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Summary: Erik is stuck babysitting Christine and Raoul's two children for the weekend. Erik thinks it will be easy, but when many things go wrong, how will Erik handle it?

- - - - - - - -

(Just to let you all know, this story takes place in the lovely state of Michigan!)

Erik chomped on some Doritos as he watched his favorite TV show, Spongebob Squarepants. He was being lazy today, not wanting to do anything but sit on the couch and watch TV. Actually, today was his new record. He had gotten up at 8:15 in the morning to start watching cartoons, and now it was 4:30 in the afternoon. He only got up to get more chips and go to the bathroom.

All of a sudden, as Erik was about to stuff another Dorito into his mouth, the phone rang.

He groaned. "Who in their right mind could possibly think of interrupting me while I am watching Spongebob Squarepants?"

He leaned over to try and grab the phone on the coffe table in front of him, but he would have to get up to grab it. He couldn't possibly do that. Whoever was calling him would have to wait. Besides, it was probably a crazy phangirl who had found out his phone number.

He heard his voice on the answering machine say, "I am not at the phone right now, so stop calling me! Leave a message after the Beep-a-Deep-Deepa-Beep." He chuckled. That was his favorite one so far.

He waited for the person on the other line to give him a message. Instead, he heard a baby crying in the background and the squealing of a little girl. He then heard a woman's voice say, "Stop it!"

He knew that voice. It was Christine! Erik quickly got off his lazy butt and grabbed the phone. "Christine? Ah, how very nice of you to call me..."

"Erik, please," She sighed. "I have something to ask you. Raoul and I are going out of town for the weekend. Do you think you could watch the kids?"

Erik sighed. He was hoping that Christine would say something like, 'Erik, I want to come back with you. Save me from Raoul!' But sadly, that wasn't what she was asking. Erik knew that Christine had two children, but he never saw them before.

"Alright, alright. On one condition." He said, smiling to himself.

"And what would that be?"

"Gimmie a kiss!"


He jumped. "What? All I want is a kiss!"

"Erik, please, this is serious." She grunted. "Nobody can watch the kids. Meg and her mother are out of town, Nadir is at a golf trip, and you're the only one left. Please, I'm begging you!"

"Alright, alright, fine. When will you drop them off?"

"Tomorrow, on Friday. We'll be back late Sunday night."

"Okay. Oh yes, and what are your children like?" He asked. He didn't really like asking this question, because he always dreamed that him and Christine would have children together. But maybe it wouldn't be so bad.

"Oh yes, I almost forgot to tell you. Lauren is four years old, and Lotte is two. You won't need to worry about supplies, we'll bring everything over."

"Alrighty then. Is there um, anything I need to know about them?"

"Hmm, yes. Lauren likes to explore things, which means she can get lost very easily. So keep an eye on her if you are going out somewhere. And Lotte always likes to be by Raoul and I, so when we drop them off it might be hard prying her off me. Oh yes, and I almost forgot to ask, can you get a bed set up for them?"


"Oh yes, and Erik?"


"Is your house a mess?"

Erik gulped and looked around his house. Dirty clothes all over the place, chips on the floor, smelled like a dead cat. Yes, it was messy.

"Um, no." He said nervously.

"Oh Erik, I know that voice. If you could, can you please clean your house? And make sure it doesn't smell like dead cat when I bring them over! They love cats and if they smell that, well, then they won't be very happy. Do you still have Ayesha?"


"Great, they'll probably want to play with her. Please, Erik, you've got to clean your house."

"Why? They'll just make it a mess anyway!"

"Oh Erik!"

"Fine, I'll clean it."

"Thanks. You better start now, because I just know how messy it is. I'll call you tomorrow before I drop them off. And please answer your phone next time!"

"Ugh, fine."

"Goodbye." And then she hung up the phone, leaving Erik to clean his large messy house by himself.

He hung up the phone and sat back on his couch for a little while, really not wanting to get up again. But if he must clean his house to impress Christine, then he must do it. Erik got up very slowly from his spot at the couch, afraid if he got up quickly he might snap his back or something.

Firstly, Erik cleaned the living room, the room which he was in. He picked up all the large chips that were on the floor and threw them away. Next, he vaccumed and folded up all the blankets and put all of his dirty clothes in the basket in his room.

Next was the kitchen, the most difficult room of all. Spilt milk and water on the floor, food from last night on the table, cups and dishes from a few weeks ago on the counter, and it smelled like dead fish in here, not cat.

Erik first got a mop and cleaned up all the milk and water. He then swept all the food crumbs and dropped them into the trash can. Now, he had to do the dishes, and he absolutley hated doing dishes. So he groaned and grabbed one plate, splashing water on it and then putting it in the dishwasher. He did this to the rest of the plates, cups, and silverware. It took him almost ten minutes to complete.

Then he cleaned upstairs. He made a room for Lauren and Lotte and sprayed some Glade Hawaiian Breeze spray all around the room. He did this also with the rest of the house.

