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At 7 in the morning Haruno Sasami chuckled as her daughter came flying out of her room while still trying to put her sandals on. "Care for breakfast Sakura?"

Sakura shook her head and grabbed her bag, "No thanks mom, I'm late! Asuma sensai in going to kill me!" She grabbed an apple and headed out the door.

"Don't forget that we have a new job this afternoon!" Sasami called out to her daughter who in turn just waved back. Sasami shook her head and chuckled some more.

Skidding around a corner Sakura munched on the apple. "Excuse me!" She shouted to a man blocking her way, he grunted. She grunted back and kept running. She was SO late and Asuma was definitely going to kill her this time. Or worst… he might tell her he was going to plan a at home conference with her mother! That would be bad.. why? Cause no on knew that Sakura was poor. Like every other female shinobi, everyone thought she was a noble daughter, a rich kid. Why? Cause only males and noble daughters could become shinobis. And Haruno Sakura was no noble daughter.

Running over a bridge she nearly fell into the water as someone suddenly steeped in her way. Sakura halted, motioning him to move. Instead of complying he stood as still as a rock. She sighed, "Please move.." Again he didn't answer or move. Her brow twitched, was this guy stupid? "Excuse me but- "

"Shut up." He answered coldly. She paused and looked at him straight in the eye to tell him off when she froze. Holy crap but he guy was hot! She blinked a few times to make sure she wasn't seeing things. He glared, "Your annoying.."

As he began to walk off she finally understood that he spoke and that it wasn't something nice. Growling she snapped, "AND YOU'RE A JERK!" He just grunted in answer.

After growling for another few minutes she remembered something, she was late!

After collecting herself she ran like crazy, skidding and sliding she nearly flew through her classroom door. As expected, their was her whole class.. and a pissed off Asuma sensai. Crap.

"SAKURA!" His eyes told her that he was going to kill her. She gulped and ducked as he threw a piece of chalk at her. "YOUR LATE! AGAIN!" She shrugged and walked to her seat as he continued to rant. "I'D SUSPEND YOU IF YOU WEREN'T SO DAMN SMART!" She sighed.

The day went on as usual, Asuma and Sakura argued just the same as always. The girls in the class still drooled over the pictures in their magazines of the prodigies that were in the Okiyama Academy on the other side of Konoha, and the guys acted as tough as they were NOT.

By the end of the class Asuma pulled a little pop quiz. Everyone groaned but Sakura. She grinned, for her.. pop quizzes were easy as pie.

"Ok… today.. your quiz grade will be based on a match. Do the best that you can, I don't want to see anybody holding back." The glass nodded. "Ok … we'll go in alphabetical order. Ready?" Again the class nodded and the matches began. As the first match ensured Asuma looked up into the trees knowing that certain people were watching.

After 20 minutes of waiting Sakura was half asleep. The matches that had happened so far were beyond boring. Almost every girl match ended with the girls crying about broken nails and the guys ended the match with them showing off. Sakura sighed then glanced at Asuma sensai. She was beginning to wonder why in the world he pulled a pop quiz where they were FIGHTING! By experience Sakura knew that Asuma sensai loved giving quizzes where they were WRITING not FIGTHING. She wondered about his motives for a moment until she heard him call her. She stepped up then groaned at the sight of her opponent.

"Sakura.. your opponent will be Kaguya… ready?" Asuma looked at them both and smirked. This was going to be an entertaining match. Why? Because Kaguya and Sakura hated each other. "BEGIN!"

Kaguya launched making the first move. Swinging her fist Sakura dodged. Sakura frowned, now this … was stupid. Kaguya moved slowly.. swinging her leg as though she were wearing heavy boots.

Flipping over Sakura, Kaguya tapped something on her neck. Before Sakura could even blink she began to tremble, whipping around she saw a senbon in her opponent's hand. Damn it… She recognized the senbon, "You cheated." She hissed. The girl smirked.

"No I didn't.. at least not technically.." Slouching Kaguya made some hand signs. Sakura grinded her teeth. She knew those hand signs, it was the reason Kaguya hated her so much. Those hand signs were the key to activating Kaguya's blood trait, the special jutsu that was passed down from generation to generation in Kaguya's family. It was the bloodline that was almost impossible to beat and had made Kaguya the top chick in the school… at least until Sakura came around.

"Sobume.. No Genkai!" Petals and images swarmed around Sakura, the jutsu was starting.. like the thousand years of pain technique it would make Sakura go through a series of tortures and pains. Already she was feeling it. It started with the feeling of daggers piercing her skin, then it came to the feeling of being choked. As Sakura gritted her teeth in pain she heard the words that never failed to make her snap. "Forehead girl… pinky… ugly.." The taunts swirled like a chant in Sakura's head.

Sakura trembled in anger. "No one makes fun of the forehead.. or the hair.. or ANY feature…" Sakura growled, "KAI!" Her hands performed a series of signs then broke the jutsu. Running forward Sakura pinned the girl to the ground and punched her hard. "Don't you ever- " She punched her, "Make fun-" She broke the girls nose. "Of ANY of my bodies parts again!" Sakura punched the girl in the stomach hard enough to push the girl body through the ground for about a foot.

"Um.. Sakura.. I think Kaguya got the hint.." Sakura looked up to see Asuma looking at her with n eyebrow raised. Sakura blushed. Asuma chuckled, it was always amusing to see Sakura snap. So long as she wasn't snapping at him of course.

"Alright… I've already marked your grades… and I'll tell you this.. the only one who got an A was Sakura." The class groaned making Asuma growl low. They all shut up fast. "As I was saying.. Sakura was the only one who got an A.. therefore.. Haruno Sakura…" Sakura stood up. "You will be transferred to the prodigy school in Konoha, Okiyama Academy." Sakura's mouth hung open, Asuma chuckled. "Congratulations." He handed her a piece of paper. "You will be going to that school starting tomorrow. Here is you transfer slip, and your classroom number. Give it to your teacher when you get their and DON'T be late. You'll be representing our academy." Sakura dumbly nodded as the girls and guys began to whine behind her.

Dumbly she began to walk home.

"Sakura! There you are! Hurry up and out your uniform on! We'll be late for our first day at our new job!" Sasami stressed out. She threw over her own shirt as Sakura robotically followed suit.

They walked into a mansion and then stood on a big room waiting for their new boss. Sakura turned to her mother, still in awe. "Mom.. I'm being transferred to Okiyama Academy…"

Sasami smiled, "That's nice dear.." Five minutes went by.. then she turned slowly. "Wait…. WHAT!" Her eyes went wide. "You got tranfered to-"

"Hello…" A woman walked in. Sasami quickly got quiet and bowed.

"We'll talk about this later.. for now.. BOW!" She whispered to Sakura in a hiss. Sakura hastily nodded and bowed.

The woman smiled sweetly. "Please.. stand up… I am your new employer.. my name is Hyuuga Shuichi..welcome to my home."

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