In English Please…

By: Vanillakitten

A/N: My explanation for names…The Title is "English Please" Because after reading up on Robin and raven I've come to realize what kind of relationship they have and I am therefore translating it for those who don't get it. It's the classic "Just Friends syndrome" FYI.

Summary: Robin and Raven are best friends but Raven's feeling something more. Robin isn't interested in just any girl he's interested in his mysterious online girlfriend…Can Raven win his heart without risking her own? RobXRae! Enjoy!

Robin POV

"Five more minutes, Mom" I mumbled as a small tap hit me on the head

"Robin, pssssst! Robin!" a voice called me, it was like half a whisper and half a yell prodding me and prodding me. I opened my eye a crack and was startled by my surroundings. I wasn't at home all snug in my bed I was in class! I straightened up immediately and wiped my face on my jacket sleeve. I looked to my right where my best friends sat. Raven smiled my way in relief. I realize she had been the one who woke me, I stared at the rolled up pieces of paper on my desk, she must have hit me with a few before I had actually responded. I mouthed a thank you to her and she smirked a "You're welcome" in reply.
Our teacher finally turned from what he'd written on the board and looked at us in askance if we had any questions. The room was silent. I have to wonder why they even bother asking that. Anyone who did have a question would never speak up and admit they didn't get it while the rest of the class did…well maybe the ones who were desperate and knew they're parents would give them hell if they didn't. The bell rang and signaled our freedom, there was a stampede for the door, the usual reaction when dealing with Physics. I yawned on my way to my locker. "What's up with you? Up all night with a playboy magazine?" Raven smirked, I looked at her all smug with that smirk heck! I taught her how to smirk before she met me she's have a sarcastic sneer on that oval shaped face of hers.

"Nope, out saving the world" I said stretching my arm over my head.

"Again?" Raven groaned


In case your wondering "The World" is a role playing game inspired by the anime show ".Hack sign" I'm proud to say I was one high level sword wielding knight.

Raven pulled me down by my shirt collar as she mussed up my hair, trying to get it the way it was before I fell asleep. She wasn't really so short she couldn't reach my head, she just didn't wanna stretch to fix my hair. In fact the top of her head reached just about my nose. This bothered her. When we were younger we use to have "whose taller" contests. We'd rush to the door post and mark our heights ourselves with crayons; she'd be marked with a blue crayon while my height was marked with red. For a while those marking had always been the same but lately mine was always ahead of hers to the point that we didn't need the door post anymore to tell us who was taller.

"I don't' see why you go through that game. It's so pointless…especially for you" Raven said

"What do you mean by that?"

"I mean-"

She was cut short when Kory Anders and her posse passed us all greeting me in high voices coated with honey. I grinned and waved. They all turned away and giggled. I never get why they do that, I mean c'mon it makes a guy wonder if he's got dried drool on his face or if his fly is open. Lucky for me I never had to worry about that…as long as Raven had my back. I looked down at my best friend who glared at me with her dark blue eyes.


"I mean that!" Raven exclaimed pointing at the girls' retreating forms

"I don't get you"

"You're popular! You've got over a dozen friends and over a hundred people wishing to be your friends! Why would you need human interaction in an online game?"

"It's complicated Rae" I said. Raven looked down sadly and I kicked myself. Way to go, Grayson you hurt her feelings.

"C'mon Rae, you know I'd tell you in a heartbeat if I knew how to explain it! I'm sure if I could find the words to tell you why, you'd get it in a half a second" I said punching her lightly across her cheek.

"I suppose" she grumbled. I took that opportunity to cup her chin and give her a quick peck on the lips. No romance whatsoever. The kind of kisses I gave her were like family kisses, kisses I use to give my mom as a boy. She pulled away and wiped the kiss of and glare at me with her tongue slightly in a "yuck" expression.

I ruffled her black hair which was streaked with dark purple highlights. "I gotta get to class, see you at lunch" I smiled

"yeah, yeah!" she waved me away.

Raven POV

I watched Robin disappear into the crowd and wiped my lips again. I don't care if I peeled some of my skin off, I just needed to get the taste of him of me. I hated those kisses he gave me. Hated them with every fiber of my being. I hated them more than sports, I hated them more than Jennifer Fortune, I hated them more than coffee. Those kisses where so casual…I hated them. I smoothed my hair down and made my way to sixth period.