At 7:00 p.m., Erik had cleaned his whole house. After he looked around, he finally figured out that a clean house was much better then a dirty house. Thinking that he needed to call Christine, he picked up the phone and dialed her number.

The phone rang three times before someone answered. It was Raoul, that fop.

"Hello?" He asked.

Erik disguised his voice as a lady and asked, "Yes, hello. Is Christine there?"

"Yeah, hold on." Raoul called out 'Christine!' and a few seconds later Christine picked up the phone.

"Who is it?" Erik could hear her whisper to Raoul.

"It's a lady." Raoul whispered back.

"Hello?" Christine asked in the phone.

Erik used his normal voice now. "It's Erik."

"Hold on," Christine said. "Raoul!" She whispered harshly, "How dare you call Erik a lady!"

"What? No! A lady answered, I swear! Hey, he tricked me!"

Erik chuckled and waited for their argument to stop. Christine said to Erik, "I'm sorry about that, Erik. So, what do you need?"

"I finished cleaning the house," He said, relieved. "I was just wondering, what do they like to eat?"

"Well, they both love pizza, but try not to get it for them. I'm trying to get them to eat a little more healthy. Do you have anything except junk food, Erik?"

"No," He admitted. "But I can go to the store tomorrow."

"Great. Lotte loves bananas, and Lauren adores oranges. So see if you can get those for them. Their favorite snack is animal crackers, but don't worry, I'll bring those over. If they are ever hungry, be sure to give them a healthy snack, okay? No chocolate or any of that stuff."

"Got it." Erik said. He was pretty sure that soon he would need a piece of paper and pen to write down all that Christine was saying. He probably wouldn't remember anything.

"And Lotte isn't very good at dressing herself every morning, so you'll need to help her. Lauren isn't that good either, so you'll have to help her out too. Lauren is potty training, so make sure she doesn't use the diapers I am going to bring. These are only for emergencies. Lotte wears diapers, so you'll have to put those on her, alright?"

Oh God, Erik thought to himself. He thought this stuff would be easy! He's never changed a diaper in his life.

"Yeah, sure, piece of cake." He gulped.

"Oh Erik, you really are an angel. I'm so happy that you agreed to watching the kids."

"It's not a problem." He muttered.

"Thanks again. I have to go now, buh bye."

"Yeah, bye." Then he hung up the phone. Tomorrow would be a long day.

- - - - - - - - -

Erik woke up at 11:45 in the morning. He usually slept in this late. He groaned, knowing that today would be the day that Lauren and Lotte were to come over. Sighing, he got out of bed and made it, making sure that every room in the house would look good.

He went downstairs with his red pajamas on. These were his favorite. They had white masks all over them, and pictures of monkey faces on them. Even though he wasn't very good at sewing, he made them himself. It was difficult, but he got Christine to help him out.

Erik poured a bowl of Cocoa Puffs and munched it all away like an animal. Then, when he was finished with his bowl, he cleaned it out and put it in the dishwasher.

Erik then went upstairs and took a long hot shower. When he was finished he got out and wrapped a towel around his waist. He walked over to his closet and wondered what he would wear today.

He observed all the clothes in his closet. Black, black, black, purple, black, black, and black. Ooh, here was some red! And over there was a white shirt...

Erik didn't want to scare the kids by wearing all black, but he shrugged anyway and put on a white shirt and black pants, including a black over coat. He looked like Gerard Butler in the Music of the Night scene, on the 2004 DVD of The Phantom of the Opera. Oh, how he loved that movie. Well, of course he did! It was based off him.

As Erik was walking downstairs, he spotted Ayesha snoozing on the couch. He went over to her and pet her furry little self. After a few moments, the phone rang.

Erik walked up to it and picked it up. "Hello?"

"Yes, Erik? It's Christine. We're bringing the kids over right now."

"Now?" He asked, completey shocked. He forgot to go grocery shopping!

"Yes, is that a okay?"

"Um, yes, that's fine..."

"Great, because we are turning on your street right now. I'm on my cell phone, and...we're here!"

Erik looked out his large living room window and saw the red car pull in his driveway. He gulped and hung up the phone, knowing that Christine had already done so. Now, he was really very nervous.

He saw that a little girl was in Raoul's arms, her arms wrapped around his neck. He was carrying a little bag that said 'The Muppets' on it, and there was a picture of Kermit the Frog. He knew that little one must have been Lotte.

Christine was holding another little girl's hand, and he knew that must have been Lauren. She was holding a bag in her hand that also said 'The Muppets' only with a picture of Miss Piggy on it. Christine was holding a rather large white bag in her hands.

The doorbell rang. Erik's heart was beating very quickly. What if the girls didn't like him? What if they thought he was scary? Would they scream and run away? Would they be afraid of his mask? Erik reached out towards the doorknob and slowly opened the door.

