A single ribbon of sunlight lay on the cotton sheets and face of Hyuuga Neji. His brilliant white eyes--his own eyes--opened to greet the day. They fixed upon the blown up photo of Tenten in her bathing suit tacked on the ceiling. Soft and elegant words escaped his lips:

"Hellz yeah! I'm back!" He sat up quickly in his bed and punched the air. Something caught his eye and he turned to see it. Hinata was standing in his room, holding a shiny chainsaw. She looked a little disappointed.

"Get the hell out of my room, Main House Trash, before I jyuuken you to another dimension!" he cheered.

Hinata threw the chainsaw to the floor and stomped out of the room angrily. Neji threw on his jacket over his black t-shirt and pulled his shorts over his heart-print boxers. He grabbed his forehead protector from his bed stand and dashed out the window. He didn't stop until he reached the training grounds, where he found Lee and Gai.

"And then, there was this psychotic English teacher with constant road rage and we stayed at Chiyo's youthful mansion, and-- Hello, my youthful teammate!" Lee cheered as he saw Neji approach them.

Neji smiled to see that his teammate was back to his cheerful, hyperactive self.

"So, Neji, did you enjoy your youthful trip?" Gai asked.

"Why, yes, Gai-sensei! I absolutely loved being molested by an old pervert!" Neji replied sarcastically, referring to the event at Chiyo's summer home involving Jiraiya. Before he could beat both the living shit and crap out his teacher, Tenten entered the scene.

"Good morning everyone!" she greeted cheerfully.

"Lee! Tenten!" a voice called. The group turned to see an excited Sakura running towards them. "I arranged your date!" Neji, Lee, and Tenten froze. Tenten glanced nervously at Neji, and then Lee.

"How about an outing for the whole team?" Tenten suggested.

"Aw," Sakura moaned and kicked the ground. "Fine."

"See, Forehead Girl?" Ino said cheerfully, "Tenten likes Neji."

"She does not!" Sakura protested.

"Actually, I do," Tenten whispered to them.

"Ha, ha!" Ino cheered.

Sakura looked down in shame. She handed Tenten an envelope and then ten dollars. "Buy another ticket when you get there," she ordered. Sakura shuffled away to her training grounds to cheer herself up with Sasuke's presence.

Tenten opened the envelope. Inside were two tickets to the carnival, which happened to be conveniently in town. Team Gai cheerfully hooked arms, youthfully bid Ino goodbye, and skipped their merry way to the carnival, not seeing Tenten's blood-thirsty mother following them. As Ino waved goodbye to them, Choji approached her.

"Ino, Asuma-sensei wants us to meet at our training spot," he reported.

"What could he possibly want?" she asked.

When they arrived at their training grounds, Shikamaru was sitting at the base of a tree and Asuma was standing nearby, looking a little upset. "I've noticed that you've been disagreeing with each other lately."

Before she knew it, Ino found herself in the body of a girl with red hair gathered into a messy ponytail, a sleeveless shirt, short shorts, and suspenders. A boy with spiky black hair gasped as he looked down at his torso. "Since when was I this skinny?"

A small, yellow rodent with red cheeks addressed her in an annoyed tone: "Pikachu."

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