Unforgettable Love

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Chapter 17- Revenge and Unforgettable Love


It was getting close to the dance, Kira was still holding on to Cagalli's charm bracelet, he wash off the blood, but still couldn't control his feelings.

He remembered the first time he met her after leaving the Yamatos.

Little Kira came into the police station he sees a kid acting feisty, the policeman made little Kira sit next to the blond kid.

They both looked at each other, "Kira, this is your twin sister, Cagalli" policeman told him.

Little Kira examined her, "She's a boy."

Little Cagalli was angry and started to attack Kira and wrestled him to the ground.

A couple of the police men and women had to split them up.

Kira laughed a little, but it still hurt what happened, he doesn't know if Cagalli is alive or dead.

He wished they never fought with each other.

A few tears escaped from his eyes, he wiped them away with his sleeve.

He doesn't know how to explain this to his mother or to the police, but he wants to get rid of Yuuna first.

Lacus came out of Kira's bathroom, changed into her dress.

Kira got up and looked at her, she was wearing a pink and sliver spaghetti strap dress.

"Wow you look stunning"

"Thank you I'm glad you like it"

"We better get going, Lacus"

Lacus grabbed her purse and left with Kira heading to the dance.


Athrun decided to sit on one of the park benches before heading to the dance.

He couldn't believe what was happening to him in the past few days, he found out Yuuna killed his mother, and he met Cagalli.

After meeting Cagalli, Athrun never felt that way before, sure girls love to hit on, but he never really met a girl like Cagalli before.

But now Cagalli is gone, Athrun feels a brick wall around his heart, and no one can break it down except for Cagalli.

Yuuna had to take away everything Athrun loved, but now he'll make sure he'll have his revenge on him.

All of a sudden, Athrun felt Cagalli is talking to him in his head like the night before, but very faint, "Somebody kills someone who was just killed, and then that guy was just killed for killing someone…how will it ever bring peace?"

Athrun didn't know what to do now, but Athrun does have a good reason to kill Yuuna, but killing is never the answer.

He began scratching head, in a way he doesn't want to kill him, but wants to punish him.

He looked at his watch the dance was going to start, Athrun got up and walked out of the park and headed to the dance.


Yuuna was driving in his car and fixing his hair at the same time, "Who's that good-looking in the mirror?"

Suddenly, something was rolling around in the back of Yuuna car.

It was Cagalli!


Cagalli opened her eyes slowly, feeling a sharp pain in her upper back.

She moaned little from the pain, Cagalli's hands were tied behind her, she looked around, she was in back of a car and she recognized this car.

It's Yuuna's car.

When Yuuna stop at a stop sign, he turned around and looked at her, "Rise and shine sleeping beauty."

Cagalli thought she was dead, "what…happen" she had a hard time speaking.

"That air soft bullet did the trick," he told her.

"It wasn't…you who shot me…it was Kisaka who shot me…not you"

Yuuna began to laugh, "Oh my poor little naive student, after he carried you out of the house and patched your wound on your back...well let's just say he couldn't survive a real bullet…in the head."

Cagalli was able to gain enough strength, but had a hard time moving while being tied up.

She began to realize that she was wearing a black dress, "why…am I wearing a…dress?"

"Well I can't allow my date wear a shirt and jeans to the dance"

"We're going to the dance?"

"Together yes"

"I didn't mean that…"

"I want to make a theatrical entrance we'll be there in a few minutes"

The Dance

Everyone came to the dance, Athrun hung around the back, he didn't feel like talking to anyone.

The decorations were beautiful, Lacus did a great job on it.

Kira came to see him, and he offered him some punch.


Athrun took a sip of punch, both of them were leaning against the wall.

"Did you really like my sister?" Kira asked.

Athrun nodded while looking at his drink, "She's a lot more different then any other girl I've ever met"

"Like how?"

"She cares about a lot of people, but she told me what happened to you and her when you were little."

Kira agreed with him and then took another sip from his drink.

"I'm sorry about what happened, I know how it feels to deal with change when you're little"

"You do?"

Athrun nodded, "I lost my mother, when a drunk driver ran through a stop sign."

"Oh, who was the drunk driver?" Kira asked him.

Athrun sighed, "Yuuna"

Kira was stunned, "you mean he was the guy."

Athrun nodded.

