Fallen Heroes

One by one they all fell. In the pit they all lay and when Jimmy's gentle blue eyes fell upon their figures, he sobbed even harder on Jack Driscoll's shoulder. So broken their bodies were. Arms and legs snapped into different, abnormal directions. Such a gruesome sight for the naïve eyes of Jimmy. He had not been ready for this. Not ready for this at all.

When they set forth to find Miss Ann Darrow, Jimmy envisioned them all as Heroes, ready to save the damsel in distress, just like the heroes did in the fairy tales he read back on the ship. They would fight the natives, bring down whatever godforsaken creatures lay in their path, and ultimately rescue Ann Darrow. When they first saw the unusually large footprint of the ape, all the other sailors began to fear for their lives. Would they ever make it out alive? But Jimmy felt determined. He wasn't afraid. Perhaps because he was too naïve. But he continued to believe that they would come out of the adventure as brave heroes. And he would be one of them. Thus he held his weapon proudly against his chest.

They survived the dinosaur stampede. Four of their group were killed in it, yet Jimmy did not let his resolution waver the slightest bit. They were going to rescue Miss Darrow. They were going to be heroes. These fallen men were just necessary sacrifices that had to be made along the way. He followed along Mr. Hayes, his chest swelling proudly. And he would walk out of it side by side by Mr. Hayes. He was no boy now. He felt like a real man, holding that gun next to him, walking next to Mr. Hayes.

But everything changed after that. Their mission was not left unnoticed by the giant ape. Kong approached them, took Mr. Hayes by its large hands. It was now a chance for Jimmy to prove himself worthy. They would kill Kong. Avenge Miss Darrow. Become heroes… He wasn't a coward. He wasn't gonna run.

It felt awfully surreal to him then, when Driscoll held him back as Hayes's body flew elsewhere, smashing against rock with an unpleasant sound coming from the breaking of his bones. Jimmy held himself steady on the trunk—not just because the ape shook them violently above the pit, but he held himself strong for his own sake. Because his visions were shattering into a million broken pieces. How could they be heroes? It came to him then, the realization that things would not go as he thought they would. They couldn't be heroes because heroes were only a thing from fairy tales. The death of Mr. Hayes opened up his eyes to the unkind truth. What a foolish boy he had been…

And so he wept into Driscoll's shoulder, not stopping to look on or think anymore. He had been a fool, filling his head with false dreams and hopes. He had been stupid, thinking this trip was an adventure when it really was a nightmare waiting to come true. Jimmy had not been a hero. Once again, he had proven himself to be nothing more than a fanciful, dreaming boy.

Their adventure wasn't so fun anymore. Nothing was funny then. Bugs crawled their way to them, approaching them with nasty-looking pincers. Jimmy felt his own death approaching, not far from him then. He would join Mr. Hayes and the others. Lumpy was taken. Jack and Denham continued to fight on. But Jimmy knew better now. He looked back to the broken bodies of his fellow sailors. The ones he was supposed to rescue Miss Darrow with.

And no longer was the pit just a home for huge insectile mutants… For Jimmy, it became something much more. It became a deathbed for them all. A home for fallen heroes…

- Lain Starks