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Summary: Dead bodies start appearing in Japan and it begins to haveconnection to a school in Japan…The bodies belong to students who never gota chance to say goodbye.
Chapter 1:

It begins at Sakura High, a place for achievement and scholarships. Thestudents here are divided into groups popular/preps/jocks, normal people andof coarse dork/nerds.

The school is a wealthy school and has a reputation.The school sport teams are one of the best and the teacher we're known for
their knowledge and teaching skills.Under a cherry tree we have Kagome Higurashi, the most popular girl inschool. Though she was single, she likes leading boys on.

Jess is one of Kagome's best friends would always sit to the right of Kagomeat lunch but today she wasn't at school and that's odd, because she isalways at school."Hey has anyone seen Jess this morning?" asked Kagome taking out her cell
phone from her purse. Her friends shook their heads and continued eating.
Kagome decide to check up on Jess, so she dialed Jess's cell number.The dial tome was heard and a few seconds later someone picked up the phone.
"H-hello?" a voice that belonged to a female answered.

"Jess are you ok?" Kagome asked worriedly.
"N-no…he got me hel---''the voice of Jess was cut off and a deep mechanicalvoice replaced hers.
"Hello Kagome…"

"Who the hell are you!" yelled Kagome into the phone. By now she had theattention of the whole table. Kagome got up and started to walk away stilltalking into the phone.

"You don't need to know who I am right now", said the mysterious voice, "Allyou need to know is that I'm watching you and I'm coming for you", and with that the phone line went dead


Detective Inuyasha Tashio got out of his car at the crime scene. He walkedover to girl that looked at the age of 17. The young girl's chest was cutopen and some of her internal organs were missing.Inuyasha sighed, he hated scenes like this for one reason he hated seeing women or children died, pulling on some latex gloves he searches through herjean pockets. Det.Tashio pulled what looked like a school ID. "Interesting"mumbled Inuyasha. Inuyasha swung out his camera and started taking photos of
the crime scene.Det.Tashio is 19 years old and one of the best detective in the business.Walking he came across a foot imprint. Putting an evidence maker up to theprint he took two photos of it.


Kagome stared at her phone for a while thinking 'the hell'. She knew what
she had to do; she dialed 9-1-1.

"911, what is your emergency?" answered the operator.

"I just called my friend because she wasn't at school today and when she
answered she was spooked and she was trying to tell me something she was cut
off and a deep mechanical was came on." Kagome explained, unusually calm
about the situation.

"What's your friend's name?" asked the operator.
"Jess Wilshire".

"And what is your name?"
"Kagome Higurashi"
"Okay, can you tell me her address? We'll get a squad there immediately",
said the operator.
"She lives at 7652 Watashi Way between Feudal Avenue and Era street." said
"Thank you. May I ask you the number to the phone you are calling from"?
"Of course its 1-459-7323.", said Kagome.
"Thank you I'll be In touch with you," said the operator. With that the
conversation ended as the phone click in Kagome's ear.

Inuyasha growled with annoyance, the captain ordered him to go undercover at Sakura High and find out who was killing all the teenagers. He finished school and he was happy about it but now he was forced to go back in school, how he hated the captain.

Inuyasha pulled up at the high school but didn't get out of his car he just watched how they mingled and all because he hasn't been in school for a while. He rolled down the window a bit so he could hear what they were talking about, he saw jocks being their jocks self and talked about who could swirly a nerd better, Inuyasha heard one of them say. "Man you should see what happens when I put that nerds head in the toilet he starts sputtering and shit", said Bankotsu.

" Dude that's nothing this one guys homework got all wet he told the teacher I was the one who did that man she sent him to the principles office requesting that he be suspended," boasted Rebkotsu.

Inuyasha rolled his eyes at their stupidness and looked somewhere else, when something caught his eyes. There was a girl no older 18 maybe sitting by a cherry tree and had a look of sadness and anger in them. He sighed and got out of his car and walked over to the girl.

"Hey. You ok?" asked Inuyasha in a soft tone. The girl looked up than looked right back down and didn't answer.

Inuyasha sighed and tried again. "My name is Inuyasha Tashio. What is yours?", asked Inuyasha.

"My name is Kagome Higurashi. You must be new here." stated the girl in a voice just above a whisper.

"It must be obvious. So, why don't you tell me what's wrong", said Inuyasha sitting down next to her. Kagome burst into tears.

" My friend Jess has been--," she couldnt continue it was too much for her. Jess?' thought Inuyasha Thats the name of thw girl from my case. I better get to know Kagome. She could have some valuable information.'

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