Alex blinked. Her surroundings were unfamiliar to her. The metal grates were all gone. Above her, the ceiling was damp and stained a yellowish-brown colour. Just below her feet, she could hear a strange clicking noise, but she dared not move. Blinking again, she reached a hand down to her waist, where she usually tucked the weapon into her jeans. But it was gone.

"Oh, you're awake." Alex froze. She did not recognise that voice. It was deep and smooth, yet there was something in it that she didn't quite understand. Like the way it shook when he spoke (this voice was definitely male), and the nervous little laugh he gave at the end. It did not sound evil by any means, but it was the fear within that shook Alex.

She pressed her hands to whatever she was lying on and felt it buckle slightly. A quick glance down informed her that she was lying on an old, soiled mattress.

"Are you alright?" She snapped her eyes up to look at the speaker. He was a man in his mid-twenties with dark blonde hair. His piercing blue eyes observed her as she observed him. She took in every detail from his clean-shaven face and strong jawline to the greying strait-jacket that he wore, the sleeves cut off at the wrists.

"Who are you?" She demanded, eyeing his attire suspiciously. Her hand wandered down the side of the mattress to find some sort of weapon.

"My name is Stanley," he told her. She realised then that the clicking noise had come from the knife that he was using to clean dirt from beneath his fingernails with. "I heard a noise after..." He paused and looked away from Alex. She could have sworn that she saw him blush.

Stanley was too embarrassed to admit what he had seen. For all he knew, it could have just been another one of his episodes. It bore great resemblance to them.

"I heard a noise," he said eventually. "So I came rushing in here and found you lying on that dirty old mattress. That was about half an hour ago."

Alex continued to stare at him, and it unnerved Stanley.

"Don't look at me like that," he said, his voice remaining gentle.

"Like what?" Alex said. Stanley shoved his knife down the side of one of his boots.

"Like I'm crazy. Because I'm not." Alex raised her eyebrows.

"Really? Because your fashion sense tells me otherwise."

Stanley paused to take in his attire and laughed once he realised howsuspicious he must have looked.

"Alright, maybe I was crazy once," he laughed. "Maybe I still am, but you don't have to look at me like I'm a time bomb."

Alex observed him once again with great interest. 'Maybe this town isn't so dead after all', she thought.

"I'm sorry," she apologised, laughing at herself. "I just...I must have been knocked out and had a nightmare. But it seemed terrifying." She lifted her gaze to look him in the eyes and laughed even harder. "I probably sound crazy now, right?"

Stanley replied by smiling at her and assured her that she wasn't.

"I don't know where I am, really," she admitted. "I-All I can remember is water...lots of it...then I woke up in the back of a crashed ambulance."

"Silent Hill," Stanley muttered.

"I'm sorry?"

"You are in Silent Hill." Stanley smiled at her and reached for something on the floor beside him. "It's a resort least it's supposed to be. I was discharged from the psychiatric hospital in Brahams and they were driving me back home but foolishly decided to stop here first."

Suddenly, Stanley had Alex's full attention.

"You mean there's...there's more of you?"

Stanley laughed at her.

"Yeah, but I ran away from them...they were too busy fussing over the car," he explained. "They are useless anyway."

Alex pushed herself further back on the matress as Stanley moved his wandering hand into her line of vision and she saw his large hands wrapped around a small gun. He looked up at her then tossed the gun onto the matress.

"I think that's yours," he said. Alex reached for it and wrapped her fingers around the handle, enjoying the comfort that the feel of the cold metal on her skin brought.

"Now," Stanley said, standing up, "I think we should go before...well before something bad happens."

He offered Alex a hand and she gladly took it, heaving herself to her feet. For the first few seconds, she felt unsteady and a wave of nausea rose up through her body, but it soon settled.

Together they left the room and found that they were still in the apartment building. Alex gripped Stanley's hand tightly and together they searched for a way out.

Constance Gellar angrily crumpled up the empty cigarette packet and threw it to the ground in frustration. She needed a smoke. Bad. For what seemed like hours, they had been walking around in circles. There was no sign of Stanley, or any other form of life in the quiet town of Silent Hill.

"Matthew," she said, her voice shaking slightly from the lack of nicotine. "Why are we here? It is obvious that he has ran off, so why can't we go back? If the car is still out we could always flag down a ride."

Matthewignored her and turned to Dr. Goldwyn.

"He can't have gone far," he said. "Connie, what places did he mention when you were treating him?"

Constance impatiently tapped her foot as she attempted to remember exactly what Stanley had said.

"The church!" She said, suddenly. "He said that he found his sister in the church. Maybe he went back there."

All three doctors turned towards the steeple they could see in the distance. Fog swirled ominously around it, making it look eerie in the dim afternoon light.

"Are...are you sure?" Asked Dr. Goldwyn.

"Do you have a better idea?"

