When Destinies Collide

A side story to How to Steal a Thief's Heart

By: Ash Kaiba (With help from Katie Mae)

DISCLAIMER! We don't own any of the characters/term(s) from the Yu-Gi-Oh show and games. We do own any characters not from the show (which is a LOT!). Plus, we don't own Kaiba Corp.

Ash Kaiba: Howdy! I'm this "little" story's author. Anyway, you can call me Ash Kaiba, but I AM A GIRL! I'm a tomboy, really. I've heard a lot of people do Yugi and that's fine! The thing is that I fancy Seto Kaiba, the man who started the entire (American) series. His dragons are awesome and powerful. If I like the Kaiba Corp. president, then it should be no surprise that my favorite monster is the Blue-Eyes White Dragon. Well, hope you like this. Most of it is MY knowledge about Seto. Bye! So that you know, some of Seto's heritage is made up. Plus, if you see something like this (d--!), Joey or Seto is being a potty mouth. Believe me; I've seen Kaiba say some bad words that must be censored in this story (from the manga of course).

Katie Mae: Hey everyone! I'm the one with the fanfic experience, so I'm just here to give Ash K. some pointers and act as her beta-reader. However, I did create all of the Takemura family.

Ash Kaiba: And Bakura's crush on Kathryn.

Katie Mae: I must mention that one of the main inspirations for this story was the film The Master of Disguise featuring Dana Carvey. However, what started out as a simple idea (What would happen if Kaiba got a personal assistant?) quickly grew into a story of epic proportions, spanning millennia in time, from Ancient Egypt to modern Domino City.

Ash Kaiba: You can say that again! I've always wonder about that. He does need one, what with how busy he is on the streets of Domino.

Katie Mae: Exactly!

Ash Kaiba: THAT'S MY LINE! I'M GOING TO DIE IF YOU SAY THAT AGAIN! No, wait; unless I get you first.

Katie Mae: AHHHHH! (Runs offstage, Ash Kaiba chasing closely behind)

Ash Kaiba (yelling offstage): Onward with the reading! Geordi, warp 9 please.

Note: If someone is mentioned as being a certain number of "floods", that indicates their age. In Egypt, time was measured by the flooding of the Nile River, which occurred at the same time every year and designated planting and harvest for the ancient Egyptians.

Note from the author: The Duels in this story are based on the Traditional Format of the Yu-Gi-Oh TCG. I LOVE RAIGEKI! WHY WAS IT BANNED!

P.S. To Japanese readers: This fanfic takes place after 'Waking the Dragons'. I know it should be after 'Dawn of the Duel', but we Americans have not seen KC Grand Prix or the complete season of 'Dawn of the Duel' yet. Thank you.

Characters: Main

Seto Kaiba is a 17 year-old student at Domino High School (in the beginning.) At the same time, he runs a gaming company called Kaiba Corporation (Kaiba Corp, for short) and supports his little brother, Mokuba. Out of all the duelists in the world, Seto Kaiba is one of the best, not to mention he's the most aloof (distant). The only duelist he would turn to (and grudgingly at that) is Yugi Mutou. Ever since he hosted the Battle City Tournament, his little encounter with Anubis (from Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie), and the Seal of Orichalcos, Seto has been exhausted beyond what his body is used to. He is mostly referred to or addressed by his last name. Seto Kaiba has never resembled his parents because of a strange destiny that started in his past. Seto doesn't believe in hocus-pocus or love, but soon finds himself on a quest for his ancient girlfriend. He finds himself very protective of Ash and hates breathing the same air as Pegasus.

Mokuba Kaiba is Seto's little brother and the Game Commissioner at Kaiba Corp. He works hard to keep his brother from falling victim to any new evil like he did with Dartz. Desperate to help his brother; he tries to find a personal assistant to help him. He got a chance to hear of Ash from his new friend, Mae. Then, he fails to keep the personal assistant a secret. Little does Mokuba know that his brother is fighting shadows from the Shadow Realm. Plus, he doesn't know of his brother's ancient sweetheart. He is 13 years old. However, with his brother, Mokuba gains special powers.

