I'm Supposed to be the Hero

I'm supposed to be the hero
The one who will save the day
The kid who will vanquish the Dark Lord
And make darkness go away.

But I don't know if I can do that
I don't think I'm that strong
Because my whole life till now
I've always been told I was wrong.

I'm a fair weather friend, it seems to most
When they think I'm lying I'm cast out in shame
But when I'm proven right or do something good
It's back to the fame.

It's not even me half of the time
Without Ron and Hermione I couldn't have done everything
I wouldn't have gotten the stone or saved Ginny
Because without them, I'm nothing.

I don't know why it has to be me
Why I have to be the chosen one
I'm not special, I'm not ready
I just want to be like everyone.

I want to curl up in the corner
And just start to cry
Because I want to feel
I don't want to live a lie.

That's what I'm doing after all
I can't live up to the standards they think I can
I'm just a kid after all
Not yet a man.

There's only one thing I've ever wanted
But no matter how hard I try I can't obtain
Because he took them away
And I have only him to blame.

I just wanted to feel their love
Have mom's arms hold me in a hug
Have dad's hands clap me on the shoulder
But they're in grave that was dug.

So shouldn't I feel anger?
Shouldn't I want revenge?
Of course I do but
What will that mend?

They'll still be gone
I'll still be alone
When the war is over
Where will be my home?

I do want to kill him
To make him suffer like me
But I don't think I can do that
Everyone is just too blind to see.

They're following me right to their graves
I have nothing to offer
nothing to give
Why do they think I am their answer to live?

I can't do anything
I try so hard and yet I fail
What's the point of moving on
When my hopes will never sail?

I want to do good
I want to help
But giving me the burden
What will that solve?

My life has been luck
That's all there is to it
Well, maybe a little skill
And a bit of wit.

But I'm not cut out to be the savior
I never asked for this role
I just want my parents
That's forever been my goal.

I'm supposed to be the hero
I'm supposed to set everyone free
But I'm not the hero
So why did he pick me?




Author's Notes: I've been feeling a bit depressed lately . And writing something angst-y helps. I didn't want to work on a major fic…then I'd feel too pressured. So I opted for a short poem. It's my first HP work that doesn't have anything to do deal with Draco, this one is all Harry. Reviews are deeply appreciated.

Disclaimer: Don't own HP.