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A/N: I do own Crystal. My second fic, #?# means telepathic communication or premonitions. A strange one, a cross over of X-Men and Charmed. For those who don't know Charmed is a series of programs about three sisters who are witches and together make the power of three. And if you don't know what the X-Men are there is no hope for you. Set five months after my first X-Men story 'Riding the Tide', therefore ten months after X2, and A/U to X3. Set sometime during the Charmed series after defeating Cole as the Source. Enjoy! And please tell me what you think?



The fire alarm cut across the girls' laughter. The five girls looked up from where they lay on the huge double bed all laughter vanished from their young faces.

"Typical," one said flicking her blonde hair out of her face, "Just when I was getting comfortable."

"Sam! We'd better get out you guys," another said sitting up and brushing aside her white hair.

"Good idea Vertigo, come on guys, out of my room!" the youngest said shoving the other two upright before pulling herself up.

"Hey get off Crystal, you pulled my chain," another said straightening her brown ponytail.

"Chill Wolfsbane it'll be fine, " the last one said jumping up as Sam opened the door.

"I hope it isn't Blaze," Crystal said her face wrought with concern.

"Probably is knowing her," Sam said grumpily as they jogged down the corridor behind another group of students.

"Hey Sam, don't be like that!" Vertigo said, "How's your control Crystal?"

"It's better than before, but it's not brilliant," she replied remembering the time when she almost let Blaze drown.

They ran on then in silence reaching the stairs to the ground floor of the mansion where they lived. They had lost the other students who had caught the lift, a stupid thing to do in a fire. Sam and Wolfsbane leapt on to the first step launching themselves down with the grace of a pair of swans. Iona tried to leap but failed, landing in an awkward position and seemed to freeze for a moment before her ankle buckled underneath her. She fell face forward through the middle of Sam and Wolfsbane to land even more awkwardly on the bottom of the flight of stairs they were on.

"Iona!" all of them cried simultaneously.

"Are you ok? Can you move?" Vertigo asked.

"I can't move my ankle," Iona sobbed trying to sit up and failing.

"Come on we've got to get out of here, Wolfie can you?" Sam asked putting her hand on her friend's shoulder.

"I don't know. She is pretty small, I guess I could try," she replied before bending down into a crouching position. Within a few seconds a red/brown wolf replaced the young 14-year-old girl. Wolfsbane-as-wolf lay down as Sam and Vertigo placed Iona on her back Crystal steadying Wolfsbane as she stood up on all fours.

"Come on I'll go at the back incase the fire's behind us. We don't want Wolfie and Iona lost in the smoke or fire," Crystal said gently pushing Wolfsbane forward. Cautiously they walked down the stairs Sam and Vertigo in front.

Finally they reached the bottom just as the X-Men, and the girls' teachers known as Storm, Blaze and Logan appeared looking worried.

"Oh thank goodness you girls are alright!" Storm exclaimed when she saw them, "When you didn't come we feared the worst!"

"What happened?" Blaze asked spying Iona lain across Wolfsbane's back.

"She fell down th..." Crystal began but was quickly hushed by Blaze

"Later, Logan take the girls outside, quickly!" she said pulling Storm up the stairs.

"Come on girlies, lets take this one to Ilehana," Logan said lifting Iona from Wolfsbane's back. They ran out to the front lawn where the students were gathered. The Vixen stood to on side applying Savlon and plasters to various cuts on various students.

"I wish some of these kids would grow up, finally a real patient!" she said as Logan laid Iona on a small bench Ilehana Xavier was using as an examination table. "Get lost you lot you'll survive!" she snapped at a group of kids no older then Crystal. "Now then what have you been doing to yourself Iona?"

"She fell down the stairs when we were coming out because of the fire alarm, she said she couldn't move her ankle, then she passed out," Vertigo said.

"I'm not surprised this ankle almost completely shattered," Ilehana said examining the injured limb with great care. The girls looked at each other balefully. This was turning out to be one dramatic day!