"Kira, Athrun come over here" Lacus waved her hand to them.

They walked over to the crowd.

Lacus and Kira were holding hands with each other.

Athrun really didn't feel comfortable around the crowd, but he had to act normal, "Lacus it's great what you did with the decorations."

"Thank you Athrun, we did work very hard on making the dance to look perfect" She said while squeezing Kira's hand.

"Hey when do think Yuuna is going to show up?" Nicol wondered.

"He better show" Athrun said while crushing his punch cup.

A few minutes later the DJ began playing, no one felt like dancing.

Soon Shinn came to the dance with Lunamaria and both of them walked up to Athrun, "Hey Athrun."

"Hey Shinn" Athrun didn't feel like fighting with Shinn anymore there was no point anymore.

It looked like Shinn swallowed his pride, "Sorry about what happened to…Cagalli."

Athrun was surprised he said it.

"I didn't really hate Cagalli, I just never liked her family for firing my parents."

"Oh I had no idea"

"It doesn't matter anymore I'm over it."

"Thanks Shinn"

"Listen Athrun I need to tell you something-"

Shinn was interrupted by girls screaming in the hallway, suddenly there were gun shots fired.

Soon more people began to scream and they all ran into the gym where the dance is.

The music stopped, Athrun and Kira looked at each other knowing it was Yuuna.

Lacus was squeezing Kira arm, she was shaking all over, "Kira what are we going to do?"

Kira had a hard time finding the words to say after hearing the gun shots.

All of a sudden, Yuuna came in holding a gun in the air, "I'm back and better than ever," he shouted.

Kira had Lacus hide behind him so she wouldn't get shot.

Athrun stood his ground, ready to take him on.

Yuuna was standing near the side of the entrance, "Did you miss me."

He was absolutely insane, "Well guess what, I won, I've got a date and Athrun doesn't ha ha ha."

"Is that why you were doing all of this, just to beat Athrun?" Rusty asked.

Yuuna laughed again.

"Well where is your date we don't see her or him or your cousin." Miguel laughed.

Yuuna frowned at him and then disappeared for a second down a hallway, and then came back.

No one saw who his date was yet, but when he pulled on the person's wrist, everyone gasped, it was Cagalli.

"CAGALLI!" Athrun and Kira both shouted.

She was in a black dress, low cut, and it was all the way down above her knees about 2 ½ inches away.

Cagalli was scared, breathing heavily, obvious a lot has happened to her, and Yuuna had her in a tight grip.

"Look everyone, it's Cagalli back from the dead. You see, this is my date and no she's not a guy or my cousin" after Yuuna said it, he shot Miguel in the chest.

Miguel fell on the ground and died. Everyone screamed after seeing him dead.

"MIGUEL!" Athrun was in shock, he saw one of his closes friends die in front of him.

Asasi who was Miguel's boyfriend was crying on the floor next to Miguel's body.

"You bastard" Athrun was in front of the crowd so angry he couldn't take it.

"Oh I just had to prove something to Miguel that I did have a date," Yuuna kept on laughing.

"I'm not your date!" Cagalli shouted while trying to break through Yuuna's grip.

"Quiet!" Yuuna jabbed his gun in Cagalli's stomach hard, it made her hunched over.

"Don't hurt her!" Athrun shouted again.

Cagalli straightened while looking at Athrun sadly.

"I can do anything I want to her." Yuuna said as he squeezed Cagalli wrist.

"She was never yours in the beginning!" Kira shouted.

Yuuna took his eyes off of Athrun and looked at Kira, "Well if it isn't Kira, Cagalli's twin brother"

"Kira don't make him angry or he'll shoot you" Lacus whispered behind him.

"You better listen to Miss Lacus or you wouldn't want Cagalli to be an only child."

Kira didn't move an inch, he kept guarding Lacus.

Yuuna started to act more calmly, "Now I came here to have a good time with my girlfriend and we will have a good. DJ play." He commanded.

"I said PLAY" he shouted and then fired a shot in the air, people began screaming.

Then the DJ player quickly turned on the music, it played a slow song from 'Lifehouse' 'Everything'.

Yuuna again looked at Athrun, "You want to know why I'm not killing you yet?"

Athrun just stood in his place not saying a word.

"Because I want you to see me with Cagalli having a romantic moment."

Athrun tightened his fist, he couldn't control his rage at all.