Ashley "Ash" Nikki Black is a top American duelist and has some knowledge of computers under her belt. She has a big heart and wants to help everyone, even the most stubborn people. However, she has a tomboy attitude. Ash seems rough around the edges, but her heart stays true. Ash is a 16-year-old girl and now attends Domino High School because her military dad was stationed in the area. Even though Domino students can't have after school jobs, Ash has managed to be excused because of her father's rank and family support. Her mother died when she was very young. Plus, her father's income can't support her and her little sister, Mae. Ash is competitive when it comes to games, like Duel Monsters, and sports. Not only is Ash good at Duel Monsters, she has also learned martial arts and is a born fighter, willing to jump into any fight without thinking. Plus, she has a strange "connection" to Yugi and Kaiba's ancient past.

Yugi Mutou is a senior in Kaiba's class. He defeated the Duel Monster Champ with the five-card combo, Exodia. Plus, he solved the mysterious Millennium Puzzle. He defeated Pegasus in Duelist Kingdom and Marik Ishtar in Battle City. He is a good friend of Ash. Yugi can occasionally be seen playing Duel Monsters with her. Strangely, Kaiba trusted him with his secret. Now, he must not tell his friends.

Yami Yugi is Yugi's alter ego. He helped Yugi win at Duelist Kingdom and Battle City. Then, he defeated Dartz with the Legendary Knights after losing Kaiba to the Orichalcos. He was an Egyptian Pharaoh that saved the world 5,000 years ago. Yami was also Seth's cousin in Egypt. Now, he is in Yugi's gang and has helped Kaiba numerous times. This time, he is trying to save the world from an evil inside his friend.

Heishin is Seto's past teacher. This sneak was sent to the Shadow Realm after he attacked the palace. He wants to get Seto back on his side, but…why? What is he really planning?

Characters: Secondary

Téa Gardner is a friend of Yugi. She cheers on her friends in any situation. She gave Yugi courage to save the souls of his grandpa, the Kaiba brothers, and to beat Marik. Later on, she keeps Ash's secret and uncertainty. Téa, afraid of what may happen, can't decide whether or not if she should tell Yugi.

Joey Wheeler is another duelist and Yugi's best friend. He and Ash became fast friends, and occasionally fights her. However, Ash wins with new moves every time. Kaiba often calls Joey 'monkey' or 'mutt'. Later, Kaiba calls Joey 'genius.' Also he fought against Kaiba in Duelist Kingdom and lost. For that reason, he hates the CEO. But now, he gets suspicious of Kaiba meeting Yugi and tries to make fun of him (Kaiba) whenever he can. Once he learns the truth of Kaiba's behavior, Joey becomes one of Kaiba's most loyal friends. He has a street background like Ash. Also like her, Joey possesses a heart of gold. He gains some powers of Horus, god of the king, thanks to his ka, the Red-Eyes Black Dragon.

Tristan Taylor is Joey's best friend since middle school. He traveled with Yugi and Joey to Duel Kingdom. Yugi played with Pegasus, in which he rescued the soulless Mokuba. During Battle City, he visits Joey's sister, Serenity. Being around her allowed him to develop a soft side for her, but so did Duke. That causes rivalry with the two. He lost a virtual body in Noah's virtual reality system to Nezbitt by defending Serenity. He also fights Ash, but in Duel Monsters. Tristan is a member of the Horus Trio.

Captain Ned Black is Ash's father and an U.S. Navy captain. Captain Black grew up in Ireland, the land of the Celts. He is proud of his bloodline, which is said to include the king of legend, King Arthur. The captain married an Egyptian woman named Kamilah, whom is from the line of the Paladin of the Blue-Eyes White Dragon. The Dale family still waits for the Paladin's return, not knowing she is already among them. They also live on the same land that the Paladin died on in combat. Kanika, even though she is a goddess, casted a spell that made her mortal and her future-self the goddess. However, Kamilah met an awful fate, leaving her husband and children to fend for their selves. The Paladin is said to be the daughter of Isis.

