The hospital room was warm and full of love as they laid there together. The new born triplets of only a few weeks cooed in their parents arms.

"Thank you," Olivia whispered.

Elliot looked at his wife, "For what?"

Olivia stayed silent for a moment as she looked at the babies in their arms. She stroked Michael's head. "For giving me three beautiful children."

Elliot kissed Olivia's forehead and looked down at Ella, Michael, and Cora–his new born triplets.



"Can you singing me a song?" Olivia asked, looking into his deep blue eyes.

Elliot smiled sheepishly, "Really? What do you want me to sing?"

"Anything. Sing something for me, for the triplets, for us." she replied,

Elliot leaned his head back against the bed and thought about it. And he knew exactly what to sing to her.

"Never knew, I could feel like this. Like I've never seen the sky before," his voice was hushed and raspy.

Olivia smiled as she remembered this song. A song from her favorite movie.

Elliot smiled back and continued the song, "Want to vanish inside your kiss, everyday I love you more and more. Listen to my heart, can you hear it sing? Telling me to give you everything." Elliot's voice cracked a bit as he tried to follow the pitch of the song. "Seasons may change, winter to spring. But I love, until the end of time."

The triplets laid quietly while they slept in their parent's arms.

Olivia's eyes filled with tears of joy.

The joy of knowing that she was safe with the people she loved. That everything would start to heal itself. And that everyone was getting a second chance to do things right.

"Come what may . . .Come what may, I will love you until my dying day . . ." he continued.

After a pause Olivia whispered in melody, "Suddenly the world seems such a perfect place, suddenly it moves with such a perfect grace,"

They held each others gaze, looking deep into each others eyes and knowing that they'd be together forever. They then began to sing together, "Suddenly my life doesn't seem such a waste . . .it all revolves around you . . ." Olivia smiled and kissed Ella on the forehead.

"And there's no mountain too high, no river to wide . . .sing out this song and I'll be there by your side. Storm clouds my gather and stars may collide . . ."

Memories flooded into their minds. Happy, sad, all of them. Good times, and bad times.

Elliot knew he couldn't make the same mistakes he did before. He knew he would be there for Olivia always and forever. That she would never feel the same pain she felt before. He knew that he'd be there for his children–all of them. That they'd all be closer. He promised himself that he would change things from here on.

Olivia knew she was a changed person. Not just because what happened, but because she was a mother now. She knew she wouldn't end up like her mother. She was stronger then that. And she had someone she knew she could cont on always and forever. Elliot. She knew that they'd get through anything together. And she knew that things between herself and Elliot's kids would change. They'd become closer.

"But I love you," Elliot whispered as his lips brushed lightly against Olivia's skin.

"I love you," she murmured back.

"Until the end of time. Come what may . . .Come what may, I will love you until my dying day. Oh come what may . . .come what may . . .I will love you" their voices slowly faded from the night air and they became more relaxed as they eyes became heavy with sleep.

Olivia looked down at Cora, Ella, and Michael,"Suddenly the world seems such a perfect place."

"Come what may . . ."

"Come what may,"

They kissed each other good night. "I love you Liv."

"I love you too El," she replied.

And as they fell to sleep with the triplets they whispered to each other, "I will love you, until my dying day"


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