'Creepy.' That was the first and only word really going through Sakura's mind. Maybe she should have been more kinder in thought toward red headed savior but at the moment all she could think about was how creepy he seemed. She had to admit, his entry and style was cool. But at the same time, something about his expression told her he had an EXTREME sadistic side.

"A ninja with the thirst for blood? What kind of talk is that? Are you trying to intimidate me?" Zaku laughed. "Your half my height and probably weaker than this little pinkie!"

Sakura twitched, she had half a mind to show him how 'weak' she was. She glanced at Gaara only to see him smirking. He had that 'I am truly going to enjoy hurting you', type of smirk on. It scared her.

"Weak?" The red head cocked his head, not even blinking as the screw on his gourd popped out. Sand began to leak onto the floor immediately, pouring into a huge puddle of sand around him. Slowly Gaara rose his hand, the sand rose up with his movement. "I am going to enjoy hearing you beg me for mercy." There was no warning, no one saw it or knew it was coming but Gaara. The sand was one minute floating in the air with his hand and the next minute it was lifting Zaku up in the air. Gaara made a fist with his hand, his smirk growing as Zaku began to pant.

'I am so glad he is on my side.' Sakura thought as she watched the sand all but strangle Zaku in mid air.

"I would kill you if I was not under orders to not kill anyone, but where would the pleasure be in that? Your pathetic." Gaara's dropped his hand, the sand immediately dropping Zaku and returning to Gaara.

Sakura watched in shock, somehow it surprised her that Gaara was letting Zaku go. He didn't seem like the merciful type. She watched him walk over to Naruto and curiously study him. "Hey Naruto," He lifted his leg slightly. "Get up." He brought down his leg in a solid kick that had even Sakura wincing.

Naruto sat up like a shot yelling, "I didn't do it!" Everyone just stared at him. "What?"

"You were knocked out. I saved you." Gaara again kicked him. "Now get up."

"Fine, fine." Naruto grumbled. "But.. oh yea!! Sakura! You alright?"

Sakura could only nod.

"Oh good." Naruto sighed in relief.

"Sam old Naruto." Gaara muttered.

"What did you say!" The boy was up for less than two minutes and already screaming. "What did you say you freaking sand man!"

Sakura's sweat dropped, she wondered if it would be safer to assume that Gaara and Naruto were even friends. She sighed and turned her attention back to Zaku and his teammates. Kin was backed up against a tree staring in awe at Gaara with a cautious Dozu behind her. Zaku, was nowhere to be found. "Where the heck..?" Sakura glanced around. "Where did he go? She mumbled aloud. She wasn't left guessing for long.

"You bastard!! How dare you underestimate me!!" Zaku appeared in mid air behind Gaara with a kunai in hand. He unfortunately didn't even land on the ground before Gaara's sand wrapped itself around him and again held him in the air.

Gaara didn't even turn around to look at Zaku before muttering. "You seem to like floating in the air." The sand closed tightly around Zaku making Zaku rasp aloud. "So you can dangle there for awhile."

Sakura watched in horror as the sand enclosed around Zaku, squeezing tightly. She could hear Zaku screaming inside.

None of this fazed Naruto, he just muttered something about messy sand men then yelled out to Zaku's teammates. "You two might want to go get a medic nin out hear asap. We'll leave the his body here for you when Gaara's done."

Zaku's teammates gulped once before running probably like they had fire on their behinds.

Sakura sat trembling. Trapped between fear and awe she stared dead at Naruto and Gaara in shock. "I suppose we should get you to a medic nin too, Sakura?" Gaara mumbled politely before appearing behind her and picking her up.

"Hey no fair!" Naruto shouted. "I wanted to carry her."

"Too bad."

"Hey I met her first!"

Gaara shrugged. "I saved her."

Naruto's mouth flapped open for a comment but quickly closed. He chose to nod his head instead and mutter curses under his breath that made Gaara grin.

Sakura blinked twice in shock before passing out.

"Hey so is this the girl?"

"No, it's a guy. What the hell do you think?"

"Shut up Temari."

Sakura groaned, slowly opening her eyes. She saw blue, pretty blue. A girl with four blond pig tails pointing in several direction smiled down at her. "Your Sakura I presume?" Sakura blinked slowly nodding. "I'm Temari, the idiot beside me is Kankouru. We're Gaara's older siblings."

Sakura's head pounded violently. "Gaara?" She mumbled.

"Yup, our little brother. Him and Naruto brought you here to the school clinic. You were attacked, remember?"

Sakura nodded. She remembered, sort of. "What time is it?"

Temari thought for a moment. "I believe it's 6:30 pm. Gaara wne to go get food, since we can't trust Naruto or Kankouru to pick out proper nourishment."

The tattooed man beside her known as Kankouru growled out, "Hey!"

Temari ignored him. "And Naruto went to tell your parents where you were."

"Parents?" Sakura sat up wobbly as her mind began to wonder. Parents? She only had her mother who was now staying with the- "Oh crap!" Sakura paled. A knock rapped on the door. "Temari don't open it!"

Temari fowned, reaching for the handle and pulling the door opene anyway. "Why?"

Gaara walked through carrying a small box of what everyone assumed was food. Sakura felt like passing out in relief. "Oh thank God."

"Thank God about what?" The door opened again, this time Naruto walked through. And with him came Sakura's worst fear come to life. "Hey look who decided to come visit you Sakura? It's Neji!"

Sakura's eyes rolled back as for yet the second time in her life she passed out.

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