Mae Black is an 11-year-old (on her way to be 12) military brat and drives her sister crazy. She met Mokuba at the park one day while her sister was kicking butt in Duel Monsters. Mae persuaded Ash to apply for the position at Kaiba Corp. Mainly, because of her job at the Kame Game Shop wasn't covering the family. After days of endless reminders, Ash finally agreed with her sister, Miss Pain in the Butt. However, Mae does not quite realize that her sister is something in the making.

Simon Muran is a doctor at Domino Hospital. He grew in Egypt and therefore believes the legends of the Keeper and the Paladin of the Blue-Eyes White Dragon. He was assigned to Kaiba's case, not knowing about the chain of events that would follow, changing his life forever. He is also Ash's physician.

Solomon Mutou is Yugi's grandpa and a Duel Monsters expert. He also owns the Turtle Game Shop. He taught Yugi to play Duel Monsters and to believe in the Heart of the Cards. Solomon is impressed with Ash's skill and the bond between her and her cards. He also has some sort of tie to Pharaoh Atemu's court.

Bakura Ryou is a transfer student and in Yugi's high school class. He owns the Millennium Ring, which kinda takes control of him whatever 'he' wants. Bakura meets Ash by not paying any attention to where he is going. He is in love with Kathryn Takemura.

Yami Bakura is the King of Thieves and the Spirit of the Millennium Ring. During Duelist Kingdom, he had planned on having Mokuba for a host. However, Yami won and Mokuba's soul was saved. He has a connection to Kathryn's past in Egypt. Bakura was the only survivor of the village of thieves, Kul Elna. Therefore, he had a big grudge against Priest Akhenaden, who he had made his pawn. After he loses her, he joins the Paladin on a quest for revenge on Heishin. Yami Bakura also had involvement in Yami and Seto's past. Plus, he sees Akhenaden in Kaiba and has a grudge against him as the result.

Kathryn Takemura is the niece of Michael Takemura, who runs Games Unlimited. She is in Ash's class and likes Bakura. Not to mention she is one of Ash's close friends and her tutor for Japanese Customs class. Her parents are archaeologists and don't know that their daughter has a connection to Ancient Egypt. At one point, her cousin Kenichi (Ken for short) comes from England to visit. He is both insanely protective of his cousin and a class act Casanova. He hits on Ash just as many times as Kathryn hits him in the head for hitting on her (mainly with a frying pan).

Maximillian Pegasus is the creator of Duel Monsters, head of Industrial Illusions, an artist, and an archaeologist. He didn't know that the artifacts he found might change the world. He is in search of the "missing" artifact that may help him solve the 'Son of Ra' mystery. He is a close friend of the Takemura family, and Kathryn calls him "Uncle Max." Pegasus wants to get along with Kaiba, but because the two companies are in close combat in the stocks, it is not going to happen…as of right now. Pegasus, because of his knowledge on Egypt, becomes a priest of Thoth.

Duke Devlin is one of Pegasus's employees. He invented the game Dungeon Dice Monsters. Plus, his idol is Pegasus. Duke saved Tristan and Serenity from some Rare Hunters in Battle City. He also has a crush for Serenity. Duke gets drew it the conflict on his first back to Domino City. Like Joey and Tristan, Duke also is given special powers and joins the Horus Trio.

Shadi is the guardian of the Millennium Items. He owns the Millennium Key and Scales. Shadi has sworn an eternal allegiance to Yami and little Yugi. Now, he tests Ash in the 'Path of the Serpent,' the same tests that the Paladin took 5,000 years ago. Shadi also seeks out Kaiba to train him with his divine power. With Yami, he gives the Millennium Rod back to its ancient holder.