"Hello Erik," Christine smiled at him. "This is Lauren," She gestured towards Lauren, who was hiding behind her mother's skirt. "And that's Lotte," She nodded towards the little girl in Raoul's arms.

Lotte had long golden hair, and she was quite pale, just like her mother. Her eyes were a deep blue and she was wearing a pink shirt and blue shorts. Erik noticed that Lauren had dark brown hair and green eyes. She was wearing a green shirt and blue shorts. She too, was quite pale.

Christine handed Erik the white bag she was holding. "In there are Lotte's diapers. I also put some animal crackers in there, for their snack if they want it. I also brought their bathing suits and floaties, just in case you allow them to go in your pool. And all of their clothes are in their Muppet bags," She grabbed Lauren and Lotte's Muppet bags and handed them to Erik also. "There is also Lotte's sippy cup, their Barney movies, their Carebears, and - "

"Alright!" Erik cried. "I've got it, I've got it! Don't hurt yourself."

Christine blushed and picked up Lauren, who was still hiding behind her mother's skirt. "Say hello to Erik, Lauren."

"Hewoo," She said shyly, and dug her face in her mother's neck.

"They're both very shy." She assured him. "Lotte, will you say hello to Erik?"

She didn't move.

"Now, she is extremely shy." Christine told him very seriously. "Lotte, will you please say hi to Erik?"

Lotte slowly turned her head around and smiled shyly. When Erik smiled back, she giggled and dug her face back in Raoul's neck.

"Alright sweethearts, we have to go now," Raoul said. Raoul set Lotte down, but when he did, she squealed and extended her arms, as if she wanted her father to hold her again. Raoul kissed her forehead and whispered something in her ear.

Christine set Lauren down and when she did, Lauren didn't squeal at all. She said to Christine,


Christine smiled at her daughter and kissed her cheek. "Mommy and Daddy will be back on Sunday, okay? Now, have fun, and I expect to have a good report from Erik when I get back."

"Oh tay," Lauren said. "Daddy!"

Raoul picked up his four year old and kissed her cheek, and Christine did the same with Lotte.

"Goodbye, sweeties!" Christine called out. Raoul and Christine walked back to the car, and before they left, Christine gave Erik a reassuring thumb's up and they drove away. Erik smiled nervously.

Erik was about to tell the girls to come in, but when he didn't see them on the doorstep and instead he heard their squeals behind him, he shut the front door.

"Lauren? Lotte? Where are you?" He called out. He heard their girlish giggles come from in the living room, so he stepped inside.

Lauren and Lotte were petting Ayesha, who was now awake and was purring, happy with all the attention she was getting.

"Pwitty kitty," Lotte said, petting Ayesha's belly.

"Vewy pwitty," Lauren agreed.

Erik set down the three bags that he was carrying and walked over to them. "That's Ayesha," He said, nodding towards his cat.

"Eisha!" Lauren repeated, petting the cat's soft head.

"Eisha! Eisha! Eisha!" Lotte repeated.

Erik smiled at the two little girls, who were very much enjoying Ayesha. Thinking they would be alright down here for a moment or two, he went upstairs and set down the bags in their room.

But as he was walking downstairs, he couldn't hear their giggles. Erik quickly darted for the couch and noticed that they weren't there, neither was Ayesha.

"Oh shit," Erik said worriedly. Where could they have gone to? Erik remembered that Christine said Lauren might get lost easily, but where in the world would Lotte be? He stayed very quiet, hoping that he might hear their giggles, and eventually he did.

Their giggles sounded like they were coming from outside. Erik quickly ran to the sun room and looked out the window. There, outside, was Ayesha, Lauren and Lotte. Ayesha must have gotten outside from her little cat door that Erik made for her. He quickly opened the door and scolded himself, for he left it unlocked.

Luckily, they weren't by the pool. Erik had a big backyard, and the gate to the pool area was locked. Lotte and Lauren were chasing Ayesha around in the backyard. Thinking that they could stay outside for a while, Erik sat down in one of his lawn chairs and watched the little girls run around.

Lauren ran towards the fence and looked at the pool on the other side of the backyard. Lotte ran next to her and they watched the pool in amazement.

Lauren and Lotte ran up to Erik after a few moments, completely forgetting about Ayesha. Once they reached Erik, Lotte smiled shyly and hid behind her sister.

"Ewik?" Lauren asked.


"Can we go swim?"

Erik thought about this for a moment. Christine had brought their bathing suits and their floaties, but he still was afraid of them going in the pool. If they went in, he would have to go with them.

"Of course," He said. "I'll show you your room and you can get changed in there."

Erik got up and before he could start walking, Lauren grabbed his hand and Lotte grabbed her sister's. He looked down at their adorable faces, and Lauren was smiling at him, as Lotte was smiling shyly. He felt happy, that these little girls weren't afraid of him. Maybe this weekend wouldn't be so bad after all?