When Destinies Collide

By Ash Kaiba

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Previously in When Destinies Collide: Chapter 31: Cold Reflection

Kaiba thinks about his past and what happened the past couple months. He argues with himself whether or not to tell anyone the darkest secret of his life…a secret he dares not to tell.

Chapter 32: A Cousin's Love

The world flickered. Five men gathered around him. "Noah…"

"Your son betrayed us, Mr. Kaiba."

"The Big Five," he growled as he rose to a sitting position. A red suit waited for him on the back of a chair. He slipped it on and combed his gray hair neat. The man paused…to fix his mustache.

"Seto-chan is in Room X30." A brunette with glasses hissed.

"The torture chamber… Very appropriate." The man grinned. "It's about time this brat relearned his lesson. I can't be discarded so easily!"

In Room X30…

Kaiba tensed. He wasn't sure if he was hearing things or if his nightmare had returned. He looked at Kathryn. He couldn't tell what was going on her mind anymore. Besides, he had other things to worry about: namely, his stepfather.

He vividly remembered Noah killing him. Could the voice he had heard been his imagination or the revived Gozaburo Kaiba? Panic started to sweep through him, crawling. It didn't matter who or what it was. Another attack was setting it. Kaiba closed his eyes, slowly breathing. D-, I don't have my mediation with me. Just calm down. Remain calm. He reminded himself. The room just threw your mind into hyper drive. Yeah, that's it.

Outside Room X30…

So, they restored some of the power, Gozaburo growled. All he thought about was that his stepson was trapped…on the other side of the door. His mind recalled the code Nezbitt told him. His pale fingers pressed it in. The door retracted, revealing the uncommon sight.

"Seto," he snapped, the teen directed his attention to him immediately. "You failed."

Room X30- Seto's POV

"Seto. You failed."

Kaiba's heart stopped. He started it back up with a cough. He recognized the voice and the silhouette. The cerulean irises dilated. The attack was closer. He could feel it breathing on his nape.

"Who are you?"

Kaiba's blood ran cold. Kathryn stood up and approached the figure.


The girl looked back at him. Her eyes questioned him. The figure strode further in, past the girl and in front of his target.

"Noah killed you, Gozaburo."

Gozaburo made no motion. Kaiba smirked…a mistake.

"Ah…" he gagged.

The sole of the elder Kaiba's shoe applied more pressure, slowly. Kaiba contained his screams. He wasn't weak. He had stood up to this before. He could then do it again. The hard eyes glared at his stepfather. A glint caught his attention. No…

"Yes," the monster answered, as if he read Kaiba's thoughts.

His arm moved at inhuman speed. The pocketknife slashed his chest. Gozaburo aimed and hit several spots until blood was drawn. Then, it dropped and knuckles met his skin. Kaiba had no time. The punches deliberately targeted his eyes. Fear finally set in. Kaiba fired his right leg, kicking the abuser off of him. His vision blurred. Sh-t, he had better not have given me a concussion.

Kaiba gasped for precious air. Gozaburo noticed and shoved his shoe back onto Seto's chest. Sweat stuck to him. He was a hard enough time breathing without his stepfather's help.

Out in Domino…

Necra beat the air with his fiery wings. Kira Keiko made him swear to return Seto back home. The maid was worrying very much about him. As if she knew something that he did not. A light hum reached his standing ears. The blood irises glanced at his weapon.

"The Soul Blade is a powerful weapon. It contains power beyond my understanding," Anubis had told him. "It has trapped the souls of the weak that tried to wield it. Be careful, Necra. Until we understand your abilities, I forbid you to use this sword. After some tests, your assignment will be to protect the Chosen One of Ra."

The words echoed in his mind. His soul proved to be stronger than the previous. It has to be reacting to something. He thought. Necra strained his mind to think of one possibility. A dead soul has returned.

"Kaiba!" A deep voice rang.

"Kathryn!" A Brooklyn accent followed.

