Hello everyone, Guess whos back!!! Ok I have some major apologies for everyone who was expecting this chapter sooner, but I had a thing entering my life- academy - so, yeah. I got dragged away from this story and finally couldnt persuade myself to start writing it again, however I hate leaving my tasks unfinished. I will finish this story no matter what, I swear.

Sincerely yours:


Dear diary,

Today was the most eventful day in some 3 months or so, I must admit. Personal note: Never EVER wear contacts. Where should I start, oh, yes, the trip to the Aqua park

Sir Integra, me and the explosive couple worth two As (Alucard +Adam) arrived at the place. We parted at the locker-rooms, Integra regretted she wasn't a man and couldn't join her nephew, to make sure everything went well. Integra had granted them 10 minutes to get ready, if not, she promised to raid the mans lockers and hunt every Alucard-type person down. Master asked if they could do the same thing to the girl's lockers if Integra was late. She only glared at him and said that if he'd release another smar-ass remark, she'd personally make sure he drank the big pool dry. That sort of dampened his moods, I guess.

OK, the water amusement park was SUPER!! It was soo great, geesh all those racing tubes and waterfalls and fountains and everything.

OK back to the lockers – Well – we got dressed and everything, but Sir Integra kept complaining that bikinis were so skimpy there was no place left in them for weapons and ammo. Well, she's a warrior, I guess. I had to talk her out of leaving the hip gun-holster on though. Well, it would look suspicious wouldn't it? Besides, water would damage the gun and so on. Finally she agreed that she was being paranoid and she had Master with her after all, who was late for that fact. Luckily she dismissed me. Soon I saw a sight that stunned me – my master in a spring suit. And no ordinary one – his suit resembled one of those dominant in men fashion during 1920s, with horizontal black and white stripes. Frankly, he resembled a zebra mattress, however I wasn't the only stunned one. Sir Integra was speechless. When she asked where he'd gotten that monstrosity, he replied, he didn't want to humiliate himself, walking naked in public. Still we didn't get to know how he got that piece of clothing. Integra stated if "that"wasn't humiliating, then what on earth was. Mental note- Master and Sir Integra, among others, have general misunderstandings when it comes to tastes. Adam said that "uncle AL looks like a prisoner of Azcaban" and pushed them both into water.

You know, I newer knew Integra couldn't swim. I thought that she was a superwoman – capable of anything, but it just goes to show you that nobody's perfect. Anyways there were two screaming persons in the pool then – My Master and my Master's master. Well, I understood why Integra was screaming, she was a head shorter than Master and where he could stand calmly – she had to swim, and she couldn't. As Master informed me later – the chlorinated water burnt his eyes, and Sir Integra was splashing all the time. Well, I can't blame him. His eyes were bloodshot when he got out. Adam gave him his goggles. Master looked funny, you know – yellow goggles with mickey-mouse print. Luckily Adam had taken a floating ring with him, which Integra took gratefully. Not to mention Alucard grinned from ear to ear, seeing his helpless master. I bet he'll taunt her to no end about it. Although I don't know who looked sillier – my master in his swim-tights and goggles, or Sir Integra clutching an air bladder.

As for me, well, I had some general fun walking around with a legion of drooling men tailing after me. Well, it is fun, as long as they keep their hands to themselves, some didn't and got themselves a broken nose, the tail of fans shrunk, when Adam attacked me and dragged to the racing tubes, it disappeared completely. Oh praise the kid, they were becoming annoying.

OK OK THIS needs a separate chapter.

My master in the water amusement park.

1 – The tubes.

I never knew people could get stuck there, but on the other hand, Master isn't human. He blamed the silly gnomes who built those tubes to fit their size. He forgot to mention that he was taller than any average person. When the tube was clogged with some 5 humans + my master, Sir Integra allowed him to use his shadows and get out. I don't know what happened there, but he swore he would never go there again.

2 – The jacuzzi

Hm, well, all I can say my master knows how to lounge. Even with his ridiculous swimsuit he managed to get quite a crowd of female admirers. I got jealous, I ADMIT, all those silly women sighing every time he said something as if each his word was a discovery to them. Stupid girls, dammit, if only they knew how sexy he looked when massacring all those ghouls and chipped vampires. But I'm the only one who knows that, insert triumphant, evil laughter, yeah, they'd probably run away screaming if they knew. But, I'm afraid to admit I like that. OOOKKK this is far too much, I mean, I d curl up in a solarium if anyone, scratch that, my Master found this – he'd be the only one who would have the nerve to look through other peoples diaries.

3 – Integra is being taught to swim by Master.

Sir Integra was floating merrily on her inflatable raft, knowing nobody would bother her in the middle of the pool, that's where she was wrong. I didn't know Master could backstroke, anyways, he offered to teach her how to swim. She said he would be the last person besides the Nazis and Vatican agents whom she'd entrust her life. Not like she had a choice. Poor Sir Integra, master truly took advantage of them being in public. However her harassment had a positive effect, by the end of that day she could paddle on her own. I think I'd also be a fast to learn, if my only salvation (the inflatable raft) was snatched from beneath me, thus leaving me to deal with 7 ft of water beneath on my own.

4 – Cannonballs

Unlike his godmother, Adam felt like a fish in water. I had loads of fun with him – especially in the speed-slides, I wonder how he always managed to be faster than me. When I asked him, he said he was full of beans. I truly don't know whether to take it literally or not, I d better ask Walter, he's the one in charge of cooking. We stopped at a restaurant to get Adam something to eat, however we soon withdrew, when Sir Integra saw the way Master looked at ketchup, I was starting to feel hungry myself.

Anyways, it was a tiring day, sir Integra said it was the last time she went anywhere with Alucard, she almost fell asleep at the wheel, when Master offered to drive, she said something like "when two Sundays come together".

Adam fell asleep when we were heading home, it was well past dinner time, I'm quite tired myself. I wonder what Master and Adam are doing now, I remember them walking off together, saying something about tasks. Ooh I don't know, they've neen acting strange lately. Anyway I'm so sad, I got to know that Adam would be leaving us soon. I'll miss him, truly, all I can do is just hope he'll come once again.

Yawn, Ok it is a time when all good draculinas got some well-deserved beauty sleep.

This is it, I promise to uprate more often from now. You can sew me or hate me by all your heart, but I like experimenting with styles and I have become a bit different person so, cope with it or dont bother.