VACATION - April, 22nd 2006

By: RocknRide

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Notes: This story is set right as Kim is leaving for Florida and the first couple months that she is there. This story is definitely Tommy/Kim. I might have other pairings but they won't be very dominant in the story. This is my first attempt at ever writing a fanfic so if it sucks, please tell me and I wont post anymore. If you like it, cool! I'll post more. Also, I'm too lazy to get a beta so if its full of typos, I'm sorry.

Chapter One

Kimberly Hart tilted her head to the side, her neck making a small popping sound as she did so. Brown eyes slipped closed and she took a deep breath, her eyes opening with her exhale as she looked down the long blue mats to the leather covered vault. She had been training for most of the morning and Coach Schmitz had been in a particularly bad mood. Still, he was one of the best coaches in the country so she made sure she kept quiet and listened intently to his critiques. Luckily, her coach had business to attend to in New York for the next five days and had actually given his gymnasts the time off. Of course they were expected to keep up with their fitness routine and work on any problems they had been having but any formal, structured classes were postponed until his business was done and he was back in Florida.

Kim was really looking forward to the short vacation. She always loved her gymnastics and she was learning so much but she honestly never remembered ever working so hard in all her life. Even her years as a ranger sometimes felt like a piece of cake compared to her new and incredibly demanding schedule. Her heart constricted slightly as it always did when the rangers entered her mind. She considered her teammates her true family and she missed them all terribly. Sure, they all kept in contact with each other with letters and weekly phone calls but it wasn't the same. She missed it all, the adventures and laughter, and most of all, the love. Kim shook her head, trying to toss the lonely feeling to the back of her mind.

She took her ready stance again. Taking another deep breath she visualized the difficult stunt she was about to execute. She was almost ready to start her run to the spring board when a sudden tingle when up her spine. Like a weird flutter in her belly that made the tiny hairs on the back of her neck stand on end. She shook her head, a bit confused and glanced around the large empty gym.

At that same moment, in the lightly wooded area behind the large gym and workout building, a white fuzzy stream of light swooped down from the sky and when it touched the ground, the form of Tommy Oliver materialized. He glanced down at the large gym bag in his hand and grinned; glad his belongings had made the trip with him. Teleporting was usually only to be used in relation to official ranger business but Zordon was grateful enough to allow him this special trip.

Actually, it was the rangers who had practically begged Zordon to send Tommy away for the week. Sure he was their fearless leader and they all loved him dearly but all the rangers had had enough of his moping around. Kim and Tommy had certainly kept in touch and their relationship strong in their time apart. They talked just about every other night and each had a shoebox filled with long letters from one another stashed under their beds. It had been almost four months since Kim had made the move down to Florida and even though the letters and hour long phone calls were good the fact that they hadn't been able to see or touch each other for months was starting to take its toll. So, as Tommy slipped further into his Kim-less induced funk the rangers decided that their bro needed a vacation. Billy spoke to Zordon and he agreed that the white ranger was clearly deserving of some downtime. Tommy was told to pack his bag and the rangers promised to call if anything came up that they couldn't handle.

At first Tommy had been wary of deserting his leadership duties and leaving the rangers even if it was only a week. But, the feelings were quick to leave his mind as the idea of spending a week with Kim filled him. He recalled the conversation he had with Kim the night before and remembered her telling him about her week long vacation. She entertained the thought of hopping on a plane to Angel Grove but sadly concluded that it just wasn't possible. Her finances at the moment were almost not existent and Kim had agreed to help look after the gym while her coach was away. So, if Kim couldn't come to him, he was going to go to her. Even if it was clear across the country. Tommy shifted the bag onto his shoulder and started his way around the large building.

Back in the gym, Kim reached up and tucked a lock of chestnut brown hair behind her ear as she once again readied herself. With another deep breath she was off, racing down the length of the mats, slim but strong legs pumping hard as she built up the power needed for her difficult stunt. As she took off at a run she faintly heard the click of the door of the gym. She never looked towards the door but kept her eyes focused on the spring board she was racing towards. The take off would have been flawless if she hadn't seen the blurry shape of someone standing off to her right side. Her heart recognized him before the rest of her did. A million thoughts ran through her head in a split second, totally messing up her concentration and she began to lose control of her twisting body. She turned her small but strong body in the air but knew she was in for a rough landing. She managed to land on her feet but she was moving way to fast. The momentum of her clumsy take off was throwing her off and as her feet hit the mat hard she instinctively pushed herself forward into a tight summersault landing hard flat on her back. Landing on her back was much better than landing flat on her face.

Her eyes closed for a moment as the air was forced out of her lungs by impact. She groaned, her hand coming up to touch her forehead as her head reeled. Her eyes snapped open when she heard someone call her name.

"Kim!" Tommy shouted and moved quickly to her side. He knelt down beside her and rested a hand on her shoulder.

