Flying through the nights,
I thought you'd never leave us.
You seemed so strong,
Your death has grieved us.

Ezylryb, my mentor.
My protector and friend.
I cannot believe
Your life came to an end.

I'd thought it would end
In a viciously raging storm.
Whatever I supposed,
Thoughts of old age never formed.

My best battle claws were yours,
You gave me so many things.
You taught me how to fly a storm,
New ways to use my wings.

All shall die one day,
I know that is true.
That means someday,
I'll be with you.

Once more we shall fly the wind,
The storms that you love.
And rest among white, peaceful clouds
Like the feathers of a dove.

Wow, I wrote a poem! Also, it's from Soren's point of view.