I adore this pairing so I'm writing this fanfic. Enjoy!

Why Do You Care?

Chapter One

Caught in the Rain

Numb...I feel numb. This rain is so cold but I don't want to move. I can't even feel the raindrops hitting my back anymore. My clothes are soaked through but I don't care. Why should I care about anything anymore?

Tea sat on the park bench, hugging her knees close to her body. Her wet brown hair stuck to her cheeks and her eyes were squeezed shut. The rain hit her cold body and slid down her cheeks. She could not tell whether it was rain or tears that was running down her cheeks. It was so cold...so wet...so gloomy...

Why did it have to happen? I could not ask for better weather today. The rain...it's like my tears. Never ending... Mom...Dad...both are gone...forever...

"Seto, are we almost home?" Mokuba whined. Seto was busy typing on his laptop. He looked up to see where they were.

"Yes, Mokuba! We should be home in about fifteen minutes."

"You said that fifteen minutes ago!" Mokuba snapped in irritation. He laid back against the leather seats, his arm crossed stubbornly. Absentmindedly he looked out of his window and saw the park. Nothing out of the ordinary at first, but then he saw one bench near the entrance.

A young woman sat with her knees hugged close to her chest. Her clothes were soaked and she just stared straight ahead, her face showing no emotion at all. She seemed familiar... Mokuba gasped loudly.

"TEA!" he yelled. "STOP THE CAR!" he shouted. The brakes screeched and the limo came to a halt. Seto growled in frustration. Mokuba opened the door and took an umbrella.

"Mokuba, what the hell are you doing?" Seto demanded. "MOKUBA!" He rolled in eyes and growled in annoyance. Seto unbuckled his seat belt, put his laptop down, and hurried after Mokuba after getting another umbrella. Mokuba splashed through the puddles n the sidewalk and he walked into the park.

"TEA!" he cried, running over to her.

Who's calling my name?

She weakly turned her head to see Mokuba running towards her. She made no sound...only stared at him. He was soon right next to her.

"Tea what are you doing out here?" he asked. She did not answer. Tea did not even move. Mokuba gently shook her arm. "Tea, Tea answer me! What's wrong with you?" he asked, worry in his eyes. She blinked and came back to reality.

"Huh?" she asked, somewhat dully.

"What are you doing out here in the rain?" Mokuba asked. Tea let go of her knees and moved her legs so her feet touched the ground again. Her black shirt and skirt were completely soaked. She knew she could trust Mokuba with anything but...

Seto ran up behind Mokuba and shot Tea a glare colder than the rain. "Mokuba, why are you talking to her?" he demanded, ice dripping off every word. Mokuba frowned at Seto and turned back to Tea. She just stared at her feet, lost in her thoughts and sadness again.

"Tea?" Mokuba asked. He shook her arm again. Seto frowned at her.

"What's the matter with you, idiot!" he snapped at her. She did not anser him but stood up from the bench, loosely crossing her arms over her stomach like you do when you're cold. Forgetting about the Kaiba brothers, Tea walked away from them and out of the park entrance. Mokuba ran after her and Seto sighed but followed.

"Tea? Tea wake up, it's me, Mokuba." She continued walking as though in a trance. Mokuba growled slightly in irritation, jumped up, and hit her left cheek. She blinked and shook her head slightly.

"What?" She looked around, confused.

"Tea, what's the matter with you? You keep going into this creepy trance and forget about everything around you." Tea put a hand on her forehead. She noticed it felt a little warmer then usual.

"I'm sorry Mokuba. It's just...I really should be going..." Mokuba stared at her.

"Tea, you're flushed!" he cried. She shook her head slightly.

"I...I'm fine Mokuba, trust m—" Tea fell over.

"TEA!" Mokuba yelled. She landed in Seto's arms. He had moved in front of her just in time. Mokuba sighed with relief. "Good job, Seto. We should take her back to the mansion." Seto rolled his eyes.

"Of all the people in this city you make friends with, it has to be Yugi's little cheerleader!" he sighed. Seto picked Tea up and carried her back to the limo. Mokuba trailed behind, holding Seto's dropped umbrella in one hand.

Seto set Tea between him and Mokuba. He felt her forehead and it was burning. She had a very high fever. It felt like she was 103 degrees.

"Is she OK Seto?" Mokuba asked.

"She has a fever, that's all I know. If we get her some medical care soon she should end up alright." Mokuba nodded and they drove off toward Kaiba mansion.

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