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Summary: Okay, incase you didn't read "Home" here's a quick summary so you know what's going on. Elliot and Olivia are engaged and now they're going to have a baby! LOL That's all you need to know! Trust me...you'll get the rest really easily!

Chapter One

It was early morning, really nobody was there yet. On top of that, it was a slow morning. Not much was going on– except some old paper work to catch up on.

"Listen up everyone, Elliot and I have an announcement to make." Olivia called.

Olivia and Elliot stood in the middle of the squad room next to their desks. They had something important to announce, which is in a series of announcements that they have made recently. First was Elliot's divorce from Kathy, then they came out in public with their "new found" relationship, about a year later they announced they were getting married, and now they had an even BIGGER announcement to make to the rest of their team.

"Listen up everyone– the love birds are about to speak." Munch laughed.

Fin solemnly looked up from his desk, "If they're going to say what I think, you can take my $20 now John." he said, a mischievous smirk on his face.

Olivia just smiled and rolled her eyes, but Elliot picked up two pieces of unused paper, balled them up and threw them at John and Fin.

"What's up?" Casey asked, stepping out of her office.

"Where's Cragen?" Elliot questioned, while Olivia greeted Casey.

"Right here." Don announced, walking in with a box of donuts and cops of coffee for everyone. "Get 'em while they're fresh"

"Oooooo donuts!" Olivia squealed, just like a little girl would. She rushed over to Fin's desk where Cragen sat the box down, and grabbed a couple.

"Mighty hungry today, aren't we Liv?" Munch questioned sarcastically.

"Well, I am eating for two you know!" she blurted out in self defense . . .on accident. She bit the corner of her lower lip and flashed one of her I-can't-believe-I-just-said-that-out-loud smiles to Elliot who was now laughing at his fiancé.

Silence actually filled the squad room. Everyone was in total shock. They didn't know whether to say 'congrats.' Or to laugh at the joke.

"'For two', I hope you mean the little furbies you keep shut up in your locker." John laughed, making everyone crack a smile.

"Yea, I think one got out recently. I could have sworn I heard one running around screaming 'feed me!'" Fin said, a hint of humor in his eyes.

"We're serious you guys. Liv and I are going to have a baby." Elliot said, moving his eyebrows enthusiastically.

"It's true." Olivia voiced, backing up her soon-to-be-husband. She walked to Elliot and hugged him, slipping her arms around his waist. Elliot wrapped an arm around her, letting his hand hang loosely on her hip.

"John won my twenty buck." Fin stated, tossing him a twenty dollar bill.

"Congrats. on the baby . . . and giving me very bad mental pictures of you two. Well actually, Liv doesn't look that bad." John snickered. It was just like him to put smiles on everyone in the room. It just happened to be one of his good qualities.

"Shut up Munch!" both Olivia and Elliot shouted playfully.

"Congratulations. I'm really happy for you guys. Of course we're going to be losing Olivia for a while when you have the baby. But it's all good. I at least thought you would wait til the honey moon though." Don sighed. "There goes my twenty bucks for lunch. Hope you're happy John."

"Couldn't be happier Cap." he smiled.

Olivia looked surprised at how many of their co–workers were 'betting' on them.

"Don't tell me you all had money on us?" Elliot looked suspiciously around the room. Then they all turned to Casey who was being quiet . . . a little too quiet.

Casey smiled guiltily. "I only have a five." she laughed lightly, waving it in the air. "I'll give you the rest later John."

They all cracked up laughing.

"What! I need to eat lunch!" Casey defended.


"I'm so happy for you hun'." Casey told Olivia. They were standing in line at Sub way, getting ready to order lunch for everyone back at the precinct; luckily John was paying for them . . . with his profits today.

"Thanks. I'm so excited, I can't wait to be a mom!" Olivia replied eagerly.

"So, how did it happen? I mean, you aren't even married yet! And I thought Elliot's kids lived with you two." Casey asked excitedly, lowering her voice considerably.

Olivia felt her cheeks burn red. "Well, Maureen left to UCLA a few months ago, then one weekend Kathy took the twins and Kathleen. So, El and I . . . well . . . you know." she giggled; which was a complete first. She hadn't been this happy in a long time. She was just so excited about becoming a parent– especially with Elliot.

"You nerves about the baby?"

"Of course I'm nervous! Are you crazy? When I started seeing Elliot the twins were five, Kathleen was fife-teen, and Maureen just turned 17. It's been two years, and we still don't get along as well as I want too. But I was never there with them, so I don't know what it's like to have a new born." Olivia confessed.

