Hey everyone, Alright. Well, to those who were reading my other fanfic, I'm so sorry that I ended up having to change the rating, I merely felt that since certain topics were being discussed (Fred and Daphne were much older than in the cartoons) that it should be to the rating it now is.

Anyhow, this is a completely different fanfic that is just a little thing that I thought of and decided, "Hey, it's not the best, but why not?" So what if it's not anywhere near Christmas time. I'm quite hot at the moment, despite the fact that I'm continuing to wear a hoodie and no matter what anyone says I shall not take it off. (Sorry, that was more for those who know me rather than the majority of the audience.) So, I thought why not make a small fic where it was freezing cold, then this idea spurred from that. I hope you enjoy it.

That particular day was the first first snow-fall of the season. The city of Coolsville had never seen so much snow on the first fall, but something magical seemed to be stirring in the air that Christmas. As Daphne looked out on the town from her bedroom's adjoined balcony, a slight sigh escaped from her lips and the frost was easily seen. Her strawberry-blonde tresses had just been fragranced to smell as their name-sake and were offset by a beautiful light green sweater and dark blue hip-hugger jeans. Her elbows rested upon the concreted balcony's railing; it was the perfect height to lean down against and yet still be comfortable.

As the snow fell onto her eye lashes a young man came up behind her, she had not noted the car pull up to the manor's driveway, particularly for the fact that it did not. The young man wished to surprise her, seeing as how, though he was not her boyfriend, he wished to be and therefore would often flirt with her in such ways.

"Guess who?" the deep voice questioned her, placing his rather strong hands lightly over her eyelids, feeling the soft coldness of the snow upon them.

"Freddie, you really ought to try disguising your voice or something," Daphne exclaimed with a giggle as she turned about. She had not noticed that he stood as close to her as he did and therefore bumped into him, "Oh, sorry Freddie." As she looked up she saw the same comforting crystal blue eyes looking down at her as they always seemed to. They reflected well against the contrasting blonde tone of his hair and were only a few shades lighter than his black leather jacket he now sported.

All he could do was let out a smile and gaze into her eyes. Daphne, being a girl, wasn't completely oblivious to the fact that Fred had a crush on her, but at times she did doubt herself and would never state the truth of her own heart for that matter. "Come on Freddie, aren't Shaggy and Velma down-stairs?" Daphne asked as she placed his hand in her own and began pulling him along out of her bedroom.

"We're going to be late...I know, I know." Fred stated after hearing the reason for why they were in such a rush.

"Don't worry Daph! We're fine," Velma stated, her signature orange sweater covering her top yet a pair of dark brown jeans replaced the uniform-like skirt.

"Like, yeah gang, but let's hurry up, Scooby and I are starving, who knows how crowded the food court will be?" The final voice came from a scraggly looking young man, a dark green trench-coat adorned his body and a slight goatee was obviously beginning to grow upon his chin. Along side of him stood the only animal over a foot in height, which was allowed into Blake manor, a wonderful canine companion named Scoobert 'Scooby' Doo.

Daphne left a note upon the kitchen counter signaling to Jenkins, her family's most trusted butler, since her parents were on business, that she would be home later and was out with "the gang." She then signed her name at the bottom, placing a heart next to it and soon after, they left the house, locking it up. Once they were pilled into the car, Fred in the driver's seat, Daphne immediately next to him, and Velma beside her, both Scooby and Shaggy in the back, they were headed towards the mall. With all the popularity the gang had received, the Coolsville mall was open to having pets come into their stores, so long as they didn't ruin anything. Soon enough they were at the mall and each hopped out of the car, and walked on in.

The mall was to close in only a little less than three hours and each member of the gang had specific gifts they wanted to locate. "Oh Goodness!" Daphne exclaimed as they walked into the mall. Her eyes were immediately set upon the hundreds of people who seemed to be doing their shopping during the last week before Christmas as well.

"Like, I thought we would be the only ones he-OW!" Exclaimed Shaggy as a middle-aged woman ran accidentally ran over his foot with a stroller as she attempted to navigate throughout the crowded stores and filled walk-ways.

"Actually, according to a study done by myself in the second grade, most holiday shoppers procrastinate until the second week before the actual event...though with it being only one week away I certainly thought that there would be less." Stated the petite in stature, Ms. Dinkley.

They paused a moment at first; the gang had been so used to hearing Fred's voice claim out, "Alright gang, let's split up!" They now did it not only on their cases, yet in everyday life. Each of the three turned their heads to him slowly, wondering if he might say it any time soon, yet he spoke nothing. Recently each of the members had noticed that Fred had become a bit more quiet than his usual, decisive and outspoken self, yet they didn't say any of this in front of him in case he might take it a wrong way.

"Like, Velmster, wanna come with me and maybe we can get these gifts done sooner?" Shaggy questioned, while he nervously fiddled with Scooby's leash, which was secured tightly around his hand.

"Alright, Shaggy," Velma stated as she attempted to hide her giggle as she noted a blush slowly seeping across his cheeks as he spoke to her.

Even as they went off, Fred was silent, not paying much attention to the words that were said next as they drifted into his ears. They came almost in a whisper at first, yet then as he was pulled from his thoughts, he turned to see Daphne, her right hand positioned ever so gently on her hip, "Freddie are you even listening to me?"

"Ah-a-Of course, Daph, why wouldn't I?" After his response, Daphne pouted out her bottom lip a bit, showing that he knew he hadn't and he playfully rolled his eyes, "Come on Daphne, how about I treat you to a milkshake to make up for it?"

"Strawberry?" chimed in the optimistically forgiving voice.

"Is there any other flavor?" Fred stated sarcastically as he took her hand and they too attempted to avoid the crowds of people while they made their way to the food court.