Characters: Warriors, Priests, Squire, and Knight

Ishizu Ishtar is the museum's Egyptian expert. She has given advice to Seto Kaiba and Yugi Mutou. Ishizu is the exact reason why Kaiba started the Battle City tournament. She even gave him an Egyptian god card called Obelisk the Tormentor. Now, she has given Ash courage and determination to face her destiny. Ishizu has a strange aura around her.

Marik Ishtar is the brother of Ishizu and has knowledge of the Ancient Scriptures. Marik once possessed the Millennium Rod, which was held by Kaiba in Ancient Egypt. Wanting to help his sister, Marik gains powers of the dark element.

Odion Ishtar is an adopted brother of Ishizu and Marik. He was temporary unconscious during the finals because he couldn't use an Egyptian God Card and summoned a fake The Winged Dragon of Ra. Now, he fights with Marik under the Insignia of the Tomb Keeper clan.

Kanika is the name that is often heard in the story. She has the special ability to summon dragons and use their attacks as her own. Her power can flow through any weapon, making it an attack of her own. After Kisara (Seth's first girlfriend), she fought to defend him and Pharaoh Atemu. After losing Seth to Heishin, Kanika joins up with the King of Thieves (Yami Bakura) on a quest for revenge.

Seth is the son of Nakia and Priest Akhenaden. He was protected by the Blue-Eyes after his father drained his fancied girl, Kisara. Yami and Seth are cousins. He is also a member of Pharaoh Atemu's (Yami) court. Like Kanika, he too can summon dragons. He lost his sanity after Heishin inserted the darkness that now dwells in Kaiba (a modern time Seth).

Seth Note: Seth is another name for Set and Seto. Since you are having glimpses of the past, I chose to use this name to prevent confusion between Seto Kaiba and Priest Seto (this character's actual name, see Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium World.)

Rafaelonce held the Seal of Orichalcos. He was once mad at the Pharaoh and desired revenge on him. He has a close relationship with his cards, which are mostly Guardians. Rafael lost his family in a storm when he was young. Dartz created the storm. He saw how Rafael mastered Duel Monsters in his youth. Now because of his relationship with his cards, Rafael gains spiritual powers of Ma'at.

Valon was dumped off at a stranded island by a detention center. He was given a deck equipped with a Seal of Orichalcos. After Mai joined the crew, Valon started to have a crush on her. That gave him problems with Joey. His fighting attitude has helped Alister and Rafael. He is on his way to becoming a Knight of Osiris.

Alister has a big grudge against the Kaiba brothers, mainly Seto. In the past, Kaiba Corp. sold weapons to armies. Alister's homeland was in war. In it, he had lost both his mother and little brother. Later, he disguised himself as Pegasus and challenged Kaiba to a duel. Kaiba was blessed with Critias, a Legendary Dragon. However, that match ended as a stalemate. He tried again by hijacking Kaiba's plane. This time they dueled on top of it with Kaiba's employees watching over the plane. (They were also trying to rescue the brothers, much to Alister's dismay.) Alister lost his soul. Before he did, Kaiba told him the truth that he (Alister) was mad that he had lost his brother and he couldn't do anything to stop it from happening. Kaiba, on the other hand, was willing to risk anything to protect Mokuba, including his life. Alister finds his partner to be Noah, because his element is fire and he (Alister) is a Warrior of Anubis.

Mai Valentine is the crush of Joey Wheeler. She first fought him in Duelist Kingdom. She made it to the finals and faced Yami Yugi. Then, she entered Battle City. Mai made it to the finals again, but she couldn't make it to the semifinals. The reason is that she had lost to Yami Marik in a Shadow Game. After Yami won, she had a feeling that she was weak. She met Valon and joined Dartz's crew. She sealed away Joey and Pegasus's soul. Eventually, she lost hers to Rafael, who lost his due to his anger. Mai now joins the gods and her element is wind. Mai is the Warrior of Nut.

