Chapter Eight: New Beginnings

There was darkness all around, but the faint sounds of talking in the distance. Vlad could hear voices talking around him.

Do you think he will be ok?" said one voice.

"He does seem to be beaten up, but that is what happens when you are attacked by wolfs. He should be fine in a few weeks." said another voice.

Vlad opened his eyes to see Spectra talking to a doctor. They then noticed that he was awake.

"Well it seems that our patient is awake. You gave us quiet a scare there." said the Doctor.

"What happened?" said Vlad.

"You don't remember? You were attacked by wolfs, you would be dead if this little lady hadn't saved you." said the Doctor.

"She saved me?" said Vlad.

"Yes sir, not just anybody would do that for their boyfriend." said the Doctor.

"Uh, we're not seeing each other." said Vlad.

"Well if you ask me you should, not everyday a lady like her comes along." said the Doctor, who then left.

"What really happened, I remember losing the election, but then nothing until now." said Vlad.

"You became enraged and tried to fight the ghost kid and his friends by yourself. When we got to you, you were very beaten up." said Spectra.

"I did?" said Vlad.

"Yes." said Spectra.

"Blast! I must have been overwhelmed by rage, even in my own mind that brat and his friends mess with me." said Vlad.

"I really don't know why you want him to join you, he's a pest." said Spectra.

"I don't anymore either, I realize now that neither he nor his mother will ever join me. I have washed my hands of Maddie and her bratty children. I think it time to look elsewhere for my true love." said Vlad.

"Oh, where?" said Spectra hopefully.

"Right here." said Vlad.

"R-really." said Spectra.

"Yes, over the months we've spent together I've realized that I have feelings for you. These last few months have made me realize that you are the one I need, the one who completes me." said Vlad. (AN: Yuck, can it get any cornier then this?)

"Oh Vlad." said Spectra as she embraced Vlad.

(AN: WARNING! Prepare yourself to be grossed out, or not, it depends on the person I guess.)

Vlad and Spectra got closer together, their eyes meet. They came closer and closer and finally their lips meet. All was now right in the world, at least their world. (AN: Yuck! They kissed! Well at least Vlad will stay away from Maddie now.)

After a minute or so they stopped and had satisfied looks on their faces.

"Well, what do you want to do now?" said Spectra.

"Plan the destruction of Daniel and his friends and conquer the world. But first, how about a little fun?"

"I thought you would never ask." said Spectra.

(AN: Whatever you do, don't think about what they are doing, you have been warned.)

As we leave the two evil villains to their "fun", we head to the town of Amity Park. In the late hours of the night a special event is occurring at the house of our favorite heroes. Maddie and Jack were in bed asleep when Maddie woke up suddenly, she quickly woke her husband.

"Jack, wake up!" said Maddie.

"W-what is it?" said the sleepy Jack.

"Its time." was all that Maddie said.

"Its time?...Its time!" said Jack, realizing that it could mean only one thing, the baby was on the way.

Jack quickly bolted out of bed and ran to wake up Danny, Danni, and Jazz, who had come home because it was close to the time the baby was due.

"Kids! Wake up! We have to get Maddie to the hospital, the babies is coming!" yelled Jack.

Jack's yelling quickly got the rest of the Fenton family out of bed and they rushed to get things ready.

"Ok, I'll get your mom to the RV, you guys get her suit case." said Jack.

Jack quickly went back to his room and literally carried Maddie to the RV. Danny, Jazz, and Danni followed right behind them with the suit case. Once everyone was in the car Jack raced down the street to the hospital. Considering Jack's normal driving speed they we're there in no time. Jack jumped out of the RV and started to yell for help.

"Hey! We need some help here, my wife is having a baby!" yelled Jack.

The hospital responded to this with the speed you get from years of experience. They quickly got Maddie unto a carrier and wheeled her to the delivery room. Danny, Danni, and Jazz waited outside as Jack went in to be with his wife.

