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Chapter 1

Spike Spiegel walked down a street of the city he was in. He didn't know where he was going, a pub maybe.

'Drown my sorrows' He thought to himself as he lit a soggy cigarette that he had dropped in the snow a few minutes ago.

"Got any money son?" asked a scraggly looking old man sitting on the curb. A faithful mutt sat next to him, Spike thought the dog would have a little more sense to go to the pound than stick with this old guy who probably ate the dog food and left none for the dog itself.

"Nope." replied spike taking a drag of his cigarette.

"Please son, I tell you what. Give me a few wulans and ill give you me dog"

Spike Snorted, "I rest my case." He walked off down the road leaving the old man looking completely confused.

He turned into a small dark street, a few prostitutes were standing around waiting for a customer. Spike was offered but declined saying he wasn't in the mood. A red signed flashed above him so he stepped in, shaking the snow from his shoes. Immediately a blonde in a skimpy top came over and introduced herself.

"Hi there, I'm Andrea, we have a nice selection of girls so take your pick hunny"

"Uhh thanks" Said spike looking around the smoky strip club, He noticed a girl sitting on one of the circular tables with poles in the middle of them, She had black hair and pale skin, In her hand was a cigarette which she seemed particularly interested in. She took long slow drags as if she was almost bored to be there. "Ill take her thanks" Spike pointed to the bored looking girl.

Andrea looked surprised at Spikes choice but led him over there anyway.

"If you need anything give us a shout"

"Thanks I will do" replied spike. He turned and faced the girl who had just lit another cigarette. She didn't look up at him or even acknowledge that he was there. Spike slid into the booth and continued to stare at the beauty in front of him.

"Don't expect a dance or anything because you ain't going to get it from me."

Spike held up his hands in defence, "So she speaks" he said.

The girl looked at him curiously.

"So if you don't dance, what are you doing here?"

"It makes me feel a little better than one of those prostitutes standing outside", she butted out her half smoked cigarette and reached into her pocket for another. Pulling one out she placed it into her mouth and began searching for a lighter.

"Those things will kill you, you know" Spike said offering her a lighter.

"Thanks" she said lighting the cigarette and placing the lighter into her pocket. Looking up at the clock she got up without a goodbye and left the club. Spike grabbed his jacket and left the club to see where the mystery girl had gone. He caught sight of her leaving, turning onto a main road. He ran after her until he caught up.

"Hey listen! Are you some kind of stalking pervert?" She turned around and started abusing him randomly.

"Just wanted my lighter that's all." Replied spike stupidly. "And to tell you that a lady so delicate, such as yourself should not be out in the snow wearing only this" He told her beckoning at her skimpy shorts and matching yellow top. Spike placed his jacket over her shoulders and grinned slightly as he felt her shiver at his touch.

"What's your name" She asked looking up into his different coloured eyes.

"Spike Spiegel" He said.

"Faye…Faye Valentine" She seemed reluctant to tell him her name as though she was scared of who he might know and who he would tell.

"So Faye, You got anywhere to go or are you just going to walk around all night?"

"Do I look like the kind of girl who owns anything?" she said sarcastically.

"Well you just scored yourself a new lighter" He smirked, "Listen you can stay with me, No pervert stuff I promise"

She grinned at him 'I have nowhere else to go and what do I have to lose?' She nodded at him and the two walked down the street. Spike leading the way to his only home…The Bebop.

"You live here?" Said Faye staring up at the old ship that looked like it would fall apart any minute.

"Yep, this is home" Spike seemed almost proud of the rusty old tin can as he led Faye into it.

Faye looked around the small, so called living room that contained one small couch and a chair, both of an off yellow colour.

"A Girl! A Girl! GIRL GIRL GIRL!" A small bubbling child ran round the empty room, closely followed by a corgi who was equally excited.

"Ed? What are you talking about…?" A large man with a metal arm walked in wearing a baby yellow apron and was holding a frypan containing a bizarre looking mixture appeared into the room.

Faye Smirked, looking from the large man to spike and then to the dog and the kid. "Oh I see" She said grinning, "can't have one of your own so you two have adopted"

"WHAT!" Erupted Spike, "No way! We aren't…you know" Spike looked bewildered and had the stupidest look on his face.

By this time Jet and Faye were both laughing hysterically.

"Oh umm yer good joke or whatever" said Spike avoiding the topic greatly. "Jet, this is Faye Valentine. She's going to be staying with us for a while"

"Hi" Said Faye giving a small wave.

Later that evening after they had all eaten, the bizarre mixture had turned out to be a Chicken noodle salad with no chicken so powdered flavouring had been used instead.

Faye was sitting in the living room watching Ed on her computer.

"Hey, watcha Doing?" Faye asked.

"Hacking the card company!" Ed shouted proudly.

'Hacking' Faye thought to herself, 'I was expecting video games'

Jet walked into the room and sat down beside Faye. "Ed, you find anything yet?"

"The Man Man just used his card, now tracing…"

Faye turned to Jet, "You're bounty hunters?"

"Spike didn't tell you" Asked jet.

"No I guess he forgot" said Faye thinking nothing of it.

"Marx! Marx! Marx Valentine!" Ed sang "Naughty naughty Faye Faye! Same name!"

"Faye?" asked Jet "Are you ok? Do you know this guy?"

"Huh?" asked Faye, she had completely spaced out after hearing Marx's name. "Oh umm no, no, no never." She avoided eye contact with them both.

Ed gave Faye a strange look and then winked as if to say she understood.

'Thanks Ed'

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