Yugi and Joey…! They're still looking. Then, he grinned. That bunch is persistent. He added, thinking back to when he trapped them in his virtual world. It didn't surprise him. He had learned that from Yugi Mutou, the most persistent person of the bunch. It was Yugi that stopped him from claiming his stepbrother's and his (Yugi's) own body. He learned about friendship and trust from them.

"What did you expect?" A voice nearby called.


"What happened, Necra? Anubis is going to be furious if you don't find the Moon of a Demon."

"Tell me something that I don't know."

The falcon fell silent. Horus, the god of the kings, pondered Necra's statement.

"You know Ra doesn't want Heishin…"

"To have control over the Path of the Serpent. I know," Necra snapped. "I will find it, Horus. But, I have something else to worry about."

"What, pal?" The god asked, curious.

"Curiosity kills the cat. Or should I say bird?"


"Leichter took my stepbrother and…his cousin."

Horus pondered as they dove gently down. "Could it be that your stepbrother has a key?"


"Ra said something about his Chosen having a key sealed in his right eye. I think it is called 'Dragon's Eye'."

"Well, that helps." Necra added, his fiery wings dying in the cold air. The falcon landed beside him, taking his human form. The jackal turned and looked at boy with birch-colored hair and golden eyes. Under the curls, pointy eyes ducked for cover. "You're lucky that you can do that."

"Oh, yeah…you have to wait for the morning." Horus chuckled.


In a nearby alley…

"Kaiba!" Yami called out again.


They all turned and stared at the black creature. Another human stood by it.

"Ah…Joseph…Tristan," the boy greeted.

The boys stared. Yami observed the shock in their eyes. The creature, Necra, snared at his friend. The demon was aggravated, anxious to get on Leichter's trail. Then, he directed his attention back to him.

"Horus…Did a soul escape your father's realm?"

The boy tilted his head, thinking. "I think so. Heishin performed a revival ritual in the Shadow Realm."


"I don't know. Too many souls to keep track of."

"Some help you are."

A scent snared the demon's attention. The moist nose sniffed the air. "This way."

Old Kaiba Corp. warehouse- Room X30…

Kaiba coughed weakly.

"Hard to breathe, son?"

Kaiba tried to look at his stepfather, but his vision dimmed as it grew blurrier. Fear had a secure hold on him. He heard the steps of his nightmare coming closer. Kaiba thrashed at the restraint, desperate. He fired his right leg again, but missed.

"Get away from me…," he whispered, though his throat was painfully dry.

Gozaburo ignored him, undoing the lock. Kaiba slumped down and quickly jumped to his feet. His stepfather reacted, pinning the teen. Kaiba felt magic at work, but unable to trace its origin. Sweat made the boy shiver, cold while sweating. His narrow fingers clawed at his stepfather. He felt something warm on his skin, but didn't take time to register it.

"Get off!"

Kaiba shoved against him with all he could muster. His strength was failing him. "Mokuba…I'm sorry…" He whispered as he blacked out.

In a guest room at the Kaiba Manor…

Ash Black stirred. The bright numbers glowed one in the morning. She groaned, tired from freeing a creature from other creatures. The tomboy turned onto her side. She closed her eyes and slept.

"Mokuba…I'm sorry…" A voice echoed in her head. Ash jumped. The baby blue eyes scanned the dim room. She noted the king size bed her body was in. The clothes from the day before were already washed and folded neatly. A light blue satin pajama top draped over her body. She fingered it. The tips came across something embroidered. It felt like 'SK.' Mr. Kaiba…She thought. I have to go after him. Why is he saying sorry?

Ash slapped her clothes on, only taking time to fold the pajama top. She strapped on the Excalibur and slipped out the window.

Room X30…


Kaiba panicked. His arms thrashed at the source. The panic kept coming. His captor appeared concerned.

"Seto, calm down."

He opened his mouth to scream, but nothing came. He turned, unable to move. Fear swam through him, controlling every move he made. The captor pulled him up into an embrace. His heart rate slowed, but was still wild and frantic. Kaiba took the only calm action he could. He held on.

To be continued…

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