Noah Kaiba is the stepbrother of Seto and Mokuba Kaiba. He was Gozaburo's only son. Noah lost his body in a car accident. Desperate, Gozaburo constructs a virtual reality for his son. Noah is angered with Kaiba approaching Kaiba Corp Island. Noah changes the course of the aircraft to the base. He challenges them to fight the Big Five over their bodies. He had them believe that their bodies were with them, until Yami Yugi defeated him. With Kaiba's help, the gang realized that Noah had knocked them out and their bodies were in pods. With Mokuba's body, he set the self-destruct system. Realizing his mistake, Noah guided the gang to the real exit. He also constructed one for Yugi and Kaiba. Then, he returned back to the virtual world.

Characters: Egyptian Deities

Ra is the supreme Egyptian god who walked the sands of Egypt, searching for a sorcerer with a pure heart. He found Nakia and Priest Akhenaden with their son. Ra chose him and his name for the right age Light, but also gave him a sacred name of Dragon's Keeper. Then, he laid out Seto's destiny with the Blue-Eyes White Dragon, which protects him today.

Isis is the mother of the Paladin. She married a soldier of the Pharaoh and bared a child. Then, she left him for Osiris, her husband that is a god. Isis left a garnet pendant with a sword and dragon on it with Nakia for her son, the Chosen One of Ra. Her daughter fell in love with Ra's chosen. She too laid her daughter's fate with the Blue-Eyes White Dragon.

Characters? (This means you guess)

Gozaburo Kaiba is Noah's father and Kaiba's step daddy. He owned Kaiba Corp. when it made weapons of war. Much to his dismay, Seto took it over at the age of twelve. Now, he was even revived, but by the enemy. He lives with his family. However, he can't convince Noah that he is good. What is this guy hiding?

The Big Five were Kaiba Corp.'s top executives. Fearing the words 'You're fired,' they teamed up with Pegasus in Duelist Kingdom. Then, they trapped Kaiba in his own virtual reality game. With Noah, they wanted out of the virtual prison that Kaiba trapped them in. Like Gozaburo, they too were brought back. Their mission is to capture Ra's Chosen. Their names are Gansley, Crump, Johnson, Nezbitt, and Leichter.


Shadow Realm is the place where the losers of the Shadow Games go. In this battle, Seto Kaiba must make a quest that may lead him into this dark place. In the past, the main villain sent part of Kaiba's mind to the Shadow Realm.

Duel Monsters is the collectible card game created by Maximillian Pegasus. This game is made up of monster, trap, and spell cards. One match is called a Duel. The people who play are known as duelists. The monster cards have a section for their stars, which show what level it is.

"Shades," is Ash's little word that she says when she is about to say a bad word.

Path of the Serpent is the test that the Paladin took after abandoning Heishin's class at the Dark Shrine. It is a series of grueling tests, during which the test-takers often lose their lives. Only one person has ever survived.

The Egyptian God Cards are the strongest monsters out there. There are three of there; The Winged Dragon of Ra, Slifer the Sky Dragon (known as The Saint Dragon of Osiris in the Japanese), and Obelisk the Tormentor. However, only a chosen few can command these mighty beasts. So far, only Yugi/Yami, Marik Ishtar, and Seto Kaiba can, but can one other person do it?

The Soul Blade is a sword crafted by Osiris. He used the fires of his realm and red platinum. Its fiery inferno consumed the few that have wielded the blade. Now, it is in the hands of the Knight of Anubis, whose soul is still intact.

The White Excalibur is the blade of the Paladin. It was forged of hard metal and a dragon's fang. After Kanika's death, Isis separated the blade into two parts. One part is the White Blade, which contains mostly the dragon fang. The other part is Excalibur, which was hidden in Ireland.


My sister, Ashley Nikki Black; dad, Captain Ned Black; and I, Mae, moved here late in the month of June. Ash had recently beaten Maximillian Pegasus in a game of Duel Monsters. Mom died about ten years ago, so I followed Ash wherever she went. Dad's commanding officer, Admiral John A. Newman, stationed our father to Japan. Ashley worked as usual with a load of schoolwork. Then, she got involved in this strange mess. It all started when Weevil Underwood, the bug creep, challenged her to a round of Duel Monsters…


Chapter 1: New Duelist

A crowd gathered as a Duel rose from the smoke of boredom. Parents, kids, and single adults circled the duelists. One was a boy in a green outfit and bug horns on the bridge of his glasses. He was about seventeen years old. His challenger looked like she was sixteen. The girl was in black bellbottom pants with a black vest layered over a white T-shirt. Her long, dirty blonde hair was tied back in a ponytail. In the front row, she kept glancing back at a cheerleader with the same hair color.

