Hi all! Thank you for reading my story. Just to warn you: THERE IS NO NARUTO IN THIS FIRST CHAPTER. There will be a lot more Naruto in the second.

To clear things up, this story takes place after the series ends in Azumanga Diaoh. Thank you for your patience. Now enjoy!

Chiyo Miyahama, college freshman, was excited to be home for Summer vacation. She was seated at her old desk with a list of her friend's names lying near her hand; most of the names had check marks next to them. Her favorite pen was spinning between her fingers (she had mastered this trick on the plane trip home from America). A phone was resting in her other hand, ready for connection. Mr. Tadakichi, her big, fluffy, toilet paper white dog slept at her side while she rubbed his back with her foot.

"Now I just have to invite Tomo-chan and Kurosawa-sensei! Calling is so fun, calling is so fun!" Chiyo sang cheerfully to herself. She tapped Tomo's number into the phone and waited for the connection.

"I'M NOT BUYIN' ANYTHING FROM ANY DAMN TELEMARKETER!" Tomo screamed into the phone. Mr. Tadakichi jumped up and walked to the other side of the room.

"Tomo-chan, I'm not a telemarketer," Chiyo managed to whisper into the phone, still in shock. "This is Chiyo."

"Hey Chiyo-chan! How're ya!" Tomo exclaimed only slightly softer.

"I'm good. I was wondering if you wanted to visit my summer home for a few days," Chiyo said in a monotone.

"I'D LOVE TO!" Tomo shouted at an earsplitting volume.

"We're going to leave from my house at seven-thirty tomorrow morning," Chiyo muttered as her sanity pieced back together.

"Who's driving?" Tomo asked in a voice chipper enough to make hyper-active hamsters nervous.

"I was going to invite Kurosawa-sensei!"

"I'll invite Yukari-sensei too! Her driving rocks my socks!" Cut in Tomo. There was no response. "Chiyo?" She waited. "Chiyyyoo?" Tomo paused. "Oh well! See ya tomorrow!" She hung up.

Chiyo had fainted out of fear. Now that Yukari was coming, Chiyo knew that her hyper, active crazy, former teacher was going to insist on driving to save money. She awoke to her faithful Mr. Tadakichi licking her face. Glancing to her alarm clock, she saw that it was exactly five-twenty; she had just enough time to call Kurosawa.

After a much calmer conversation with Kurosawa, Chiyo was relieved to hear that there was a chance she would not be in the death trap car. She shuffled downstairs to make her dinner, and at seven she plopped the steaming rice down onto her delicately prepared plate and happily said, "Itadakimasu!" As she consumed her meal she thought of all the fun she would be having the next day at her summer home with her friends. This was going to be the first time they had reunited since graduating. She finished, took a bath in her ever-so-large bathroom, and skipped off to bed.

By seven the next day, Chiyo was completely prepared for the trip. She pulled her hair up into pigtails and walked outside to see Sakaki sitting in the shade of a tree, stroking Mr. Tadakichi. "Sakaki-san, how's college going for you?" Chiyo inquired.

"It's going well," Sakaki replied, keeping her eyes on Mr. Tadakichi. "How about you?"

"I'm still adapting to the culture in America," Chiyo replied cheerfully, "but it's fun!"

Tomo arrived next along with Kaorin and Osaka. They hadn't changed much from last year, except Tomo had dyed her hair lime green and Osaka had gained a few inches in height.

"Now my hair color reflects my hyper-active personality! Muh ha ha!" Tomo screamed to no one in particular.

"Chiyo-chan, I bet ya I'm talla then Miss Sakaki now," Osaka reported to Chiyo in her lazy Osakan drawl. "Stand, Miss Sakaki," Osaka commanded Sakaki. Sakaki sighed and stood up. They stood back-to-back. "Chiyo-chan, who's talla?" Osaka queried eagerly.

"Gomen Osaka-chan, Sakaki's still taller than you," Chiyo replied. Osaka only came up to Sakaki's shoulder. With no emotion, Sakaki sat down and resumed petting Mr. Tadakichi.

"Miss Sakaki, I'll beat ya next time!" Osaka stated with determination.

Yomi arrived next with Kagura and Kurosawa. Like everyone else, they hadn't changed much. Actually, they hadn't changed at all. They conversed happily while waiting for the last person. Then she came in her car. The screech of tires came closer and closer.

"Yukari is approaching," Kurosawa announced. Chiyo ran and hid behind the thickest tree in her yard. The gates burst open and the Yukari mobile emerged with a cloud of smoke following it. The so-called "car" came to an immediate stop in the middle of the well-manicured lawn.

"At least the brakes work," Yomi commented.

"Helllloooo!" Yukari leaped from her car, which started to smoke heavily. The college students began their game of rock paper scissors to see who would be stuck in the Yukari Mobile, except for Tomo, who was already sitting shot-gun in Yukari's car). Tomo was joined by Kagura and Chiyo. Chiyo, who had a just-saw-a-ghost-look on her face, had to be dragged into the backseat by Tomo.

The ride in Kurosawa's van was quiet, smooth, and enjoyable, and the ride in the Yukari mobile was the exact opposite. Looking at her driving skills, you would think Yukari had a death wish. In other words, the driving habits of the two adults were normal for themselves. Yukari's car stopped for the first time during the entire trip by slamming into a tree near Chiyo's summer home. Chiyo slipped involuntarily out of her seatbelt and slammed into the windshield, cracking it. Yukari pulled the unconscious Chiyo out of the car and dumped her onto the over-grown lawn. "Help me search her pockets!" Yukari yelled to Tomo.

"Yes, master!" Tomo replied.

Kagura was still in shock and sitting in the back seat. Yukari and Tomo found Chiyo's wallet (complete with U.S. money), lint, and a key. They competed by thumb-war over the wallet and used the key to let themselves in (Yukari had to carry Kagura inside). An hour later, Kurosawa and the rest of the group arrived. At this point we will leave this happy group of friends...