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Rob: And we have another story to give to you, it takes place a month or so after 14 Days in the Life of Danny Phantom, and everyone gets a year older as the story goes on.

Summery: After having all his other plans to rule the world fail, Vlad decides to use on that even Danny can not stop, running for President. With Vlad using legal means to rule the free world, the only way Danny may be able to stop him is to expose him, and maybe himself.

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President Vlad

Chapter One: A Wedding and An Announcement.

We begin our story in the castle of the evil, despicable, crazed up fruit loop known as Vlad Masters, a.k.a Vlad Plasmius. He was sitting in his castle trying to think of another evil plan to get the three things he wanted in life, Maddie Fenton and her children, the World, and Jack Fenton being hurled into the sun. Trying being the key word, it seems that no matter how hard he tried he could not think of a plan that would work.

"Gah! I can't think of a way to get my dear Maddie and her children to join me and rule the world. Everything I think of they have a way to counter." said Vlad, pulling at his hair in frustration. (AN: let me add to Vlad's misery. Author pulls the hurt Vlad lever.)

Then suddenly a mud pie hits Vlad, getting mud all over him.

"And I can't think of plan to destroy Rob Phantom either." said Vlad. (AN: Aw! He thought of me, that's so nice in a creepy, disturbing way.)

After cleaning up Vlad decided to watch TV thinking he would be able to think of a plan after he relaxed. He turned on the TV and the news was on, and they were talking about politics.

"Well the presidential race is heating up, it seems that republican nomination candidate James McCann visited the city of Amity Park today calling for more funding to deal with the recent rise of ghost related attacks in the country." said the newsman.

"Well at least that's one plan that is working." Vlad thought as he remembered his little plan to let ghosts out of the Ghost Zone and onto the Earth to cause havoc. The newsman went on.

"During the speech a ghost wolf attacked the dignitaries that attended, but it was quickly defeated by Amity Park's mysterious band of ghost fighters, led by Danny Phantom." said the newsman as they showed the footage of Danny and the others fighting the ghost.

"Gah! Even when I'm watching TV I can't escape that brat, why did he have to save those stupid politicians, and why would they go to a high ghost risk area like Amity Park? Why if I was running for president…" said Vlad, but then he stopped and a smile that would make the Grinch jealous crossed his face.

"If I ran for president, what a great idea, and not even Daniel would be able to stop me, Mwhahaha! Said Vlad as his evil cackle could even be heard in the Ghost Zone.

"Did you just hear an evil cackle?" said Sam.

"That seems to happen here a lot." said Alicia.

"Why are we here again?" said Valerie, waving her hand around to encompass the church they were in.

"Because the Box Ghost invited us to his wedding because we let him get the wedding ring that he proposed with. It's sort of a good will thing." said Danny as he adjusted his tie.

"I'm still worried, we're surrounded by all our enemies." said Tucker, looking at all the ghost that surrounded them.

"Do not worry human child, wedding days are an automatic truce day in the Ghost Zone, but tomorrow I get to test this new laser out on your hides." said Skulker as he showed them a very painful looking weapon.

"Remind me to call in sick tomorrow." said Tucker.

"Shh, the wedding is about to start." said Ember, who then tried to get Rob to pay attention.

The music began to play as the Lunch Lady walked down the aisle. Several people were crying as she walked past, including Skulker.

"I always cry at weddings." said Skulker as he blew his nose.

The Box Ghost stood at the end of the aisle with the Priest Ghost looking nervous. Finally the Lunch Lady reached the altar.

"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today join these two ghosts in holy matrimony…" Said the Priest Ghost, since it was a long ceremony we will skip ahead to the good part.

"Do you the Box Ghost take the Lunch Lady to be your lawfully wedded wife?" said the Priest Ghost.

"I do! Beware!" said the Box Ghost.

"And do you Lunch Lady take the Box Ghost to be your lawfully wedded husband?" said the Priest Ghost.

"I do." said the Lunch Lady.

"Then by the power vested in me I now pronounce you man and wife, you may kiss the bride." said the Priest Ghost.

Then the Box Ghost and Lunch lady kissed, and everyone in the room cheered. A little later everyone was in the reception room celebrating. The Lunch Lady was about to throw the bouquet and all the unmarried girls gathered to catch it. The Lunch Lady threw the bouquet and all the girls scrambled to catch it, but the bouquet fell right into Ember's hands. (AN: Because we already know Danny and Sam are getting married one day, and we need to give Ember a chance.) She looked up in surprise, when she did she looked right at Rob, and they both blushed.

The reception went on, but then Danny's Fenton communicator went off.

"What's that?" said Desiree.

"That's my Fenton communicator, it's only supposed to be used in emergencies." said Danny, he then took the communicator out.

The frantic face of Jack Fenton filled the screen, he was speaking almost to fast to hear.