"Are you ready to lose?" Weevil Underwood taunted her.

"Ready when you are," she simply answered him. Their eyes locked onto each other as their Duel Disks, a portable duel arena on the player's left arm, snapped together. These devices have two modes, stand-by and duel. They were designed and built by the one and only Seto Kaiba. "It's time to Duel!" they declared in unison, each one drawing five cards.

"I'll go first." Ashley Nikki Black, better known as Ash, motioned with the first draw of the game. Her ice eyes looked down at it as she placed it in her hand. She, then, searched her hand for a card to play. Finally, she looked at Weevil with a small grin. "I'll start by Setting (facedown, horizontal) this monster. Then, I place these two cards facedown. It's your move!"

Weevil grinned as he drew his card. "Now, I summon Flying Kamakiri #2 in Attack mode. Make your pathetic move," he challenged her as her hand reached for the top card on her deck. Black looked at her card.

"I'll pass," she answered with the crowd gasping in surprise. The cheerleader yelled at her for the bad move. Ash, however, mentally disagreed as Weevil summoned another Flying Kamakiri #2. Then, she passed again. Soon, Weevil's monster zone was full. "It's over. Flying Kamakiri #2, attack her facedown monster. I win!"

"That I doubt. Take a closer look," she teased him as the smoke cleared. A jar with a wide grin and a green eyeball stared at him with joy.

"What is that?" Weevil croaked as the crowd muttered the same question.

Ash smirked as her monster sucked the field clean. "It's Cyber Jar. Its flip effect states that it will destroy all monsters on the field, including my own." Then, her hand went for her deck. "Now, we each draw five cards and special summon any monster Level four or lower." Ash glanced down at her new cards. "Now, I special summon Battle Ox, Enraged Battle Ox, and Lord of D," she shouted as she placed them on the field. Weevil set all his monsters in Defense mode.

"Go." He ended his turn. The crowd whispered how Ash baited him to attack the Cyber Jar. Then, they went silent as the cheerleader yelled out her cheer. Ash drew her card and looked at it. "It's over," she plainly stated to the Bug King. "I've drawn the card I need. First, I sacrifice my Oxen for a Blue-Eyes White Dragon. Following that play, I activate two Flutes of Summoning Dragon."

"WHAT?" Weevil gasped in utter confusion.

"Let's see, Weevil, if you can do your homework. One Flute of Summoning Dragon allows me to summon two dragons in my hand. Two Flutes allow you to…" she quizzed, only giving him ten seconds to answer. "I'm sorry. Silence is not the answer. Two allows me to summon up to four dragons. Come forth, my other two Blue-Eyes White Dragons! Then, I summon their little brother, Luster Dragon. Now, I activate my Spell card, Delta Attacker. This card can only be activated when I have three monsters of the same name on the field. These three babies will then aim at your Life Points. Blue-Eyes White Dragons! Send White Lightning at his Life Points! That equals a total of 9,000 points of direct damage. This Duel is over."

Her opponent fell to his knees in total dismay. He was completely upset and so were his followers. How could he lose to a 'rookie'? His Insect-type monsters were unstoppable, but she beat him with a Blue-Eyes White Dragon. Only four BEWDs were created, unless Maximillian Pegasus released more into the United States. What puzzled him the most was how the girl dueled. Her moves were very advanced and looked like she had been playing for years. Calmly, he pushed his big glasses up further on the bridge of his nose. The girl watched him with her cold, blue eyes. Waiting for him to say something, she stood there silently. Behind him, his Insect Army waited to throw a punch at this cheat. Slowly, he rose to his feet with a nasty grin on his face. His eyes shined with delight.

