Author's Note: Hey there, everyone. I apologize for the delay in the posting. I WAS going to type out all the major events that happened between the end of Shattered and the beginning of Revenge of the Kaiser. It would take the reader through the differences and similarities of the 02 ending. I even got through four pages- I really tried to force myself through them, but if I had, I'd probably scrap the fic out of sheer frustration before starting the actual story. To keep things from being confusing, I am typing out a short summary of events. Not everything follows the 02 storyline, which would have been impossible unless I wanted to be a cheap ass author and completely ignore all events in the first fic, but it does follow for the most part. Shattered ended at the end of July, this picks up the next May.

Okay, here we are: First off, Ken was released from the hospital the same day that Kari woke up. Adjusting to life back at home wouldn't have been too difficult, except for the fact that Mr. Ichijouji had been delaying to accept a job offer that required them to move to Odaiba. They moved on the 3rd of August. Ken returned to the Digiworld to try and fix some of the damage he had caused. He began by freeing the digidestineds' digimon, who Wormmon had been watching over in Ken's absence. He then set free all of the other digimon, put the Control Spires out of commission, and shut down the base.

A resentful Tyranomon wanted to get revenge on Ken for forcing him to become Ken's slave. He attacked Ken and Wormmon; that was the first time Stingmon made his appearance.

The newer digidestined team, with the exception of Kari, started going back to the Digital World by the middle of August. They did not know that Ken was there too, until Stingmon saved Cody from the Control Spire digimon, Thundermon.

Then Arukenimon made her appearance. Ken insisted on fighting on his own, not wanting to endanger anyone else for his mistakes. Davis knocked some sense into him, literally, and Paildramon came into existence. Ken was still hesitant to join the team, especially since Kari would be coming back.

Tracking a warp in the Digital World, the digidestined found the crest of Kindness in the wall at the base of a canyon. Ken was tracking the signal as well, and met up with them. The crest was black and distorted; it had taken the form of the anti-crest of Cruelty. Tk saw it as a sign that Ken was still evil and just playing them all for fools, but Izzy e-mailed the team and told them that all Ken need do was to take the crest and purify it. Seeing a way to prove that he wasn't evil any longer, Ken removed the crest from the canyon base without hesitation. It was purified, proving that Ken was in fact the bearer of Kindness.

When Kari returned to the Digiworld, the gang decided to look for Gatomon's lost tail ring. Ken was in the area as well, and both they and Yolie were torn out of the Digital World and brought to the Dark Ocean. Ken almost had a break down, and Kari was convinced she couldn't get away from the darkness, but Yolie thought otherwise. Silphymon was able to save them all, but Ken left right after.

School started and Ken started attending Odaiba High School. He didn't have any classes with Kari, but he did with both Davis and Yolie. Yolie was trying to play matchmaker after the escapade fighting Blossomon, and Davis was determined to make friends. When digimon started showing up in the real world, Ken had no choice but to become an official member of the team.

Christmas crept up on the team in no time at all. Ken and Matt went to Mexico to take out the Control Spires and return the digimon to the Digital World. Matt took time out of their busy schedule to speak to Ken about Kari. He told Ken that he'd better grow a backbone quickly otherwise Kari was going to give up on him. Apparently, Tk still had a problem with Ken.

The final battle between the digidestined and Malomyotismon led to Paildramon's digivolution to Imperialdramon. It was a long and difficult battle, but Malomyotismon was finally defeated. Ken was preparing to take Minomon home for some well deserved rest, but Kari followed after him so that she could speak with him alone.

He wasn't sure how it happened, but after insisting that he didn't deserve her forgiveness for the umpteenth hundredth time, Ken found himself wrapping his arms around her and returning a kiss.

They announced becoming a couple the following day. Tai was okay with it, if Kari was happy than he was happy. Davis, after threatening to break every bone in Ken's body if he screwed up the relationship, gave his full approval. He couldn't be certain, but Ken thought he heard Davis mutter something along the lines of: "so long as it isn't Ts." Tk didn't say anything about it, nor did he need to. His cold stare was enough to tell Ken that he disapproved, but he didn't want to upset Kari by verbally assaulting him. Everyone else was happy; Yolie was especially ecstatic for the two, crediting herself for aiding in their getting together.

Our fic begins in May; it has been roughly four and a half months since the defeat of Malomyotismon. I know I left out a lot of details, including Oikawa's entire part. I don't know the details of his role, other than that he was at Sam's funeral and that he was possessed by Malomyotismon. I guess his part is just as it was in the show.


Kari, Tk, Davis, Ken, Yolie: 17

Cody: 14

Tai, Matt, Sora, Mimi: 20

Izzy: 21

Joe: 23

If there's something you want to see specifically, let me know ASAP so I can work it into the fic. And I hope no one asks me to change the coupling, it's a Kenkari for sure!

Revenge of the Kaiser

Chapter One: Hello Again

"Ken, honey, you're going to be late if you don't leave right now!" Mrs. Ichijouji shouted from the kitchen, her voice carrying into Ken's bedroom.

