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Becoming a Memory


General POV

Ever since the summer Hermione Granger has had a hard time sleeping. It wasn't for lack of trying either. The problem was that every time she went to sleep she would relive what happened the night she got home from her 6th year at Hogwarts.


It had been a nice night. She had dinner with her parents and they watched some movies before retiring to bed.

"CRASH!" Hermione flew several feet into the air after being woken up by a crash coming from downstairs. Immediately she grabbed her wand from the bed side table and opened the door. As she went down the stairs she started to hear several voices, all of which she unfortunately recognized.

Oh crap! How did they get here? Oh, that's a dumb question they used apparition of course! Great time to lose my mind now, when Death Eaters are in my living room. Then Hermione heard something that made her heart stop. Her parent's voices.

"Where is the girl!" Yelled the voice that could belong to no one but Lucius Malfoy himself, they're here for me? It must be to get to Harry! To lure Harry into a trap!

"I will never let you have our daughter! Leave us alone!" shouted her father. Then she was grabbed from behind and felt her wand being pulled from her hands. She was pulled into the living room finally getting to see the whole scene. A group of four Death Eaters were standing on one side their wands pointing in the direction of her parents on the other side of the room; her dad was standing in front of her mom.

"Look like we don't need their help after all." Lucius said with the famous Malfoy sneer. "Tell us where the Order of the Phoenix is mudblood!"

"I can't tell you, idiot! I'm not the secret keeper! But even if I could I'd never tell you! I'd rater die than give up my friends to you!" She screamed in rage.

"We'll see about that! Crucio!" The instant the curse hit Hermione she felt like she was going to burst from the pain; it was pure agony, unfiltered pain all through her body. But she refused to scream. She bit her lip until the curse was lifted and she was left panting and shaking.

"So you want to play do you mudblood! Let's see if this is fun enough for you! Avada Kedavra!" The killing curse went speeding towards its target, but the target wasn't her, it was her father. He fell instantly. Her mother screamed with tears in her eyes, along with Hermione.

"Tell me where Potter is! Or your mother will get the same!" He shouted. "Don't do it Hermione! It will be fine! I'll be fine! Don't betray you're friends!" Her mother shouted through tears. Hermione stayed silent, using her death glare on Lucius. Then her mother fell. Hermione sobbed as she stared ate her parent's bodies.

"Crucio!" He shouted again. For the second time that night she was hit with unbearable pain. Then there was another crash. Much like the one from before when the curse was abruptly lifted and she fell into the arms of the one and only Sirius Black.

She looked around and saw several Order members fighting the five Death Eaters. Suddenly she found that Sirius was pulling her into the fireplace and they were being flooed to The Burrow.

Present Time

It turned out that Professor Snape had heard of the plan to attack the Granger house hold and had alerted the Order of it. Still, they had been too late. Her parent's were dead. And she was left with nothing but haunting nightmares.

That was why she was sitting alone in the Gryffindor common room at around one o' clock in the morning on a Friday night. She was gazing out at the large full harvest moon that was out. It was beautiful, with an orangey glow about it.

Looking down at the lake she saw something move. What on earth is that? It looks like a person… I had better check it out. She went back to her dormitory and grabbed her wand.

Stepping out into the cool night air Hermione wished she had worn something other than her short sleeping shorts and an almost too small tank top. Yes that's right Hermione Granger was wearing a revealing outfit. She had changed a lot over the summer, becoming more comfortable with her body she wore more girly clothes, used a little bit of make-up sometimes, and grew her hair out to mid back causing her bushy hair to tame down into soft golden brown waves.

Clutching her wand she went down towards the lake but saw nothing there. Then she heard something coming from near the forest and decided to check it out.

Once she got near the forest she heard a howl. Oh My God! It's a full moon! How could I have forgotten! Wait… Lupin isn't teaching hear any more… then who is this? She ran as fast as she could. She could hear the pounding of the werewolf's large paws behind her. Then she slipped on the damp grass.

The werewolf caught up to her. She tried to scramble back to her feet but it clawed at her legs leaving four deep evenly spaced cuts. The blood oozed from her and it hurt like hell but she kept trying to get away. It scratched her all over ripping her thin tank top. Then it bit her. It grabbed on to her side with its powerful jaw. The pain was almost as unbearable as the cruciatus curse.

Then she heard someone speaking. It sounded like a spell. Then all of a sudden she started to glow, she felt weightless. Like she was floating. Then she felt a tug much like when using a portkey but this one hurt. She started to feel more pain, I'm being ripped apart! That must be it! Ahhhhh! Then suddenly it stopped.

She looked around her, she was still in the exact same spot, but something seemed wrong. Looking behind herself she saw 3 figures. They were running towards her. Then she felt another wave of pain, and blacked out.

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