"What?" she asked puzzled.

"I will prove to you and the world that you are a cheat. You just wait until I report you to Seto Kaiba."

"Is that a threat? If you are going to send your hounds at me, bring it on! Anyway Weevil Underpants, you're the cheater, not me!"



Angered, Weevil pointed his finger at her. His followers charged at full force. The girl dashed to meet them head-on. She jumped over the smaller attackers and focused on the ones taller than her. From the sidelines, a little girl, with pom-poms in her hands, cheered her on. In a short amount of time, Weevil's Insect Army quaked in fear. It was like they became as afraid of her as every duelist is of Seto Kaiba. Then again, maybe his followers knew her from the news. The news reporter had stated that a top American duelist known as Ash Black was in the area. She had defeated Pegasus in the 'War of the Roses' Duel Monsters tournament in America. Every duelist in Japan (even Kaiba) has watched American duelists battle to the top. It just so happened that the military brat Ash Black won the finals and received the right to face Pegasus. Then, his name was flushed down the drain. Following that, rumors appeared, saying that she could possibly beat Yugi Mutou and Seto Kaiba.

"All right, you win," Weevil panicked, "but...who are you?"

"Ash Black, who else?" she simply answered.

His followers painfully got to their feet. One of them grabbed Weevil as they ran away. Ash sighed as the little girl ran to her side. She was jumping up and down with glee. The girl had blonde curls that bounced whenever she jumped. Then, she stopped and pestered her sister about work. Rolling her eyes, Ash followed her out of the park. Some of the rumors about her were true. Ash was a good duelist and enjoyed fighting. Despite all the tales that were pure fiction, however, the saddest story--the one about her mother--was true. Her mom was murdered when she was very young. Now, Ash can only remember her mother's lifeless face in her dreams that have become nightmares. The worst part was that she never knew why her mother was killed. The killer only said something that Ash had forgotten long ago. Her father, who was in the Navy, was recently stationed to Domino for 20 to 30 years (or until further notice) because the murder of his wife put him in a state of deep depression. His commanding officer thought it would be good to get exposed to a different culture. So the Black family was shipped off to Domino, Japan.

Since then, Ash had searched the entire town for a job to help support the three of them. She used to work at a cafe, but all she did was entertain the guests by Dueling with other people, mainly rookies. Eventually, she decided to quit. The job hadn't been helping her to get to know other people. Plus, she'd had to use a weenie deck that she had constructed from her collection. However, the deck was usually beaten and the crowd had liked watching her lose because she was an American, a girl, and new citizen to their country. Well, she hadn't liked that at all, so she had talked to her father about a new job. He had told her that a game store was looking for help. She found the address and was now on her way to talk to the manager about applying for the position. Ash hoped that she could get it. She didn't like her dad working two jobs at once and still having to be the leader of the family. Ash and her sister headed toward the game shop. After that, they were headed to their new home in the Cherry Blossom Apartments. Though they had moved in a few weeks ago, she hadn't yet met anyone around her age in their area of the complex.

"Ashley, hurry up!" The cheerleader yelled at her in annoyance.

"Rufe, Mae!"

Mae hushed up automatically, knowing her sister was speaking a different language. At her previous schools, Ash had taken a lot of foreign language, math, technical sciences, and history classes. To make matters worse for Mae, she had even gone to a special school to study computers. Ash had done that because her father was having trouble with their computer. Mae wondered how on earth her sister could 'cram' all those facts and figures into her dirty blonde head.

She stopped and waited for Ash to catch up. Her sister walked with dignity and pride for her identity. It was like she was marching. Before moving here, Ash had also auditioned for the school's marching band. Despite the fact that they now live in Domino, that pride hasn't left. She still walks in step to the tunes in her Walkman, usually a soundtrack.

The next bad thing on Mae's list was German and textbooks. Ash spoke A LOT of German, usually to tell her to shut her yap. Plus, she had long ago decided to bury her nose in their father's old college textbooks. Of course, it was mostly on technology.