"Don't worry. I think you'll make a great mom! And don't forget you have Elliot to help. Your 'handsome prince charming'." Casey laughed out loud.

"Casey!" Olivia playfully socked her arm.

"Sorry. But really Liv. Remember, I'm always here for you. Anytime. I promise."

"I know. Thanks." They stepped forward in line and reached the counter.

Casey ordered for herself and everyone else at the squad room, then turned to Olivia, "What ever you want."

"Let me have a chicken breast sub, potato chips, one soda, and four chocolate mini muffins." she finished.

"Damn girl." Casey joked.

"I'm starving! I dot two to feed!" She flashed an innocent grin as she patted her belly.


Olivia sat looking out the squad room window in a daze. The precinct wasn't as busy as usual, but the phones still rang and people marched back and forth with files in hand.

A sandwich wrapper, a soda bottle, and one mini muffin sat on the able in front of Olivia, along with a book titled: The Pregnancy Book: Everything You Need to Know was open to a page with bold print stating : Your Pregnancy: 12 Weeks.

While everyone worked, she was given an extra twenty minutes to sit off on the side and finish up her lunch.

She couldn't believe any of this. She, Olivia Benson, was engaged to the man she has loved for so long, Elliot Stabler. She was going to be 'step-mom' to Elliot's kids, and on top of that, she was a little over 12 weeks pregnant. With Elliot's child! She placed her hand on the belly she was barely starting to form. It would be their baby– together. Everything just fit so well. She couldn't dream of anything better. There was just on problem. Elliot's kids.

Now, don't get her wrong–she loved his kids as if they were her own. She's always loved them. But they didn't seem to like her too much. The twins loved her, but Maureen always told them not too. Maureen hated Olivia. And now she was in college, but she still hated her. Kathleen, well, never showed much emotion at all. She would sometimes talk to Olivia, then other days she'd ignore her all together.

It was difficult. What were she and Elliot going to do?

Sh felt a hand squeeze her shoulder and she turned to see Elliot standing over her. She flashed him a weak hey-what's-up-nice-of-you-to-join-me smile.

"What's wrong babe?" Elliot asked. He pulled up another chain and wrapped his arms around Olivia, leaning his chin on her shoulder.

Olivia let a puff of air escape her lips as she leaned back against Elliot. She loved the way she fit so perfectly, there in his arms. Should she tell him? Tell him all her fears and doubts? All her worries? . . .After all, they are getting married. And she always told him any ways, even before they were dating.

"El, I'm worried."

"About what?" he asked, sounding surprised. "There's absolutely nothing you need to worry about. You'll be a great mom. I know it." Elliot assured her.

Olivia felt warm inside. Like a sudden wave of coffee on a cold morning day. She loved the way Elliot just held her and made her feel like she belonged some where for the first time in her life. She had never been able to trust because of what happened to her mom, but joining SVU changed a lot of things, Elliot changed everything.

"It's not that Elliot. I know we'll be good parents. You already have four wonderful children–I know you'll be a great dad. But it's becoming a 'step-mom' that has me worried.

Elliot chuckled. "You're kidding right?"

"Face it El, your kids don't exactly see me as the worlds number on Step mom. They aren't walking around with those big foam fingers that you get at the Jets game." she smiled, thinking about the time they got tickets to the Jets home game. They had a lot of fun . . . stuffing Dickie's face with hot dogs and when he had to throw–up Maureen turned him straight at Olivia. "When we first started dating Maureen was the one that said, 'I hate you Olivia! It's your fault my parents got a divorce.' And she meant it." Olivia's voice was raspy and dry, and her smile had faded away.

Elliot breathed a heavy sigh. "They were, and still are, going through some tough changes right now. Just give them some time. I know, and you know that, that's not the reason Kathy and I split. Kathy had the affair, that's why."

"I know," Olivia crocked. She forced back the tears. She didn't want to cry–not here, not now. "How are we going to tell the kids about me being pregnant? I can't hide it much longer, I'm starting to show. A few days ago Kathleen asked 'what have you been eating?'" she laughed.

"Tonight, after dinner. Maureen is on Spring break and she's arriving later this afternoon." Eliot pulled back her hair and kissed Olivia's forehead.

That's when Cragen walked towards them. "Don't mean to ruin the moment, but we got a murder victim on 54th and 55th." he explained. "Your case."

