With a burst of flame the magnificent large bird appeared. Scanning the dark room, he located his target and trilled a low, calling note. While normally, phoenixes bring bravery and courage to ease various creatures, this note had an ominous background that if listened correctly could make you shiver at the sadness this animal created.

The single queen-sized bed stirred. The lone occupant looked at this vibrant bird and shielded his blue-green eyes at the brightness this bird radiated. "Fawkes?" he asked, "What are you doing here? What happened?"

Glancing at the bird, he saw a single note attached to it. Calling Fawkes forward, he took the note from the phoenix's leg and started reading. After five minutes, he said, "I see, he has called me then? I was expecting this." Fawkes trilled his response.

"Aye, it is a burden, but if anybody could do it, it would have been him." He got off the bed and walked out the door with the flaming bird following at his wake.

With a wave of his hand, he turned on the electric light bulbs that cascaded over his hallway ceiling and walked to an empty northern wall in the hall. Again, he waved his hand and a magnificent set of double doors appeared. They were solid mahogany doors that had carvings of a dragon on the east side and a tiger on the west. Above was a tortoise and below was a phoenix that seemed to trill at the visitors.

He opened these doors and a humongous, warm draft wafted from inside the room that would push any lesser man back, but he stood his ground and let the air fill his lungs, inviting the raw energy that could be felt in the room to awaken him.

He entered a dark circular room that was about 100 yards long. In the middle of the room stood a pedestal. Soft light emanated eerily above it, the only real light the room contained. The light seemed to focus on a tight circle around the pedestal, barely even encircling 5 feet around. He walked closer to it and stopped at the edge of the light.

He beckoned, "let the 4 animal protectors grace me with their presence and may I ask for counsel." As he said this, the light grew and expanded to a twenty-five foot circular dome of white. From the borders of the new light stepped four animals. From the east, the blue dragons head popped into existence, letting only his head and neck cross the border of the light. From the west side stalked a brilliantly white snow tiger that stepped out and purred at the lone occupant of the room. On the northern tip the ground suddenly opened and a tortoise came burrowing through. Lastly, from the south came a beautiful gold bodied and red-feathered tipped phoenix that fluttered through the encompassing light and settled on a newly conjured bird stand.

"Albus has asked us to do him a favour; Fawkes has brought us a message. What say you?"

All the animals and the man stared at Fawkes as he regally ruffled his feathers. Fawkes let out a low, trilled song hum the air. As one, the four animals turned to look at the light in the middle of the room and looked at it with an unanswered question.

The light flared in excitement and for a brief second everything in the dark room could be seen. The walls were covered in white and hundreds of shelves were around holding weapons and armour. Near the doors, a shed at the south edge of the wall was quite eye catching. If one were to enter the room they would wonder; had they not seen it in the room, if it existed on Earth. It contained a drinking well and a tree that bared unusually colourful, distinct fruit.

The light, after a few seconds, dropped back to encompassing the six different creatures inside its dome. "It shall be done," the man spoke.

"We shall follow the prophecy and gather the forces." The animals showed their acceptance in a very loud manner until they receded back into the darkness of the area. Fawkes flew over to the man's shoulder and nuzzled his ear in thanks.

"Don't thank me yet Fawkes, we still have to see if they're the ones. If they are then I should be thanking you and Dumbledore for this opportunity."

He walked to the pedestal and stared intently at it. It was a Roman looking column with a wide flat top. He placed his hands on it and closed his eyes. He let energy flow through him. When he opened his eyes again, no longer were his eyes blue-green. They now bore the resemblance of white with black pupils. He merely gazed at the pedestal as he whispered in a forgotten language. Power shuddered from the center of the room and a wave of energy, almost like a gust of wind, crashed into the walls.

His form began to shiver for a moment and in just the blink of an eye shifted to one of feathers and a beak. He kept hold of the pedestal and let power flood through him, letting his face show a grimace as pain shot across his entire being. Closing his eyes again and letting his hands separate from the platform, the shudder that was pouring through him stopped. As he was opening and blinking his eyes, the blue-green that was once their color slowly began replacing the white and black that just was. His countenance neutral, he stood back and took a heavy breath.

"I understand, but can we be on time to help him?"

The light receded back to its five-diameter circle over the pedestal and the man carrying the phoenix walked out of the room and closed the doors.

"Well let's get started!" he cheered jubilantly. With that, the two walked back to the bedroom and Fawkes flew to the foot of the bed. The man slowly walked to the mirror and examined himself. Wiping his forehead from the sweat that appeared, he briskly walked to the side of the bed and stared at the half moon through his window. Thinking of plans, and his entrance, he slowly lied down and grinned at the prospect of the new tomorrow. "Well Harry, you're in for a rough ride. I just hope you're ready for her to be here as well." With that, he fell asleep.