"Ashley, here it is."

Ash walked up, carrying her Duel Disk on her left arm. Her Walkman was on with the headsets at her ears. The Turtle Game Shop stood before them. She reached for her Walkman's off switch as a boy walked toward the door. He wore a blue jacket with a stiff collar. His spiked hair reached for the sky, and he had blonde bangs. Mae suddenly ran up to talk to him, still in her cheerleader uniform. However, a guy with blonde hair stopped her before she had the chance. He was posed to fight her little sister.

"Where ya goin'?"

"Leave her alone! If you want to fight, then fight me!" she yelled.

The boy looked at her and shook his head. However, Ash kept up her pose, just in case. The other boy turned around and invited them inside. Mae happily followed the spiky-haired boy, talking to him. She kept yapping that Ash was the best duelist she ever knew. The boy smiled as she continued her story. Ash was ready to yell at her sister to shut her trap. She wasn't in a good mood, and she especially didn't like her sister talking that much. Mae's talking drove her crazy! She didn't know the meaning of 'be quiet'! Slowly, she followed Mae in, but constantly watched the blonde. An old man stood behind the glass counter.

"Welcome! How can I help you?" He greeted. His gray hair had the same bang work as the boy. Even their eyes matched. Ash grunted as her voice started to recover. Sometimes this happened after dueling for a long time. It drove her crazy. With a heavy sigh, she finally answered him.

"I came to apply for the assistant job in the paper," Ash answered.

"Oh! Yugi, we have a request already."

"I know, Grandpa. I wasn't expecting anyone to reply so soon!" Yugi exclaimed. "Anyway, I'm Yugi Mutou. This is my friend, Joey Wheeler, and my grandpa."

"Hello," Ash greeted.

"Ashley is the best! She has never lost a single Duel! Her deck can even cream other…"

"Shut up, Mae," Ash snapped, cutting poor Mae off. Her hand slammed over her sister's mouth.

"Do ya mean Ash Black? Man, she was supposed to be in town. I wanted to meet her," Joey moaned.

"Ah, Joey, I don't know how to tell you this, but…I am in town."

"WHAT? You're Ash Black? No way!"

"Yes way. This is my annoying little sister, Mae."

"Hi!" Mae happily squealed in a high pitch.

"Shut up!" Ash growled.

"It would be an honor to have you working here, Ash. You're the first one to show interest in the position," Grandpa replied.

"Thank you, sir. But, when do I start?"

"Right now." Mr. Mutou chuckled as he went to get the glass cleaner.

"Anyway Ash, have ya heard of the Kaiba brothers?" Joey asked out of pure curiosity.

"Sort of. I only heard about a 'Seto Kaiba' from Weevil Underwood today. Who are they?"

"WHAT? You dueled with Weevil today. That little slime ball, I hope you kicked his butt," Joey growled.

"Anyway, the oldest brother is Seto Kaiba. He is the president of Kaiba Corp, a gaming company. His little brother, Mokuba, is the Game Commissioner and has come to us for aid in the past. You see, a man named Gozaburo Kaiba adopted Kaiba and Mokuba. He taught Kaiba everything of the business world. Kaiba had enough and decided to take over Kaiba Corp. Since then, he's been the president," Yugi explained.

"Yeah, Yugi. But it's Kaiba who's into Duel Monsters. He's been trying to defeat Yugi since he lost to Exodia." Joey stuck out his chest in pride. "My man Yugi has only lost one Duel, and he did it on purpose to save Kaiba's life. Though I have to admit, I don't know why anyone would throw a match to save someone as stubborn and rude as dat guy."

"I get the point, Joey." Ash growled in her throat.

To be continued…

Next Chapter in the When Destinies Collide Saga: Chapter 2: The Beginning

Kaiba and Mokuba have a fight. Then, the head of Kaiba Corp. faints. Can Mokuba hold himself together? Will Kaiba be all right?

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