"I'm leaving now," he replied, hopping on one foot in an attempt to put on one of his cleats, all while balancing his duffle bag on his back, and shutting his bedroom door. The bag tipped sideways, knocking the teen to the ground. "Dammit," he whispered, righting himself.

Mrs. Ichijouji gave her son a disapproving look. "Ken, darn it would have been just as affective. Now get going!"

"Right, I'm out of here. Tell Aunt Jane that I hope she feels better. Oh, I'm going to be out with Kari and everyone after the game, so don't wait up."

Mrs. Ichijouji nodded and ushered her son out the door. She felt terrible that she was missing one of Ken's last soccer matches of the season, but her sister had gotten sick and needed some good old-fashioned nurturing from her.

Ken darted out the door and ran down the stairs, braving two or three steps per bound. If he walked quickly he'd make it there just in time. Running down the street, Ken hurried to the school grounds.

"Ken, over here!" Ken ran towards the familiar voice, waving his hand above his head as he approached. "It's about time," Davis said, "I was starting to worry."

Ken and Davis walked across the field to where the Odaiba Varsity soccer team had begun warming up. "Is Kari here yet?" Ken asked, taking a seat on the grass.

"I haven't seen her, but she's coming with Tai and Tai always takes forever. I'm sure she'll be here before the game starts, though. Everyone else is here."

Ken looked over towards the bleachers. A smile spread across his lips as he watched his girlfriend and her older brother climbing up to sit with the others. Kari looked up and saw Ken and waved at him; his smile widened and he waved back.

"Focus, Ichijouji. I need your eyes and mind set on the field, not on the pretty girl sitting in the stands."

"Right, Coach, I got it."

"We're against a tough team today. The Raiders are one of the best in the league. I need you to give it your all."

"Don't worry Coach," Davis piped up. "Even if Ken isn't up to it, you've got me. What else could you possibly want?"

The coach patted the top of Davis' head. "I admire your confidence," he said.

Davis looked over at Ken again when the coach had walked away. "So Ken, are you ready for me to show you how a pro does it?"

"A pro? Is that what you call yourself? Really Davis, you should save yourself the embarrassment and let me handle things."

Davis punched Ken in the arm as he stood up and stretched his arms above his head. "Right, just remember whose team this is."

Davis and Ken were both captains, so Davis' statement had no relevance. Ken laughed at his friend; a school year with Davis had made Ken lighten up a lot. Anyone who spent that much time with Davis and didn't lighten up probably needed professional help.

The game went by rather quickly (mostly because I don't want to embarrass myself by trying to write details of a soccer game when I know less than nothing about the sport ;). Odaiba had been tied against the Raiders for a while, until Davis assisted Ken for the final goal of the game, making the final score seven to six.

After the game, Ken and Davis showered and changed and met up with the others. Tai immediately started praising, and criticizing, every single play of the game. "And that fake where you went left but kicked right and Ken was right there, it was amazing!"

"Tai, as marvelous as the game was, seeing it once was enough; hearing about it twelve times is just an overkill," Izzy complained.

"I think you just don't like it because it involves physical endurance, Izzy," Tai retorted.

"Leave Tai alone," Davis scolded. "He has every right to praise my abilities if he wants to!"

"I'm pretty sure you meant to say you and Ken," Yolie added.

Ken smiled and shrugged. He didn't really care either way. He was just happy that they won. "Davis likes to talk about himself so much that he forgets that there are a total of fourteen guys on our team."

"I thought you both did wonderfully," Kari said.

Ken wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close to him. "Well thank you," he whispered in her ear before kissing her cheek. He looked up and saw Tk glaring at him.

"Maybe we should get going," Tk suggested. "I think we can still get into the school." He glared a second longer before turning and leading everyone to the school building.

(A/N: Did the gate get sealed off at the end of the 02 season? Oikawa or Blackwargreymon sealed it off or something? I don't know but it didn't happen in this fic; the digidestined still are able to travel back and forth, but they don't do so as often, and they leave the digimon in the Digital World.)

"I can't wait to see Hawkmon," Yolie screeched as she walked into the computer room behind Tk. She took out her D3 when everyone had entered the room and held it up to the computer. "Digiport Open!"

"That was strange," Kari said when the group had passed through the gate.

"What do you mean?" Joe asked.

"Didn't it feel weird when you went through the Digiport?"

"I didn't notice anything, what do you mean?" Tai inquired.

"I'm not sure, it just felt different. It was probably nothing, never mind. We should find Gatomon and the others."

No one pressed the conversation. Davis started forward with his D3 in hand, trying to locate Veemon. "I think that they're all this way," he commented.

Ken took out his D3 as well after Davis insisted that they were standing in the spot that the digimon were located according to the device. Ken's showed the Digimon as being in the same spot, but they were no where to be seen. "This doesn't make any sense," he said.

"Maybe there's something wrong with the D3's," Davis suggested.