Suddenly Yuuna his arms around Cagalli waist having his gun to her back.

She tried to push him away, but couldn't.

Yuuna was moving to the beat of the song.

Near the end of the song Yuuna looked at Athrun again, "Now here comes the best part Zala"

Yuuna put his left hand behind Cagalli's head, and then moved her face to his until his lips were with hers.

Cagalli kept struggling.

Athrun couldn't just stand there watching it, Nicol was holding him back, " don't do it"

Athrun ran up to the stage and found a microphone, he grabbed it and headed back to his same spot.

"What are you doing" Kira yelled at him.

"I rather be shot than having that pervert win." Athrun saw Yuuna was still kissing Cagalli, she was running out of breath.

Athrun took his aim and then through it at Yuuna's head.

It slammed in the back of the head, Yuuna let go of Cagalli after feeling the hit.

Cagalli ran on the other side of the gym far away from Yuuna as soon as he let go of her.

Kira and Lacus ran over to see if Cagalli was okay.

She was scared all over, "Cagalli are you okay?" Kira looked at her back, there was a huge wound on her upper back.

Cagalli was crouched on the floor trying to snap back to normal.

Suddenly Yuuna turned around and looked at Athrun, "I can't believe you're jealous, over me with Cagalli."

"Shut up, it makes me sick to my stomach to listen to this crap."

Yuuna was about to point the gun at Athrun when he just realized his gun was gone, "where did it go?"

Cagalli who was crouched on the floor, showed the weapon to Kira and Lacus.

Athrun gave an evil smile to Yuuna.

Yuuna was mad, "you bitch, give it back."

Athrun quickly ran up to him, and then punched him right in the stomach.

Kira and Lacus notice Cagalli wouldn't snap back to normal and she wouldn't give the gun to Kira, "Cagalli give me the gun"

Cagalli shook her head.

He couldn't per-sway her, Kira and Lacus ran over to see Athrun, "Athrun, Cagalli's not snapping back to normal and she has the gun in her hand."

Athrun looked over where Cagalli is and ran over to see if he can get her to let go of the gun.

Athrun saw Cagalli sitting on the ground crying, "Cagalli, please give me the gun" Athrun asked her slowly.

Cagalli looked at him, "Athrun"

"It's okay you're away from him you don't have to be scared.

She was breathing heavily, but she gave Athrun the gun and then she ran into his arms and was crying into his chest.

He helped her stand up, she held on to his shoulder.

Yuuna was on the ground, acting like a baby who lost his lollipop, he got up looking at Athrun and Cagalli together, "give me back my gun and Cagalli."

Cagalli tightened her grip around Athrun's arm, "No way Yuuna."

All of a sudden, Yuuna dug into his pocket and pulled out the knife he had before.

Athrun pointed the gun at him, "You're going to pay for killing my mother and Miguel and hurting Cagalli."

Yuuna stopped moving, "So you know about what happened to your mommy, I guess Cagalli told you. What a little tattle-tale."

"Shut up" Athrun loaded the gun.

"What are you going to do, shoot me" Yuuna laughed, "Can you dodge this?"

Yuuna threw the knife that was going to hit Miriallia, but Tolle jumped in front of her, getting hit by the knife.

Miriallia screamed after seeing the knife sticking out of Tolle stomach, "TOLLE! Come on stay with me Tolle!" Miriallia had him on the ground.

Tolle looked at Miriallia and smiled at her while holding her hand.

He died right in front of her, Miriallia began to cry on his chest.

When Athrun turned back to look at Yuuna, he was gone.

He came back, but with another gun, and then he was shooting out of control.

Everyone was running away from the gun shots, Athrun grabbed Cagalli took her with him, they ran behind a table and knocked it over on it side, to protect themselves.

Miriallia was still with Tolle's body, she could easily be shot, Dearka quickly grabbed her hand, "Sorry about this, but Tolle wouldn't want you to get shot by him", he took her away from getting hit.

Shinn took Lunamaria by the hand finding a place to hide, but when she noticed Yuuna was aiming at Shin, she pushed him out of the way, and then she got shot in the arm, "Lunamaria! Oh my god, come on." He took her behind the folded bleachers.

He took off his tie and then rapped around Lunamaria's arm, "you'll be okay."