"Thomas!" Officer Anderson turned towards his partner to see him crouching on the ground beside a tall steel-link fence. "Take a look at this."

Thomas ran towards the fence and stopped dead in his tracks when his eyes fell upon what had caught Officer Keel's attention.

There on the pavement, leading up to the fence, were several footprints. But these footprints were not normal. They did not consist of mud or soot. They looked as though they were made up entirely of blood. In the centre of these footprints, and on the surrounding ground lay chunks of what looked like charred flesh.

"This is impossible," Officer Keel observed, holding a piece of the twisted flesh in his gloved hand. "This skin is warm, but it has started to decay. This flesh was probably torn from the body an hour ago, but the stage of decomposition it's at suggests that it is older than that...months older."

"How is that possible?" Thomas asked. Officer Keel shook his head.

"I have no idea," he admitted. "It's impossible. Also, where is the body? There are no footprints on the other side of the fence, and if a body was dragged away, there would be marks on the pavement. I can't think of a logical explanation for this."

Thomas swallowed hard. He assumed that they were dating with a psychopathic killer. A psychopathic kilelr who was on teh lose in the same town as Alexis.

"We have to pick up the pace," he told his partner. "Be alert and look for anything out of the ordinary. The sooner we find Alexis, the better."

Officer Keel dropped the flesh and stood up. He shivered slightly as a cold breeze passed them.

"Should we call for backup?" He asked. Officer Thomas shook his head. For some reaon, he didn't think that it would help.

Matthew pushed the church door open quietly. It was empty inside, though he had the feeling that they were being watched.

He stepped inside and held the door open to allow his fellow doctors in.

"Oh, my God!" Constance screamed and jumped about a foot to her left. "Oh, my god! Oh, my God!"

The two male doctors looked down and they, too, jumped back. Huge droplets of blood spattered the dusty floorboards. A lot of the blood looked dry, but most of it was still wet and glistened in the light.

"Oh, my God!" Constance screamed for the last time. "Do you think that is his sister's...?" Mathew bent down and placed a finger in the blood.

"It's cold," he said. "It probably is, come it all hasn't dried up?" He pulled himsef to his feet and followed the droplets to the altar. Everything to do with the church had been broken and scattered around, and there were rust marks and strange fotoprints in blood all over the altar. But that wasn't it. In the middle of all of the rust and footprints was a pool of blood. The edges of the pool had dried slightly and become crusty, but other than that, the blood looked as though it had just been spilt.

"Maybe...maybe he was telling the truth, then?" Suggested Constance, hoping that one of the other doctors would tell her that it was not true. What Stanley had told her while under hypnosis was too terrifying to accept. She thought that his description of his sister's death was an elaborate lie, aproduct of his troubled imagination.

"Stay here," Matthew instructed them. "I will look around." Constamce didn't need to be told.

Matthew went through a door to the left of the altar. It led to a walkway which had many doors on one wall. The old stone surrounding him was covered in moss and insects. Matthew had never liked insects. They made his skin crawl. He noted that this town had a similar effect on him.

He opened one of the door and stepped into the room beyond, closing the door quietly behind him. Then he heard a noise. It sounded like a low sobbing and it was coming from somehwere behind him. Slowly, he turned to face the source of the noise and saw someone with their back to him. They wore a tattered straight jacket which was buckled at the back, though one of their arms had pulled free of the thick maerial.

"Hello?" He said. "Are...are you alright?"

Suddenly, the sobbing ceased. The figure slowly turned to face Matther and when it's face was revealed, Matthew shrunk back against the door.

The figure moved into the light and Dr. Raimes could see that it was not human. Maybe it had been, once, but it no longer was. One of its eyes was shut and the other was black with streaks of red across it. Its skin was blue, as though it had been decomposing for at least a year. Its lips were pink and chapped and everytie they parted, something thick and black dripped from its mouth. It held out a hand towards Matthew and he could see that the same, black, lumpy, treacle-like substance glooped out of a cut onthe creature'swrist, spilling out onto the palm of its hands and squelching through its fingers and onto the floor. Then it made a noise. To Matthew it sounded like it was a strangled cry for help, but he couldn't have been sure.

"Oh, God!" Matthew gulped as the creature limped towards him. "Get away from me!" He frantically tried to open the door, but for some reason, it had locked itself. "What do you want?"

The creaure was now facing him and it placed its decaying hand on Matthew's face. Then it straightened its head and looked him in the eyes. It opened its mouth and the black subsance fell onto its decomposing chest. Then, something came out of its mouth and moved towards Matthew so fast that he didn't know what had hit him. He didn't even realise anything had hit him until he felt his own blood trickling thickly down the side of his face. His eyes rolled into the back of his head as he slowly felt the pain creeping up on him. He heard something hit the ground and the flow of blood increased, until it was in his eyes and all he could see was red. The last thing he felt before he fell was something sharp ripping through his throat. He was dead before he hit the ground.

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