0On a dark gloomy night, a monster stalked the shadows of New York City Zoo. The animals of the zoo were fast asleep. Except for one- quiet, lonely and sad. For today he had been parted from his friend for the night to get his flu jabs. Phil lay quietly on his perch. When a humungous shadow loomed over him. Phil sat up. He slowly turned around to see the masive jaws of a lioness...

The next morning Gloria woke from her watery bed to find quite a commotiion.

"Melman, what is going on?"

"Oh, well, I woke from my coma a couple of hours ago and..."

"They've taken Alex!" cried Marty from his pen. "Phil got eaten by a lion and they think it was Alex"

"Alex?" said Gloria, a little confused " Alex can't have done that! I thought he got out of his bad eating habit!"

"What eating habit?" a feminine voice joined the conversation. The zoosters turned to see Yasmin, the lioness who had arrived yesterday. "And where's Alex? He wasn't in our pen this morning..."

"You know Phil, the monkey?" said Melman.
"Yeah. The wierdo who can't talk. What happened to him?"
"He got eaten by a lion. They think it was Alex." Gloria told the lioness.

"Hey Yasmin, you got something on your tooth." Marty pointed at a small red stain on Yasmin's front teeth. The lioness hastily licked it off, but Marty's suspicions were aroused. Yasmin wasn't a messy eater- he'd seen the lioness eat her steak last night. And she was very clean too, so why would a red stain be on her teeth?

The big clock chimed. Old Folks Day had begun. This did not mean a whole of old people everywhere in the zoo but old folks get in for free Most of the other animals had heard about Phil and were so sorry for Charles (his darling companion) but what was more sad is Alex. Marty, Melman and Gloria had thought Alex got out of that. They were obiously mistaken. Then near 10 o' clock, when Alex normally performed his first show. They heard the micro-phone turn on!

"Presenting for her second show" said the voice "the latest addition to the zoo! The Queen of New York- Yasmin the lioness!"

A huge cheer came from the crowd. As the lioness came to her podium (or to be more precise, Alex's podium). She gave a feminine purr as she posed for the crowd. Marty's suspicoins were as high as ever. Gloria and Melman didn't agree with him, but he could not be swayed.

Alex sat boxed up in a crate. He was angry, tired and depressed. He wished he was back at the zoo with his fellow zoosters. He was at the docks about to be taken away forever. Suddenly, he felt the crate being slowly lifted up onto the boat. Alex started to do what he had never done before. Cry. He wept buckets untill he heard a sudden thump of the crate bumping itself on the boat. He looked out of a small crack in the box. Surounded by boxes and crates he had never felt so alone. He cried for a whole hour. Then he heard a voice.

"Boys" said a voice from the crate above "It's time to put our plan into action!" The voice was familiar. It was Skipper

Alex heard a sound from above. He laid on his back a looked upwards. Someone was drilling into his crate from above. As the sound got louder a small hole appered. It got bigger and bigger until... crack! The box split and Skipper was staring down into it.

"You- psychotic lion. Are you OK?" he barked.

"Erm, yeah."

"Then let's blow this dump!"

"Do you always act like that?"


"Oh. Right."

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