"Push honey! Push!" said Jack to Maddie, as another wave of contractions passed over her.

Several hours passed and the Fenton children sat waiting for news. Finally the doctor came out to wake them up.

"W-what? What happened?" said the still sleepy Jazz.

"I have good news, the delivery was a complete success. Your mother delivered a healthy baby boy, you can go see them now." said the Doctor.

Danny and his sisters went in to see the new baby. The entered the room to see Maddie laying down looking tired but also happy. In her arms was the newest member of the Fenton family. He had Danny's face, but Jazz's eye color, and the same color hair as Maddie.

"Hey mom, how are you doing?" said Danny.

"I'm doing fine, and so is the baby." said Maddie.

"Uh, where's dad?" said Jazz.

"Oh, he's being treated for a broken hand. It seems during the delivery I sort of squeezed it to hard." said Maddie.

"Aw! The baby is so cute!" said Danni.

"I know he is." said Maddie.

"It seems like everything is going to be ok." said Jazz, to which everyone agreed.

So ends our story, Danny and his friends managed to defeat Vlad and save the United States from a disastrous fate. Vlad has finally given up on Maddie, and Danny has a new baby brother. One can only wonder at what will happen next. So we leave the world of Danny Phantom, until next time.


Rob: Well the story is over and Vlad has been defeated once again, I love happy endings.

Ember: Me too, and now we get to pull the hurt Vlad lever one last time.

Rob: Right you are. Rob pulls the hurt Vlad lever. On the screen we can see Vlad and Spectra enjoying some alone time. (No! they are not doing what you are thinking, they are playing checkers.)

Spectra: King me!

Vlad: How do you keep winning?

Spectra: Because when I was alive I was a checkers champion.

Vlad: I need to get a snack. As Vlad was walking out of the room he slipped on a banana peel and slid down the hall. He then got to the stairs where he fell down them and landed on a conveniently placed skate board. He rode on the out of control skate board out the door towards some thorn bushes.

Vlad: Ahhhh! He went through the bushes, across a highway and over a small cliff right into the field full of cow pies.

Vlad: This seems oddly familiar? Then Vlad notices the Fluffy Army of Doom has surrounded him.

Leader of the Fluffy Army of Doom: Squeak squeak squeak squeak, squeak! Translation: I bet this seems familiar too, attack!

Vlad: Oh butter biscuits! Then the Fluffy Army of Doom attacks, inflicting much pain on Vlad. From the castle Spectra and the Fright Knight were watching.

Spectra: does this happen often?

Fright Knight: More then you could ever imagne.

Spectra: Well we better go save him. So Spectra and the Fright Knight left to try'en get Vlad away from the Fluffy Army of Doom.

Ember: That was a great way to end a story.

Rob: Seeing Vlad beaten by small animals is always funny, and now here are some ideas for future stories.

Other Routes in the Parade: Ghost Earth: Clockwork once said that there are many different twists and turns in the parade of history, and this is one of them. One day while fighting ghosts for a potion they stole from Alicia, a terrible accident occurs. The potion explodes in the Fenton Portal and causes the Earth and the Ghost Zone to merge. What will Danny and friends do now that they can't send the ghosts away anymore, and now everyone on Earth is a halfa? This is not the sequel to the Return of Dan, it will be different, same goes for the rest of the Other Route stories.

Other Routes in the Parade: All Hail King Danny Phantom: One day Danny is told according to ancient prophesy that he is to be the new King of All Ghosts. What will happen now that he rules the Ghost Zone, and can he handle the power?

Other Routes in the Parade: Daniel Plasmius: What would happen if Danny had gotten his ghost powers at four years old instead of fourteen? To make it worse Vlad finds out and convinces Danny he is the only one who can help him. This is the story of Daniel Masters and the life he leads, and all the people he ends up hurting.

Rob: All these stories will be hosted by Clockwork, so I and Ember can go on vacation to Hawaii.

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