun stopped just realizing he told her she was cute and it was too late to hide his face from blushing.

Cagalli looked at Athrun after he told her she was cute and looked away hiding her blushing face, "uh…thanks…for telling me" she said smiling.

Athrun smiled back

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