Kim looked up, her brown eyes widening in shock as she saw Tommy looming over her. Forgetting the stinging on her back or her aching head she reached up, slender fingers touching his cheek in wonder.

"To- Tommy….?"

He grinned, panic eased away by the smile that slipped over her beautiful features. "How many times do I have to tell you that you're supposed to land on your feet?"

"Damn," Kim smiled, reaching up to rub her sore neck. "I always get that part wrong."

"Glad I was here to remind you." Tommy said reaching down to smooth her hair back from her forehead. They sat like that for a moment, just looking at each other with goofy smiles plastered on their faces before Kim reached up and wrapped her hand around the back of Tommy's neck, tugging his lips down to hers for a passionate kiss that was months overdue.

Kim shifted, sitting up to slide her arms around his neck as she deepened the kiss. Tommy's arms tightened around her slim waist as his tongue swept over her bottom lip asking for access to her warm mouth. Kim quickly parted her lips, her tongue meeting his as the kiss grew more frantic. Almost desperate. She shifts, moving closer to him, needing to be pressed as close as she possibly can to his broad chest. She almost winces as his hold on her tightens, her teeth sinking into his bottom lip gently and then her tongue sweeping against it. They come up for air, only pulling away a few inches as their foreheads rest together. They take a few breaths before moving back in. Their lips move slowly against each others and their tongues dance. Yes, four months is clearly too much time apart.

Their friends would probably be a bit shocked if they saw them now. The needy-ness and force of emotions as they all but devour each other now is far cry from the cute and quiet couple that the other rangers saw on a regular basis. But Tommy and Kim's relationship was much deeper and stronger than the rangers knew. Neither was a big fan of pda (public displays of affection) so most of the passionate kisses and soft touches were kept private. The rangers saw the cute hand holding and warm smiles, the kisses on the cheek. The only ranger to see even a glance of the more passionate side of their relationship was Billy.


It was late on a Friday night and the party for Zach's 17th birthday was in full swing. Of course all the rangers were in attendance as well as most of their high school class. Billy had somehow made it through the large group of teenagers dancing down in the large finished and thoroughly decorated basement. He found Zach right where he expected he would; right in the middle of the dancing mob. Billy tapped Zach on his shoulder and leaned in to be heard over the loud music that seemed to bounce off the walls and high ceiling.

"Hey Zach, I need to use your lavatory."

Zach nodded, and turned never missing a beat. He pointed up the stairs and shouted, "Upstairs, third door on the left."

At least that's what Billy thought he had said. The Blue ranger gave a quick nod in thanks and proceeded to try and make his way through the large crowd. Billy made his way up the stairs and moved to the door that he counted as being the third door on the left. Billy was mistakenly walking into the laundry room which wouldn't have a big deal if the room was unoccupied. But it certainly wasn't. Billy's faced turned red almost instantly for there sitting on the edge of the washing machine was Kimberly involved in a seriously steamy lip lock with the white ranger. Kim's fingers were tangled in Tommy's long hair as they kissed, Kim's knees resting on the outer side of Tommy's hips as he stood between her denim clad legs. Billy could see Tommy's hands moving under Kim's pink top as his hands roamed over her smooth back. Tommy bent Kim back slowly, her head tilting back with a small gasp as Tommy's lips moved from hers and moved down, raining open mouth kisses over her neck and collarbone.

Billy almost tripped over himself as he quickly backed out of the doorway and pulled to door shut. He paused in the hallway a bit embarrassed. He had seen the two share the occasional peck on the lips but that Billy shook his head and moved down the stairs intent on getting better directions to the bathroom.

End Flashback!

When the couple finally pulled apart they sat back, almost panting as they caught their breath. Kim reached out again with a smile and ran her fingertips over his chiseled jaw line and over his soft lips. "I can't believe you're here."

Tommy pressed a soft kiss to her fingertips as they moved over his lips and gave a lopsided grin. "Believe it, Beautiful. You have me for a whole week if you want me."

Kim squealed with happiness and threw her arms around him, squeezing him tightly. "Of course I want you!"

Tommy said with a smile, "I won't be in the way? If you need to train, I'm happy to just hang out here with you and watch for the whole week. Just being near you is fine with me." He reached out to cover her hand with his own.

Kim was quick to shake her head. "No, I need to open the gym tomorrow morning but that's it. Holly, another gymnast, is in charge of watching over the place until Coach gets back and you would never be in the way."


Kim's smile softened as she looked up at him. "I love you. "

Tommy leaned in to drop an impossibly soft kiss to her waiting lips. "I love you too."

Those three simple words sent a tingle up her spine as she remembered when they had first uttered the phrase to each other. It was without a doubt the best night of her life.


The night before Kim was scheduled to leave for Florida her friends had thrown her a spectacular going away party at the juice bar. It was a wonderful night with great food, fun, and long trips down memory lane. They had spent hours just sitting around talking and later, when it was finally time to go there were the tearful goodbyes.