When a shot was about to hit Lacus, Kira jumped on top of her and both of them avoided the bullet, "Are you okay Lacus,"

She gave a little nod, he took her by the hand and both of them went around the stage, "Where's Athrun and Cagalli?"

"We have to get out of here, he only wants us" Athrun told Cagalli.

"What are we going to do?"

Athrun fired a few more shots, then he looked around, and he notice that there were balloons in a cage above Yuuna.

If he shot the cage opened, then it would distract Yuuna for a few seconds, and they can get out.

Nicol showed up next to them, "you guys better get out of here."

"Nicol we need you to shoot the lock that's holding the cage of balloons in the ceiling."

Nicol nodded took the gun and tried to aim it at the lock, Athrun and Cagalli moved closer near the entrance, "Once the balloons distract Yuuna we run through the entrance, okay.

Cagalli nodded.

Nicol began to fire at the lock, on the third shot, the lock fell and the balloons fell on Yuuna.

"Come on" Athrun took Cagalli out of the dance and out into the parking lot.

After all the balloons fell on the ground, Yuuna ran out of the gym, looking for Athrun and Cagalli.

Athrun noticed Miguel's motorcycle, there were two helmets on it attached to it.

He gave one to Cagalli and they got on, she wrapped her arms around Athrun, he started the motorcycle and drove out of the school parking lot.

Yuuna saw them leave, he quickly got into his car and followed them.

After they reached town, Cagalli notice Yuuna was behind them, "Athrun, Yuuna's behind us."

Athrun took a quick look behind him, "Hang on."

He took a quick turn left through the intersection almost getting hit.

Yuuna kept following them.

Athrun needed to find a place to lure him in, suddenly he remembered his father closed down a warehouse and it's been abandon for years.

When he got out of the city limits they reached the abandon warehouse, "we'll try to trap him here." Athrun explained.

Athrun took Cagalli around the back, the door was unlocked, and when they got into the building it was filled with storage and boxes, it was like a maze.

As they went in Yuuna followed after them, but before he got out of the car, he reloaded his gun.

The Warehouse

Athrun and Cagalli were near the center of the warehouse.

Athrun had a plan, he remembered when his father took him to the place, he saw sharps of shattered glass, near the right side of the building.

He would get Yuuna to use up all of his ammunition, then lure him to the right side of the building.

But it was too dangerous for Cagalli, he saw a small space that was hard to notice, "Cagalli I want you to be safe, so stay right here, okay."

"But Athrun what about you?"

Athrun gave her a kiss on the cheek, "Don't worry, I'll be fine."

Cagalli crouched down on the ground, trembling all over.

She began to hear Yuuna shooting at Athrun, she hoped that Athrun's plan would work.

Athrun was able to dodge Yuuna's shoots, he needed to make sure Yuuna used up all the ammunition.

About ten shots later, it looked like Yuuna used up all his ammo, so now he would lure him to the right side of the building.

Yuuna followed Athrun but only had one shot left, "damn it, only have one shot, this one has Athrun's name on it."

Cagalli took a little peak to see if Athrun's plan is working.

Yuuna heard some boxes move behind him a ways, suddenly he noticed, a blond head, he saw her.

Cagalli crouched back down, until she saw two feet in front of her, when she looked up, it was Yuuna smiling at her, "hello miss Attha."

Sweat ran down Cagalli's back, and she was trapped.

Yuuna grabbed Cagalli by the throat and hold her up, she was hanging in the air, struggling, and losing her breath.

Athrun turned around and saw Cagalli being strangled, he quickly turn around and went to save her.

"After I killed Athrun's mother, I wanted to make that little boy miserable, this year he was in my class, I made his life a living hell there. Suddenly you came along and made his life happier, you stupid bitch, you would be more happier with me. So After I kill Athrun, you will be all mine…and in my bed."

Cagalli almost was choked to death, she was able to say on word, "Athrun."

Suddenly Athrun smashed a glass jar in the back of Yuuna's head.

Yuuna dropped Cagalli to the ground, she was breathing heavily.

"CAGALLI! Get out of here." Athrun shouted to her.

Cagalli clumsily got up and ran behind a few boxes.

Yuuna turned around and looked at Athrun, "finally I have the chance to kill you Zala," He pointed his gun at Athrun.

Athrun couldn't get control of his feet.

Cagalli moved closer to where Athrun is standing, without being noticed.

