Demon or Poltergeist?

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Chapter 6

"You said earlier that in your vision it wasn't ready yet, how long have we got?" Dean asked as he chewed on his burger. You can't beat a greasy spoon cafe. They had decided to get some food at last, there was no use fighting on an empty stomach.

"Most likely not long, but it's small, it should be easy."

"If we can get to it without them brainwashing us, can we kill the other demon first?"

"I don't see why not. Killing the demon protecting the egg would be the best place to start." Sam replied half sarcastically as he rubbed his eyes tiredly and pushed his plate of ham salad away.

"Right, we can use a gun on it?" Sam nodded, he was still knackered, and Dean knew he was but they had to get a strategy worked out. "So how do we kill the egg? What weaknesses does it have?"

"Nobody's heard of it for about a thousand years, Dean, there's no handbook on how to kill a thousand year old demon egg." Sam was frustrated; it was like being interrogated, fifty questions, one after the other.

"Okay, is it small enough to boil? We could eat it?" Dean looked at Sam, he looked like he'd been to hell and back, he was so tense, but at the very least he smiled at that last comment.

"Ugh… you're disgusting!" Sam had to admit it was a bit funny.

"What? It might taste nice?"

"Yeah, if you like eating things which are almost fully formed, but I guess that if you have a large cauldron it might fit, it's about a metre tall and about two thirds of a metre wide." Sam replied.

"So, boiling it may not be an option."

"Um… no, its definitely not the best idea you've come up with… I say we use a pickaxe."

"A pickaxe? That is so dull."

"Got any better ideas? Don't forget 'solid shell', bullets may fly back at us, bet you don't want your handsome face all mangled do you?"

"Pickaxe it is. Let's go."


"Yeah, Sam?"

"Do we have a pickaxe?"

It was a nice night. A lovely clear sky. A nice night for a fight, Dean thought to himself as he pulled up the Impala about a mile away from the field. The drive there had been quiet and they were both tired and a little apprehensive about what they were about to do. Sam had still not fully recovered from his vision, but as usual the stubborn younger brother insisted that he was fine. Even though he had his head leaned against the car window and his eyes closed Dean knew he wasn't asleep. He knew that at times like this Sam got very little sleep not just because of visions. There were some times where sleep was just not an option for either of them.

"Hey dude, you ready?" Dean asked, eyeing Sam who moved his head off the window and looked at him. "Are you sure you're up for this?"

"Yeah, I'm fine let's go." He replied moving stiffly, he got out of the car. Dean followed his lead. "Anything to stop this dimension being filled with Deans from the other dimensions."

"Jerk!" Dean shouted as he got the guns and pickaxes out of the back of the trunk, handing some to Sam. "Right don't forget we need to be sneaky, if those demons sense us coming we'll be brain washed again."

"Okay… I get it…just stay focused on killing the demon! … Dean… that means no thinking about your knob."


"Bitch. Let's go."

Grabbing the guns and pickaxes they headed off into the field.

Finally they were caught up in the midst of a fight, the larger demon was refusing to die. The egg was nowhere to be seen. Bullets were not working. Keeping focused on the demon being a demon was proving to be less difficult than it had been the previous night. Perhaps because they were not giving it enough time to attempt, or was it not giving them enough time? Even Dean had to admit it was hard to keep up the pace with this demon. It was fast. Every lunge it took at them nearly hit and a few did. Claws ripping skin, drawing blood. But there was no time to recognise pain. One wrong move and that was all it would take for both of them to meet their bloody end.

Sam raised his pickaxe at the demon ready to take a good swipe at its stomach. He was just a little too slow. The demon swung an arm at him. Knocking him unconscious as he slammed against a tree.

This made Dean mad.

Nobody! Demon, human or anything, threw his baby brother at a tree. He mustered up all of his energy swung his pickaxe as high as he could and as fast as he could into the back of the demons skull. It made a rather satisfying crunch. The demon fell to the ground. Dead.

Dean ran over to his brother who had just begun to stir. "Hey Sam, you good?"

"Yeah… yeah… just a little dazed." He replied sitting up. Apart from having a massive headache and a load of new bruises and scratches, he was ok. He gave Dean a once over, he seemed the same scratched up to fuck. "You okay?"

"Yeah killed the sucker!" Dean replied, he loved killing evil things. He helped Sam up. He did not voice his concern as Sam swayed slightly; he simply kept a firm hold on his arm until he was sure he was steady on his feet.

"We need to find the egg now." Sam said looking around and pushing away from his brother's grasp. Then he saw it. "Its over there." Dean looked over at where Sam was pointing; there it was a lovely large egg.

"Hey man, I thought you said it was small, how are we supposed to eat that?" Dean replied, the egg was huge about eight feet tall and it had a crack in it. They walked over to it picking up the pickaxes as they went.

I do hope you're not planning to attack me with those instruments. I don't like being tickled. It makes me very angry!

They stopped in their tracks.

"Tell me you heard that too?" the voice sent a shiver down Dean's spine. Sam nodded wearily.

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