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Warning: This is the only time I'm saying it. This. Fic. Is. Yaoi. Also, I just want to take the time to say that I know it is impossible for guys to get knocked up when there isn't some sort of some experiment, 'kay? I have taken health class, no matter how shocking that is. And besides…yaoi rocks…Heh. Moving on, here's the usual warning:





Tired, violet eyes slowly blinked open, upon feeling an abrupt motion from the other side of the bed. He closed his eyes, a low, irritated growl sounding from his throat. Envy was –not– a morning person. Hasty footsteps sounded next.

The Homunculus blinked his eyes, his vision still bleary from sleep. He could hazily make out a certain blond haired, golden-eyed chibi zipping off to their bedroom bathroom, before slamming the door behind him, before the sound of him throwing up. The noise woke Envy up somewhat, and he eased himself into a sitting position, rubbing his eyes sleepily.

He forced himself out of bed, onto his feet, and made his way to the bathroom. He opened the door, not bothering to knock; the two of them were already too used to this.

Ed was on his knees, looking quite pale and sweaty. The poor teen was shakily gripping the sides of the toilet bowl so hard his knuckles were white.

"…I would ask if you're okay, but it's obvious you're not," Envy said, obviously trying to keep a smirk off his face. Ed glowered at his green-haired lover.

"Shut the fuck up," Ed growled, moving into a position to get up before blanching, and covering his mouth. Envy's smirk faltered, and he winced, as Ed was sick again. With a soft sigh, he moved towards the blonde, and gingerly collected his hair, pulling it away from his face and his neck. He used his other hand to rub Ed's back, trying to soothe him.

Ed sat back with a small groan, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand in disgust.

"What's wrong with me?" Ed whimpered, his golden eyes turning to Envy. Envy closed his eyes, gathering what patience he had before he squatted down next to Ed.

"I don't know, Chibi," Envy replied slowly for the hundredth time, his hand lifting to push Ed's bangs out of his eyes. There was silence, and Envy took the time to study Ed's face, his fingers gently running through Ed's hair.

He looked exhausted, and Envy couldn't blame him. He was up and running to the bathroom to throw up many times during the mornings, and during the later part of the day on occasion. He was very pale most of the time, unless he was blushing (which, of course, Envy managed to achieve numerous times throughout the day). And the worst part; his mood swings.

Oh, God, the mood swings. Shudder. Envy knew even before he'd fallen for the alchemist that Ed could have rather violent mood changes, but really -- going from completely pissed off to horny (no matter how much he enjoyed it) was a bit too much for the Sin to comprehend.

"Edo, as much as I hate to say it, I think you might actually have to go to the--"

"No," Ed replied smoothly. Envy continued talking as though Edward had never interrupted him

"--You've been throwing up regularly for-- how long, now?" Envy looked at Ed questioningly.

"A month," Ed replied, shrugging his shoulders lightly. Envy looked at him pointedly.

"Isn't that a bit long?" Envy asked slowly. Ed glanced at Envy blankly.

"I guess."

"So why not go--"

"Don't say it," Ed growled dangerously.

"Edo, you're going--"



"I'm warning you, don't you say it!"

"…The doctor's," Envy finished airily. Ed twitched.

"That's it. No sex for you for a week," Ed shrugged. Envy's jaw dropped.

"'O chibi, that's not fair!" Envy pouted.

"The one time I try to look out for your well being, and you punish me," he grumbled, not failing to notice the badly hidden smirk on Ed's face.

"I warned you," Ed sighed, slowly getting up and walking out of the bathroom, Envy on his heels.

Ed paused at the top of the stairs, and looked down. Envy propped his chin on Ed's shoulder.

"Ne, Chibi, what's wrong?" Envy asked, additionally nibbling at Ed's ear. Ed moved away, and slowly started down, steadying himself after the first step. Envy watched, his usual smirk slowly being replaced with a look of concern.

"Ed, there might be something really wrong..." Envy trailed off, watching Ed as he actually winced on the fourth step down. Ed flashed him a quick, pained smile.

"Nah, I'm fine, really, Envy," he replied, gripping the handrail.

"I just don't feel too good."

"That's the point, Chibi-no-baka," Envy said dryly.

Ed was on the fifth step, when he spun around quickly to glare at Envy.

"Shut up, you--" Ed cut off, blinking rapidly as black dots suddenly swarmed before his vision. He felt awfully lightheaded, and he lost his grip on the rail.

Envy saw Ed swaying slightly on the step, and started down after Ed.

The last thing Ed saw was Envy hurrying down after him, looking genuinely disturbed. He thought he could hear Envy asking repetitively if he was all right. The last things he took in before all consciousness left him right then and there, were the ground rising up to met him and Envy yelling his name. Then everything went black.


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