Yolie looked over to Kari, who had fallen to the back of the group. She looked lost in thought, if not trying to suppress a painful memory. "Are you alright, Kari?"

"The digimon aren't here," she said finally.

"You know, it really is tragic that they couldn't be here," a voice said. Kari looked over at Ken, thinking that he had said it. It was Ken's voice, but colder. Ken looked around, just as confused as the rest of the group. "They ran into a few friends and couldn't leave without stopping to say hello."

Ken followed the sound of the voice up into the trees. "It can't be… you're dead." Ken looked up in horror as he stared at the source of the sound. Up in the tree, resting comfortably on one of the lower branches, was the Kaiser.

"Do I look dead to you, Kenny boy?" the Kaiser asked, jumping down from the tree. "I'll admit that I spent some time in limbo, but I'm back and better than ever. I told you that this wasn't over, that I was going to come back to get what belongs to me."

Ken's eyes widened with shock as he recalled the last words the Kaiser had said before breaking up into digital data. He promised to come back, he wanted Kari.

Tk put himself in front of Kari. He wasn't about to let the Kaiser have her. The Kaiser laughed at him, taking a long stride to stand to face him. "Honestly, I think we know how this is going to turn out already. Save yourself the pain and humiliation and step aside."

Tk clenched his fists tightly. "Not a chance," he hissed.

Kari grabbed Tk's shoulder. "Please," she whispered. He wasn't sure if she was asking him to protect her or to listen and step aside, but it didn't matter. He wasn't about to let him have her. Tai jumped in next to Tk and raised his fists.

The Kaiser's attack was even faster and stronger than before; he no longer had a link to Ken that would hinder his abilities. Tai tried to block the Kaiser's fist, but it connected with his face, sending Tai backwards.

Ken pulled Kari away, putting her behind him while the Kaiser was busy knocking Tk's feet out from under him. "Stay back," he ordered, as he nodded at Davis. The two teens charged at the Kaiser from behind. Kaiser sensed their presences as they neared and jumped out of the way before they could grab him.

Matt told Izzy, Joe, and Cody to look after Yolie, Sora, and Kari. The three eagerly obliged, not wanting to partake in the actual fighting. Matt joined the fight, landing a powerful punch against the Kaiser's stomach. He was barely fazed, however, and returned the favor with even more force.

Jumping over the falling rock star, Ken was able to surprise the Kaiser and knock him down. He was able to land a few punches before being thrown backwards into Tk. The Kaiser jumped up and grabbed one of the lower branches, hoisted himself up onto it, and disappeared in the trees.

She tried not to act as afraid as she was, but when Kari felt him jump down behind her, she froze with fear. He grabbed her from behind, covering her nose and mouth with a cloth that smelled of a sweet alcohol that dulled her senses and pulled her out of consciousness. Kari collapsed in his arms.

"Kari!" Ken screamed, forcing himself to stand and staggering towards the Kaiser. "Let her go!"

The Kaiser smirked evilly; his eyes were lit up with dark pleasure. He had won, and everyone knew it. As Ken ran towards him, the Kaiser whistled, prompting an Airdramon to fly down and put his body between the Digidestined and him. Kaiser jumped up with Kari in his arms and commanded the Airdramon to take off.

"No!" Ken screamed, watching helplessly as the Kaiser escaped. "Kari!"

Ken turned in time to see Tk's fist heading towards his face. "This is your entire fault!" Tk huffed, his breathing rough from the fight.

Ken stumbled backwards and prepared for a second hit. Fortunately, Matt saw it coming as well and grabbed his younger brother from behind. "This won't help," Matt warned.

"If it weren't for him, the Kaiser wouldn't even exist!" Tk retorted, his voice growing with anger.

"Shut up, all of you!" Yolie shouted, her head down to hide her tears. "Don't you understand that Kari's worst nightmare has just come true, and you are throwing blame around! This isn't Ken's fault any more than it is yours, Tk!" Yolie broke down completely. She had never told anyone, not even Kari, but when they had first DNA digivolved, and their heartbeats had synchronized, Yolie had felt fear and sadness radiating from the very beating of Kari's heart. She could see it in her friend's eyes, every so often she let her guard down, and the pain would show through. Why Kari insisted on pretending that she was fine was beyond Yolie's understanding.

"We need to get her back, now. I'll go by myself if I have to," Ken said.

"You know that I'm coming too," Tai spoke up.

"We all are," Joe added after a moment.

"Then it's settled, let's go save my sister!"


Author's Note: Finally, chapter one is finished! I expected to have this out about a month sooner, but yeah, like I said, I had trouble getting started. I do realize that this chapter pretty much sucks, too.

The fic I planned on writing, where Ken is an outcast to the group and it starts a Yakari, has been scraped. I never realized how much I sucked at teen drama before trying to put Ken in the situations. So instead I plan on writing a different Kenkari, an adventure/romance with some past Yakari. Maybe one of these days I'll figure out how to write the other fic.

Midnight Raindance I made up the thing about the crests, but feel free to use it.

Imperfect, warning noted and followed. Gracias.

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