"I'm gonna really miss you Kim." Rocky said as he scooped Kim up in a tight hug almost lifting her up off the ground.

Kim squealed, having to stand on her tip-toes to return the hug. "I will too. I'll call every week." She said as she released him and moved to Adam, again getting swept into another bear hug. Kim moved to each of her friends, quiet tears running over her pretty features.

"I feel like I'm losing a sister." Aisha said with a sniff as she held on to her best friend.

"I know what you mean." Kim said when she pulled back with a smile. "Please thank your parents again for all they've done for me. Letting me stay with all of you was an amazing thing to do."

Aisha nodded, "They loved you too Kim. Its going to be so weird when I get home and you're not there." That thought started Aisha's tears all over again. Aisha had hopped she would have the chance to spend the night with Kim, helping her pack and driving Kim to the airport the next morning but the Campbell's were leaving in an hour to visit Aishas grandmother for the week. Of course Tommy was quick with his offer to keep Kim company as she packed and give her a lift to the airport the following day. He wanted to spend as much time as possible with her until she had to go.

Kim then moved to Billy. She looked up at him with a smile before reaching up to wrap him in a long hug. They each had thoughts of all their time together running through their heads. They had known each other for years, much longer than she had known the rest of her wonderful friends that filled the room. Now with Kim leaving, he was the only original ranger left. That in itself was a sad thought.

Many hugs and tissues later Kim took Tommy's offered hand as they walked towards his white jeep. Kim was silent as he drove the short distance to the Campbell's empty household.

Once home and showered, Kimberly stood at her dresser trying to figure out how she was going to fit her entire wardrobe into two suitcases. She grabbed a stack of light cotton dresses and turned, dropping them into the first suitcase.

"Kim there is no way in hell you're going to take all your clothes with you." Tommy remarked from his spot on her bed. He adjusted the pillow behind him and leant back against the headboard, watching her as she moved about her room.

"I have to bring it all. Aisha's folks have been so great to me, letting me stay here but I can't just leave half of my stuff in their house." Kim said, now digging through her closet in search of her many, many shoes.

"I know but all your stuff is not going to fit in there." Tommy motioned to the two large suitcases that lay open on her bed. He heard a small sniff and looking over to Kim he saw her small shoulders shake. He moved off the bed and crossed over to her, sitting behind her and pulling her into his arms. "Um…I'm sorry? You can take one of my suitcases if you want."

Kim laughed through her tears, snuggling closer to him and swatted his chest playfully. "I'm not crying over my clothes Tommy. I just miss you all so much already and I haven't even left yet." She took a deep breath and got quiet for a minute. "How am I ever going to do this?" She asked in a whisper.

Tommy rubbed her back in small circles. "You're going to be fine. We all promised to keep in touch right? "

Kim nodded but didn't sound convinced in the slightest. "That's what we said when Jason, Zach, and Trini left and we hardly ever talk to them at all."

This caused more tears and Tommy just had to sit there, not sure what to say.

"You are an incredible gymnast Kim. You once told me that this was your dream for as long as you could remember. It's a great opportunity and I'm not gonna let you miss it just because you think your going to get homesick. It's going to be hard but it's not like your dropping off the face of the planet." Tommy hoped he sounded much more convincing than he felt because that is exactly how all this felt to him. It did feel like she was dropping off the face of the planet. Gone from him forever and never to return. His grip on her tightened a bit at the thought.

Kim sighed against his chest, her arms circling his waist as she relaxed against him. "I know…but it's still hard and a bit scary. I'm afraid we'll grow apart."

She felt him nod before he spoke again. "It's kinda scary for me too but we'll make it work. I promise."

The two sat like that for a few minutes longer. Tommy's strong arms were around her and her head was resting on his shoulder. Kim's sniffles soon stopped and she sat up, wiping at her eyes with the back of her hand. She moved away from him and started packing again. As Tommy took his place back on her bed he couldn't help but smile at the cuddly stuffed animal sitting next to him on her pillow. It was a white and grey stuffed tiger that he had won for her at some carnival a few months ago. He picked it up and looked over to Kim who at the moment was trying her best to close one of her bulging suitcases. He reached over, pushing down on the top so she could get the thing zippered.

"You gonna pack this?" Tommy said as he held up the tiger.

Kim looked up with a quick smile spreading over her lips as she took it from him, tucking the stuffed animal safely into the other suitcase. "Of course I am. I couldn't sleep without holding onto it."

Tommy quirked an eyebrow, "Then why are you packing it now? What are you gonna hold onto tonight?"

Kim crossed over to him, leaning down to kiss him. She paused just before her lips met his and said with a whisper, "You."

Tommy's eyes went a bit wide as he gulped.

End of chapter one. If anyone likes this, I'll continue!