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Chapter one-"So I love her eh? Well that's new..."-Natsume

The sun starts to rise. Birds start to sing. A boy who has dark hair is sleeping peacefully on his dormitory bed. "Darn birds. I will kill you one of these days." he mutters as he opens his blood red orbs while combing his hair with his fingers. 'Ch. Another boring day in my useless existence.' he thought as he got out of bed and went into the bathroom to do his morning routines.

After a few minutes he walked out of his room wearing a black long sleeves shirt and white polo inside and red checkered shorts. He started walking down the hallway and he turned to a corner then BANG someone bumped into him. "Watch where you're going idiot!" he said while rubbing his head. "N-Natsume? Gomen! Gomen!" a voice said and when Natsume looked up he saw a brunette with matching chocolate brown eyes. "Whatever Polka-dotted panties girl." he said as he stood up and dusted himself. "I told you many times already! I've got a name and it's Mikan. M-I-K-A-N." she stated as she rubbed her temples but when she looked at Natsume he's already gone. "That Natsume!" she yelled then she looked at the clock hanging at the hallway walls the said "I'M GONNA BE LATE!"

Mikan entered the classroom panting heavily while clutching her chest. She looked around the classroom and saw that the teacher wasn't there yet so she gave a relieved sigh. "Good morning Hotaru!" she squealed once she saw a dark haired girl with purple eyes. Mikan ran to Hotaru giving her a hug when BAKA BAKA BAKA, she was shot by the "Baka Gun" that Hotaru invented. "Don't you come near me, idiot." Hotaru said as she went back at her work. "You're so mean Hotaru!" Mikan complained while waterfall-like tears came down of her eyes. "Shut up little girl! You're ruining my day!" Natsume stated as he looked up from his manga to glare at Mikan. "Who's our teacher?" asked Natsume as he looked at Ruka waiting for an answer. "It's Narumi." Ruka simply said and Natsume stood up. "Time to ditch this class." he said and went out of the classroom followed by Ruka. "Why are they always like that?" asked Mikan to no one in particular as she sees the two boys exiting the room.

After Class

"Maan…I can't remember what we just studied!" Mikan exclaimed as she, Hotaru and Yuu went out of their classroom. "Hey, let's go to Central Town!" Mikan announced as she looked at Yuu and he said that he can't go co'z he's going to study and Hotaru? No she didn't want to come with Mikan. She said "Why would I want to come with and idiot like you?" and walked away. "Darn!" Mikan said as she walked away, trying to find someone who can go with her to Central Town..

She was walking around the campus when she spotted Natsume sitting near a tree. "Hey Natsume! Want to go to the Central Town with me?" Mikan asked as she looked at him with a pair of hoping eyes. "No." he simply stated and went back to reading. "Oh well! I guess I'll ask Ruka!" Mikan said as she was about to walk away. 'Ruka! Mikan and Ruka in Central Town!' Natsume thought the he grabbed Mikan's wrist to stop her. "Fine. I'll go with you to Central Town." he said not looking at her. "Really? You will! Yay!" she squealed while jumping up and down but suddenly stopped. "Why did you changed your mind?" she asked while looking at Natsume in the eyes. 'What to say? What to say?' Natsume panicked inside his head but not showing it. "Because…" he started and Mikan said "Because?" 'What is she doing? Trying to make me tell her that I don't like it when Ruka is near her! That I'm jealous!' Natsume thought but he just glared at her and said "You talk too much. Let's just go." he said as he dusts himself and started walking. "Wait for me!" Mikan said as she caught up with Nastume.

Central Town

"Ooh! Aah!" Mikan said as she looked at fascinating things one shop in Central Town. 'Stupid girl. She's like an idiot…well she's kinda cute when she's like that…wait! Hold up! Bad thought! Bad thoughts!' Natsume thought as he tries to shoo away the thoughts in his head. She noticed Mikan stopped squealing like a little child and just standing there while looking at something. Natsume raised an eyebrow and went to Mikan to see what she was looking at. It's a necklace that has a pendant that is a blue heart with a red dragon spinning around the heart. Natsume looked at the price and it costs 300 rbs. Mikan looked away from the necklace and smiled at herself. "Oh well! I can't afford it." she stated and stepped out of the shop. Natsume looked at the necklace before leaving the shop.

Back at the school/night

"Thanks Natsume!" Mikan said and hugged him. Natsume stiffened and blushed. "Huh? What's wrong Natsume?" asked Mikan seeing the boy is all red. She puts her palm on his forehead and her forehead behind her hand and said "Well you don't have a fever…" but Natsume just blushed the whole time. "Well see you tomorrow Natsume-kun!" Mikan said as she waved goodbye.

When the Natsume was sure that Mikan was already gone he clutched his chest while blushing madly. 'What was that! My heart pounded really fast! Am I sick! Or is it just…her?' he thought. He smiled at himself and walked to his room. He plopped on his bed not minding if he's still wearing his uniform. "So I love her eh? Well that's new…" he mutters as he falls into his sleep thinking about a certain stupid brunette.