Elliot squeezed her shoulder once more and stood up. "I'll get the Sudan."

Olivia made up her mind. She knew that money or fancy gifts couldn't buy love, but maybe if she could plan a "family" outing with Elliot and the kids, maybe the kids wouldn't be so hostile towards her. She took one more sip of her almost-empty-soda, stood up and headed out of the squad room.


The air was hot and heavy on the 9th floor of the high-rise apartment. Shattered glass made a trail down the hall into a bedroom. The bedroom where–pregnant–22 year old, Lori Gilmore laid dead, sprawled face up, beaten and bruised, on her bed. Her eyes were cold and still, and wide with terror. Her arms had been placed over her stomach–she looked about 7 months pregnant.

Olivia gazed down at the body, a feeling of neasia over her. It's not that she had never seen a dead body, but that she was pregnant. Olivia automatically put a hand to her own stomach.

Elliot was talking to a CSU tech, getting all the info, while M.E Warner stood over Lori, and more CSU tech's were scattered everywhere gathering evidence and snapping shots of the entire place.

"The tech seems to think that Lori's boyfriend did this." Elliot informed Olivia.

She snapped back to reality. "How could anyone do this?" she wondered out loud.

Warner walked over and looked at them and laughed lightly. "Congrats. on the baby. Casey called me." she added, looking at their quizzical faces. "Looks like the vic was beaten with that lamp," she explained, pointing to a broken lamp on the floor. "There's also bruises on the stomach that look like fists. I also found some finger marks on her neck like he tried holding her down. Who ever did this, wasn't remorseful."

"What do you mean?" Olivia asked.

"Under the vic's finger nails were strands of hair and some skin. She put up one hell of a fight."

Olivia pressed her lips together and looked at Elliot. They both sighed.

"Detective Benson?" A forensic guy walked over to her.


"This is for you." he told her, handing a type recorder to her, it had a sticker on it that read: FOR OLIVIA BENSON. "We listened to it, and I think you'd want to hear it."

Olivia took it and pressed the 'play' button. That's when a familiar voice flooded her mind. It was a raspy, calm voice of a man who spoke in an hushed whisper.

"Hello Olivia. Long time no see . . .well, I've been doing some watching. By this time you already found poor Lori huh? Lori just didn't want to go down . . . kept screaming 'my baby, my baby!'. So I had to beat her with the lamp."

Olivia felt her stomach doing flips. How could anyone do this to someone. On top of that this man was sending her type recordings. But worst of all, was that she knew the voice . . . she knew this man.

The type played on. "I killed her for a reason Olivia. For you. To send you a little message. You see I've been watching you. Ever since I left you, I've been watching. I always thought you were beautiful. But you didn't care. You liked your partner . . . Detective Stabler. He never let any one get close to you–even when he was married. Mr. Stabler was always very protective of you. That made me jealous. Now I see you two are living together, you're engaged, and there's another baby Stabler on the way."

There was a long pause on the type. All you could hear was heavy breathing. "I thought we could have had something special. I can see you there, standing over the poor dead woman–and her unborn child. Just keep in mind that you pissed me off. Hopefully you won't have . . . an accident. Good bye Olivia, I'll be seeing you around. Oh–and Elliot, you should be protecting you fiancé and the mother of your baby." The type ended.

No one said a word.

Olivia's eyes swelled with tears and she dropped the recorder. She slowly ran her hand over stomach as she looked around the room in horror–her eyes landing on the vic. It's not that she was afraid of the perp who did this, coming after her next, it was that it was her fault this woman died. It was her 'message'.

Everything seemed to fade away. Just hours before she and Casey were joking and laughing. Now what? Now some freak was after her.

Before anyone could say anything, Olivia turned around and stormed out of the office.

"I would take her out of work for the time being. We don't want her to get hurt." Warner whispered to Elliot. With that everyone slowly turned back to what they were doing.

Elliot was in a daze. Why? Olivia had done nothing wrong, she had always helped people. She didn't deserve this.

Elliot turned around and ran out after Olivia. They had to do something. They had to stay strong. No one would ruin the new life he was trying to make for himself, Olivia, and his children.

Knowing Olivia, Elliot knew she'd be sitting in the car beating herself up over what happened. She'd think it was her fault for this happening. But it wasn't. He would have to show her that.

He loved her too much to let someone hurt her. Or to see her upset. When he caught the bastard who did this . . . well, let's just say that he won't be able to "watch" anything for a while.

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