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Inuyasha sat in his car, his head on the steering wheel and eyes closed. How could he have let Kagome get kidnapped like that? "Damn! How could I?" he shouted hitting the steering wheel. Suddenly Inuyasha's head shot up. 'Wait a minute! If I can find that little brat Shippo than maybe I can find that asshole who took kagome'

Shippo is a boy that's been living on the streets for years and has connections everywhere, the reason Inuyasha knows Shippo is from a drug bust. Inuyasha cut a deal with the D.A, (a/n: District Attorney) if Shippo was their connections to all the scum bags on the street he wouldn't go to jail.

Inuyasha put the key in ignition and sped off.

Inuyasha drove slowly around the bad part in town, looking around he saw prostitutes, druggies, and hobos sleeping in a card board box that they called home. Suddenly he saw a small teenager wearing a light brown Little Devil Visor Toque. He pulled up and stepped out of the car walked up to Shippo. Shippo saw him coming and threw away his needle and stood up.

"Start talking small fry" Inuyasha growled.

Shippo wasn't cooperating… BAD MOVE!

Inuyasha grabbed him by his collar and pushed him against the wall. "Listen you piece of shit! There's a girl out there kidnapped by some psycho, now tell me where I can find him"

"Ok ok! There's this place down in the country about 30 miles from here! It's the only one around so you won't miss it!" Inuyasha happy with this answer put Shippo down and brushed him self off.

"Oh! By the way Dog-man, you better pack a glock with a glock light just to be safe" Shippo said snapping his fingers into a gun position and clicking his tongue.

Kagome was sitting by the toilet with her eyes closed thinking of what that picture said.

'X marks the spot, but I find looking in the dark better.' Hey eyes snapped open and started looking around the room frantically. "What's wrong kagome?" She ignored him and continued looking around the room as much as she could with her foot chained up to a poll.

He kept yelling her name, and that gets annoying. (a/n: it is annoying! I swear I was trying to finish some home work in class and this guy wouldn't stop calling my name! I felt like punching him) "ok! Listen! Look for an X!" he didn't asked question and started looking. But we didn't have any luck, until kagome remembered the picture! "turn off the lights!" He looked at her strangely and did what he was told.

There was a glowing X on the wall. Kagome smiled and fell to the ground laughing.

Inuyasha speeding down the highway when his cell rang, he picked it up and answered. "What!"

"Oh inu-darling are you busy?"

"Yes I'm quite busy mother!"

"Don't talk me like that! I'm your mother, I brought you into this world and I can take you right back out of it."

Inuyasha rolled his eyes and hung up; he threw the phone in the passenger seat and continued driving when the phone rang again. He picked it up and checked the caller ID, his mother… AGAIN…He growled and rolled down the window and threw it out the window.

He past a sign that said 10 miles till the country, snarling he sped up. And why was he going all the way to save her? Was it because he promised her mother? Is it because he had feelings for her? Shaking those thoughts out of his head and continued driving. Not even noticing that his gas meter was below the limit. The car started to slow down, and then the car came to a complete stop right in the middle of the road. Inuyasha stepped out and kicked the car shouting curses at it.

Kagome and Ari stared at the wall surprised, "Ari! Stop staring and bash it in!" Ari turned in a circle looking for rock or something when a rock landed right by his feet. He looked over at kagome who pointing at the rock than at the wall. He picked up the rock and started dashing it in too the wall. The wall crumbled and inside the wall was a box. The box had kagome's name so Ari slid Kagome the box.

Kagome opened the box to two cigarettes, lighter, a cell phone and a note. She sat down by the wall and started reading the note.

Kagome, there's different ways to kill someone. Use the cigarettes with the blood on the floor, have fun…darling

"What's in the box?"

"A cell, lighter, two cigs" She lied leaving the note out of the conversion.

Inuyasha had been walking for miles! His feet hurt like hell and it was taking him forever to get there. When he saw in the distance what looked like a farm house. He wiped the sweat away from his brow and put back on his black Idun –Beanie with visor (a/n: type it in on google if you don't know what it is) back on his head and started jogging to the farm house.

Inuyasha reached the farm house and pulled out his glock out of its holster and opened the door, pointing the gun in the door he continued inside cautiously.

Kagome was holding the cell and pressing buttons on it but it wasn't going through, she had finally coming to a conclusion it was meant to receive calls, not to make calls.. Putting the phone down she leaned against the walls and closed her eyes when…the phone rang, her eyes shot open and reached for the phone. Picking it up she started talking with the caller.

"Hello kagome"

"What the hell do you want you ass hole!"

"Language…your time is running out…kill the doctor before he kills you"

The line went dead and she hung up.

Inuyasha walked into a room where there was nothing but darkness, walking pass the room he entered another room the saw the prototype of that metal fish bowl head gear thingy. He walked up to it and started checking every single detail, reaching for his camera phone he suddenly stopped remembering that he threw it out the window. He groaned, if only his mother hadn't called.

He walked into another room where am eerie light was shining form under the door. He silently walked over and pressed his ear to the door. All he could hear the sound of electronic devices. Breathing in and out he prepared himself from what he was about to do.

Kagome was very angry and scared with what just happened and she threw a rock a mirror and the mirror broke to reveal a camera. Ari stared at her and switched to the camera. Kagome still angry, started chucking any rock she could find!

In the end Kagome had thrown almost every rock, pebble, and boulder in the room she could find, her hands were blistered and they hurt terribly.

Inuyasha burst into the room surprising both Ari and Kagome. " I-inuyasha what are you doing here?", asked Kagome.