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I love you Niisan

Chapter one

"Niisan…" said little Sasuke blowing up his cheeks frustrated. "You always say that… you always promise that you'll spend time with me and you never do! Why do you do that all the time! I hate it!"

"Sasuke…" said the elder brother, poking him in the forehead. "Missions are important… you should know that if you're going to be a great ninja one day…"

"Hmph…" Sasuke seemed angrier than usual today. He had always put up with his brother's broken promises but it seemed today that this was his last nerve… and last poke! "No Niisan! No more! You make all of these promises and you never ever keep them! I… I… I hate you!" with that Sasuke ran up to his room.

'I hate you!'

It wasn't like Itachi to be thinking about petty little things like that during a mission but he just couldn't help it. Sasuke had never reacted like that before. It was as he sat in a tree that he realized how much he took his little brother for granted and he actually felt much guilt about the whole thing.

That night, Itachi returned home to a quiet home. Everyone was asleep, he knew that much but he was pretty sure that there was still one family member awake… he could hear the sobs from the door.

"Sasuke…?" he said softly from the doorway.

Sasuke was shocked to hear his brother's voice all of a sudden, but then he went straight back to hating him.

"Go away Niisan… I already told you… I hate you!"

It was a strange feeling, what Itachi was feeling at those words. Sure he cared about his little brother, and he understood that he was only young, just a naïve innocent little boy that didn't know any better and Itachi did understand that. Sasuke would just go back being his bubbly little brother self the next day but why didn't Itachi not want to believe that? It was as if Sasuke would be taken away from him forever and that he would never want to talk to him ever again. For an icy heart like Itachi, Sasuke had accomplished something great to make Itachi do what he did right then and there…

The elder brother walked over to where Sasuke sat on the bed, wrapped his arms around the smaller form and nuzzle into his neck. Sasuke's heart skipped a few beats, what a feeling this was.

"Would you feel any better if I told you that I was sorry… little brother… Sasuke…"

Little Sasuke blushed a tiny hue of pink across his face. Itachi was actually apologizing to him. Could Sasuke really hate him now?

"Do you still hate me Sasuke…?" asked Itachi.

Sasuke turned a bit and hugged his brother back… snuggling into his arms and clinging tightly.

"I could never hate you Niisan…" he said in the most cutest of ways.

Itachi actually smiled at that. He stroked his little brother soft hair from his eyes and noticed that he was actually falling asleep. Sasuke said one thing before drifting off to sleep.

"I love you Niisan…"

'I love you Niisan'

Those words would never escape Itachi. Over the years, the bond between the two brothers had grown, and now it was Sasuke's tenth birthday, and Itachi would be with him the whole day. The rest of the family had been called away on a mission and Sasuke had the best present he could have ever gotten… his brother's full attention for one whole day!

The whole day went great for the both of them; some well needed time alone together. They had lunch together, ate cake together and opened presents together. Things really got complicated though at night when they were sitting on the couch together.

"What a great day Niisan! It was the best birthday ever!"

"I'm glad you had fun Sasuke…" said Itachi patting his little brother's head.

"yawn… it was really fun Niisan but I'm so sleepy…" said Sasuke rubbing his eyes cutely.

"Would you like me to tuck you into bed little brother…?" asked Itachi.

"Yes Niisan!" said Sasuke with excitement.

Itachi took Sasuke into his arms and carried him to his bed. Sasuke was already in pyjamas so all Itachi had to do was tuck him in tightly.

Once Sasuke was all tucked in the thick blankets, all that popped out was Sasuke's tiny little head and two hands on either side of it.

"Thanks so much again for the great day Niisan… I love you…"

Those words were spoken once again. It was then Itachi's heart began to beat faster. He knew what was going on… he was actually starting to feel things for his brother, and he couldn't stop them. He decided to test the waters…

Itachi leaned in and kissed his little brother on the forehead.

"I love you too Sasuke…"

"Niisan…?" said Sasuke blushing a bit.

Itachi's face was still ever so close to his brother's, and yet Sasuke didn't push him away. Sasuke's small pouty lips looked so inviting at the time. Itachi leaned in again and kissed them tenderly… delicately. He pulled away.

"Niisan… that's a kiss right…?" asked Sasuke innocently.

Itachi smirked and let out a small short giggle.

"Heh… yes Sasuke… that's a kiss…"

"I like them brother… they make me feel warm…" he smiled.

"Well, I bet you'll be getting a lot of them… you seem to be pretty popular with the girls…"

Itachi got up and began to walk out of the room.

"But Niisan…?"


"Would I get more from you…?"

Itachi just smirked to himself and walked out with not saying a word. Sasuke just drifted off to sleep after that. Itachi went into his room and thought to himself…

'Hn… if that's what you really want little brother… then how can I say no to you…?'

To be continued…