Yuuna gave Athrun a little smirk, "Don't worry Zala, I'll take good care of Cagalli, once your dead."

"You bastard"

Yuuna loaded his gun and was about to shoot him, "Say hi to your mother for me."

Cagalli couldn't let this happen, "NOOOOO!"

Cagalli ran in front of Athrun and hugged him, while barring her face into his chest.

Yuuna pulled the trigger, and then hit Cagalli near her heart.

"CAGALLI!" Athrun couldn't believe Cagalli did that.

"Shit, that bullet wasn't for her." Yuuna ran away.

Athrun kneeled on the ground, he put Cagalli's head was on his lap, she wasn't dead yet.

Cagalli smiled at Athrun, "I'm…sorry…Athrun"

"Shh don't worry…you'll make it Cagalli" Athrun hold on to her hand, but she was fading away.

"I…don't…blame you" Cagalli's breathing became heavier.

"Cagalli please don't die, I can't lose you."


Athrun tried to support her,

"Athrun…I've always…wanted…to tell you…that…I…love…you"

He looked at her and was stunned, "…Cagalli"

"Between us…will…always have…unforgettable love"

Athrun stroked Cagalli's hair, and then leaned closer to her, and then they both gave each other passionate kiss.

After they were done, Cagalli died in his arms peacefully, "Cagalli…Cagalli" Athrun shook her a little, but she didn't move.

Athrun looked at her sadly, then he laid her on the ground, "I love you Cagalli"

He got up, suddenly Athrun's sadness became rage.

He looks like he went into berserker.

Athrun turned his head and saw Yuuna trying to find a way out.

He walked up to Yuuna and was behind him,

Yuuna turned around and was in shocked, "hey why aren't you still sulking over Cagalli."

Athrun just stared at him, "you're going to pay for all the lives you took."

Yuuna just laughed at him, but Athrun came at him.

He punched Yuuna in the stomach, "That's for my mother."

Then he hit him in the face, "That's for Miguel."

Then when Yuuna was on the ground, Athrun kicked him in the ribs, "That's for Cagalli."

And when Yuuna got up, Athrun grabbed his head, "And this is for me" he smashed his head in the wall."

Yuuna fell to the ground, and Athrun turned around and left him there.

Yuuna got up a little and forgot he has another knife, he got up and ran to Athrun.

Athrun turned around and blocked Yuuna right arm, but then he was stabbed in the stomach by the knife.

He saw the knife sticking out of him.

"Well it looks like I won," Yuuna gave an evil laugh.

But Athrun put a hand on Yuuna's shoulder, then he took the knife out of his stomach and stabbed the knife into Yuuna's stomach, "No Yuuna…you lose," he stabbed him over and over again and then sliced his throat.

Athrun dropped the knife on the ground and felt the pain of the stabbed wound killing him.

He headed back to Cagalli's body, but he fell on the ground, so he crawled over to her.

He sat up against the wall, while holding Cagalli, he looked at her, it looked like she was sleeping peacefully, and then he kissed her on the forehead.

Athrun hold her tight as tight as he can, "Cagalli…this will…always be…unforgettable love…between…us"

Then suddenly he slowly died with Cagalli still in his arms.

About an hour later, the police and the people from the dance surrounded the warehouse, police found three bodies in there.

When they brought the bodies out, they all gasped, it was Cagalli and Athrun, they both were dead.

Kira and Lacus tried to get through the crowd, but when he saw them zippering up Cagalli and Athrun in the black bags, he collapsed on the ground.

Lacus comfort him, he began crying on her shoulder.

Detective Badgiruel was talking to another officer, "it seemed Yuuna killed Cagalli, then Athrun killed Yuuna, but somehow Athrun died after him."

"Too bad about this girl, I knew her ten years ago in another case" Badgiruel sighed, "All right notify the parents,"

Suddenly one of the men from the ambulance came running up the cops, "THEY'RE GONE!"

"What happened?" the detective asked.

"Cagalli and Athrun's bodies are gone,"


"I saw the foot steps walking away from the ambulances and the motorcycle they were on, it's gone."

Kira and Lacus looked at each other, and then everyone heard the motorcycle, soon the motorcycle went by fast, but they saw a blue hair boy driving the motorcycle and a blond hair girl riding with him, riding away from the town.

"Must be the power of love"