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Chapter One: Never Completely Prepared…

Albus Dumbledore checked himself in the mirror for what must have been the hundredth time within the past five minutes. He was donned in a set of deep blue robes with silver lining the hem, cuffs, and collars. He was very nervous because he was to meet his girlfriend's family. Under normal circumstances, he would have been able to be his normal, charming, insane self. But this was different. He was meeting the parents of Minerva McGonagall, his former student. She was a woman who was not only several decades younger than himself, but the only woman whom he had ever considered asking to marry him.

Yes, Albus Dumbledore was preparing to ask a woman for her hand in marriage. Well, he supposed he was technically going to be asking her parents first. Minerva had always been old fashioned in that sense, and he respected that. He loved her more than anything, and he was fairly confident that he loved her just as much as he loved her. He would die for her. Sure, she was fifty and he was a hundred and twenty. That was quite an age difference, and no one could deny it. But that was why he needed to be extra charming. He needed to make the best first impression ever. Without their blessing, he doubted Minerva would accept his proposal.

Would she? Would she be so dedicated to her family that she would refuse him because of their disapproval? He hoped not. He had asked her such and she was quick to dispel his theory. But still, there was always that small chance…

He mentally shook his head. He was just being silly. Of coarse she would accept his proposal. He hoped. As always, fear and doubt had made their presence known in his mind. But he had to simply remind himself that fear never got anyone anywhere. Had fear been the emotion which had driven him to defeat Grindlewald? No! Did fear push him around when he thought to make his feelings known to Minerva? Of course not! So would he let fear scare him into not proposing to the woman he loved more than life itself? He certainly hoped not!

"Are you ready, Albus?" He turned around to see his love standing there in a set of pale blue robes which hugged and flared in all the right spots.

"For you, my dear, I am always ready," he smiled. She walked over to him and hugged him.

"Good" she smiled before kissing him lightly on the lips. "I hope you aren't too nervous."

"Honestly? I'm petrified," smiled Albus, letting out a sigh of anxiety as he looked within her eyes. "I certainly hope your parents approve of me courting you."

"They'll be thrilled," replied Minerva. "After all, you saved us all from Grindlewald. They've expressed several times how happy they were that I was lucky enough to work with you. Just imagine how excited they'll be to know that we're dating."

"Yes, Minerva, that is what I'm afraid of," replied Albus, letting her go and looking in the full length mirror once again. "What if they aren't happy? What if they see too much of an age difference? Or what if they think my life is not the life they wish for you?" Minerva placed her arms around his waist and looked at their reflections.

"Albus, I want you to look at our reflections." He did as he was told. "Do you think you are too old for me?" He nodded slowly. "And does that bother you?" He shook his head 'no'. She smiled. "Good, it doesn't bother me either. Are you afraid that you won't give me the same sort of lifestyle that I 'should' have?" He hesitated and didn't answer. "I'll answer for you if you like." She turned and faced him. He faced her and she placed both hands on either side of his face.

"I would follow you to the ends of the earth, whether we're dating or not. Though, I'd prefer to be dating you, because I love you so very much and ache every moment we are not together. I love you, Albus Dumbledore, and wish for nothing more than to be with you." He smiled broadly, as one feeling a great sense of relief would smile, and hugged her. She smiled and sighed. She had not told him that she longed to be his wife. He was facing enough pressure now as it was in his preparations for meeting her family. He did not need to know, at least for the time being, that she wanted him to propose to her. After all, meeting her twin brothers, mother, and father could be quite intimidating… Even for the mighty Albus Dumbledore.

"I love you too, Tabby," he breathed. "That is why I am so eager to please your family. I want them to trust me with being the best match for you." She pulled back and playfully swat at his shoulder.

"And do I have any say in the matter?" she teased. He raised an eyebrow.

"Well, I suppose you might have some say in the matter," he sighed. They laughed before he leaned down and captured her lips with his own.


"Are you ready?" Minerva asked as they walked up the stone path to the McGonagall summer house. They had apparated to the nearby town and had decided to walk the rest of the way. After all, it would be the last chance they would have to be alone for the rest of the weekend. The next two days would be filled with him getting to know her family and for her family to adjust to the idea that they were dating.

"Not wholly," he admitted. "But I suppose now is as good a time to meet them as any. After all, we've already been dating a month and they still don't know about us." Minerva blushed.

"I know, and I am sorry for this secrecy, Albus," she said looking up at him. They were now standing in front of the door. They had decided to send their luggage ahead of time, so they had nothing to carry. "But I just thought it would be better if I told my family in person." Albus nodded as he wrapped his arms around her waist and she brought her arms around his neck.

"I understand, Minerva," he said. "It's not something you can simply mention in passing or on parchment. It would be better if they heard it straight from you." Minerva smiled.

"You are most certainly a very understanding man, Albus," she said. "I don't deserve someone as kind and patient as you." He chuckled.

"I do believe you have that backwards, my dear," he smiled. With that, he bent down and kissed her on her lips. Just then, the door flew open, scaring both Albus and Minerva terribly. They both looked down and saw a small child. It was a girl of about six years old, a huge grin on her face.

"Aunt Miner-buh," she squealed, jumping into her arms. She laughed as she was just able to catch her. The girl hugged Minerva tightly and pecked her on the cheek.

"Little T'ari, how are you?" she asked.

"I'm good. How are you?" she asked, struggling out of her arms. She didn't wait for an answer as he looked at Albus, wide-eyed. "Wow! You're Albus Dumbidore, aren't you?" Albus had to chuckle.

"Yes, I am," he replied. "And who might you be?"

"I'm T'ari Fineena McGonagall," the girl said proudly as she pointed to herself. "And I'm six years old." Then, she leaned into Albus as if she was telling him a secret, but she was really speaking loud enough for Minerva to hear. "Actually, I'll be seven in exactly seven and a half months, but right now I just say I'm six." Albus was having a hard time stifling a laugh and keeping a straight face.

"My, you are practically a young lady," he said. He looked at Minerva and they shared smiles. So far, so good. She took his big hand in her little one and then took Minerva's in her other hand.

"Come on, Aunt Miner-buh," she said as she dragged them both inside. "Everyone has been waiting for you."

Albus sighed. Well, this was it. He was about to meet the entire McGonagall family. Every…single…one.

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