Hey due to the current changes in my family, I was inspired to write this one, enjoy. Oh besides, nephew godson here, I know Integra didn't have siblings.

Always yours: Morality

The little bundle slept in the crib, faintly moving.

- „What is that?" Alucard eyed the foreign object suspiciously.

- "Who is it , would be more appropriate, servant."

- "It looks dangerous, would you like me to dismantle it?"

- "The only dismantling you're allowed to do is to change his diaper." Shudder from the elder vampire.

- "Awwww, Sir Hellsing, you have a baby!" Exclaimed Seras, hopping up and down.

- "Can I be the godmother huh? Can I? Can I?"

Walter observed the whole commotion with a mild amusement; the whole scene looked like this. Integral was inspecting baby like the next heap of paperwork, which will need handling, Seras was frolicking with joy, as if her younger sibling was born. However Alucard dreaded to approach the baby, eyeing it as something contaminated or ready to attack.

- "I guess you're concerned." Stated Integra turning to walk out of the room: "I want to meet you both in my office for further instructions."

- "Now I want to make this clear. This child is my nephew. He has arrived this morning, which is why you didn't sense him earlier," Answering Alucards and Seras unspoken question. "He has been sent here for two weeks, because his parents are unable to look after him this moment and there is nobody else whom they would entrust their offspring."

- "This child is not a snack." Significant look at Alucard. "Nor a new toy." look at Seras."He is a member of Hellsing family and has to be treated like one."

"Yes, and another thing," Alucard was dreading to hear this one: "I will probably have little time to take care of him. So I am counting on your help and support."

- "Yeey, I like kids, they're so fun to be with." Stated the younger vampire:" I take the job!"

- "Very well." Integra nodded "And you, Alucard?"

She took the notice that her pet looked even paler than usual and that was a sight to see, he gulped and said through clenched teeth:

- "As my master wishes." and soon disappeared.

- "What has gotten into him?" Seras asked Walter later, since she hadn't seen her master out for a while as if he were avoiding something or someone.

Old butler smirked knowingly: "I guess soon you shall find out yourself, Officer Victoria."

It was another night out; the local werewolf pack had some misunderstandings with Chinese tourists. Seras and her master stood silently for several moments, and she decided to break the silence.

- "So what do you think of the newcomer?"

- "He's fighting well for a human."

- "No, Sir Hellsings nephew."

- "Not different from others."

- "What do you mean by that? "

- "All children are alike."

- "So that is why you don't like them?"

- "Babies are like small daemons, though they are not allowed to be killed, that is the only difference between these obnoxious creatures."

- "Master, are you afraid of children?"

- "I fear nothing, police girl."

- "Oh yeah, then you would be happy to know that you have to give little Adam his evening bubble bath."

- "WHAT? That THING has a name?"

- "Afraid?"

- "No, police girl, if I don't fear it, it doesn't mean I have to like it."

- "C'mon, master, you were a kid yourself once."

- "That is a rather delicate issue."

- "Oh, ok, sorry master. But you should know they are not all that bad."

Alucard gave her a curious look: "You were joking about that bubble bath, right?"