Demon or Poltergeist?

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Warning: bad language (some… may be very bad, not sure yet), blood (maybe), pain (I love pain!), angst (I love angst!) possible graphic images, (maybe but probably pain related, not too good at that but there is future hope, I may get better!). Typo errors too.

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Anyway onto the story… Chapter 1

That spirit was evil.

It was one of those spirits it took ages to get rid of.

No matter what you tried or what you did, it still returned.

Bloody awkward thing.

As if life wasn't bad enough

That spirit was evil.

Every time it attacked, pus shot out of it. At Sam.

This is not in dad's journal, Dean thought.

Shooting pus… poltergeists don't shoot pus.


This is not a poltergeist. It's a demon. Damn it!

But why is it acting like one?

Even though he was in agony,

Sam tried to shoot it.

The thing had spat at him.

Rock salt did not work.

Dean tried to bless it.

He had no luck either.

They needed research. And they needed it badly.

This is not working. Damn it!

"Shit Sammy." Dean said as he grabbed hold of a sizzling Sam. The bile from the demon was burning him. Only one thing to do… retreat… damn… I hate to retreat.

Dean started dragging Sam away.

"Come on Sam, let's get out of here."

"We can't go Dean, other lives could be in danger." He replied hoarsely in agony from the burning pain in his shoulder.

"There's no choice we either go or you die, which would you prefer?"

Sorry for cliff hanger, but it needs to be. If you don't like this please let me know but as I said earlier, if you want to be mean email me. Also, next chapter may have more description.

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