"Danny something bad is happening you have to see the news right away." said Jack.

"Ok, calm down dad, does anyone have a TV here?" said Danny.

"I Technus do." said Technus.

"Does it get Earth TV?" said Danny.

"Yes." said Technus.

"Then could you please turn on the news?" said Danny.

"Why should I?" said Technus.

"Because if you don't then we'll cry." Said Sam as she and the other girls prepared to do the sad puppy eyes routine.

"Alright! Just don't do the sad eyes thing." said Technus as he turned on the TV

As the news came on they could hear the sound of a breaking news alert. Then the news women came on.

"If you're just joining us we have just learned that billionaire Vlad Masters has announced that he is running as a independent candidate for president, here is the video clip of his announcement." said Tiffany Snow.

"Hello my fellow Americans, I am Vlad Masters, head of Vlad Co. some of you may have heard of me, and some of you have not, but I think that will change soon. I am speaking to you today to announce that I am running for president of the United States." said Vlad.

"The reason that I am running is a very simple one, I like all Americans am sick of the incompetence of the political parties. They have been running this country for years and yet they still have not solved our nation's problems. We have to deal with rampant poverty and economic problems, and all they do is bicker and waste time. We have unreasonably high gas prices and they do nothing. Well I say it is time for a change." said Vlad.

"It is time that we have a president that is not beholden to party interests. A president that is not weak and indecisive. A president that can put this country back on the path that it needs to be on. I hope to be that man, it is time that we stop the politics of failure. If I am elected president I will do everything I can to fix this nations problems. So I hope that you will choose me to be your next leader, and together we will make this nation what it is meant to be." said Vlad.

The announcement ended and everyone in the room was in shock, then Alicia spoke.

"Well, I wasn't expecting that." said Alicia.

"This is bad, very bad." said Tucker.

"Yeah, Vlad running for president is on the top of my "things that are not good" list." said Sam.

"Oh crud, we have to get home. Sorry we have to cut and run but I have to see my family." said Danny.

"That is ok, you sort of have a big problem right now." said the Lunch Lady.

So our heroes left and flew back to Amity Park. They flew out of the ghost portal and up the stairs to see that Jack was tending to Maddie, who had fainted slightly from hearing the announcement.

"Dad! What happened?" said Danny.

"Your mother came into the room just as Vlad was saying he was running for president, because of her condition she could not handle it and fainted." said Jack as he tried to help his wife.

"What are we going to do?" said Alex.

"We have to stop Plasmius!" said Danny.

"How? We may hate the fact that he is running for president, but he is not doing anything illegal. Its not like we can attack him for doing it." said Alicia.

"So what do we do then, if we can't fight him how do we stop him?" said Danny.

"We need to take the sneaky route, we need to derail his campaign by any low down and despicable means necessary." said Sam.

"Sam, isn't that compromising our morals?" said Valerie.

"Which would you prefer, compromising our morals or letting Vlad be president?" said Sam.

"I vote we compromise our morals." said Danny.

"Need any help big bro? I'm all for taking down Vlad a few notches." said Danni.

"We'll help too, we have to stop Vlad at all costs." said Maddie as she got up.

So our heroes began to plan a new form of attack on Vlad, one were they had to use their brains as much as their muscle. They had to use all their resources for this one, because the election was only 7 months away.


Rob: Sorry this first chapter is so short, but I did not have so much to say for this one. Don't worry, I will try to make the rest longer.

Ember: Maybe pulling the hurt Vlad lever will make up for it?

Rob: What a great idea! Thanks Ember. Rob pulls the hurt Vlad lever. We can see Vlad directing the Fright Night to move some boxes containing heavy things.

Vlad: No! the bricks go over there and the trophies go over there! Then suddenly the Fright Knight slips and the box flies out of his hands. The box hits Vlad in the chest and causes him to fall down the stairs. After a very painful fall Vlad hits the ground, and the box hits Vlad. The box turns out to be full of banana cream pies, and who do we know who loves banana cream pies, the Fluffy Army of Doom of course!

Leader of the Army: Meow! Meow meow meow, meow meow! Translation: Look! banana cream pies, lets dig in!

Vlad: Ahhhh! My spleen! Said the evil halfa as the army of lovable destruction attacked.

Ember: That's the best way to start a story, with Vlad being hurt.

Rob: You said it, and now the chapter summery.

Well once again Vlad has decided to doom the world, this time it is in the world of politics. Now that Vlad is running for president how will out heroes stop him? They technically can't fight him, but they must stop him or we're all doomed. Will our heroes stop Vlad's latest evil scheme? Will they say the America from voting in candidate of evil? Or will we all have to start singing the Pledge of Allegiance to Vlad? Read the next chapter of President Vlad to find out.

Vlad: Why me! Said Vlad as they Fluffy Army of Doom continued to attack

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