Chapter Two: The Explanation

A/N: Now I wasn't planning on making a Second Chapter to this story...But after I saw Dead Man's Chest, I decided you must have some sort of explanation of how Barbossa got his hat back

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WARNING: If you haven't seen Dead Man's Chest you may not want to continue further... as it contains spoilers... If you've seen it then carry on your merry may seemingly without a single care in the world... I hope you enjoy this...

Lady Feather Clementine's POV:

Yes. It's me, and you thought you'd go the rest of your days without hearing me ever again. It so happens, you've been proven wrong...horribly... and who said being right wasn't fun?

I've come back to update you on how my little life is going...I hope your life is going as good as mine.

I've had revenge... though not totally by my own hand... But. Those without hands can't be choosers in vengeance... AND seeing how I'm limbless I have no choice in the matter, unfortunately.

Norrington... he's gone.. His stench of rules and order... has disappeared.

What was his downfall?

I'll tell you gladly.

Now, you may not know this about me, but I'm slightly, however slightly psychic.. It's called a sixth sense... I can insert thoughts into people's heads... I've put some interesting thoughts into A LOT of people's heads...My best work though, was the thoughts I put into Lord Cutler Beckett.

See I might've told him just a little about the chest, Sparrow's Compass, and Norrington letting Sparrow escape! So of course, ME knowing his true intent... knew exactly what was about to unfold... Norrington was thrown out of his life and into a rundown, beaten, shell of a man. All thanks to me. Now because of the perfect timing I was able to also rid the world of 'Captain' Jack Sparrow, or that's what my source says.

I see now that you've been thrown into some sort of a rage by this, sweet, sweet Lady Feather Clementine couldn't hurt a fly... manipulated and plotted against people? Oh no, not possible at all is it? Well it is. Surprising? Maybe. A little feather grieving and limbless, being an indirect cause of a death? Not probable, eh? Well it happened.

Now, one problem arose with my plan... that is, Norrington did something so unpredictable, so unlike the characteristics of him, so surprising, and truly against the laws of nature. He was, unpredictable. He lied, he cheated, he stole, all in a pathetic attempt to rise once again to the top!

I'm not quite sure of the outcome of that one... like I said, "I'm slightly, however slightly psychic." I'm pretty sure I've discovered a few holes in my plan...

Like the possibility that Jack survived the Kraken, or maybe how Norrington was unpredictable... but I guess that's to be expected... seeing how once you tear a man's insides out and make him stitch himself back up again... unpredtictability is to say in the least...expected.

That was rather inane of me.

But what was a feather to do? I couldn't very well have stopped him, could I? I can't change feelings on matters in the minds of others... I don't know why, honestly I'm cursing some nameless deity for it... Call it fate or destiny or 'them'... I don't care.

So what? A little setback perhaps? I'll get him later... for now I'm rejoicing.

What for? You ask, the answer is simple... He's back. He might've never told me how he got here or how he came back from the dead, or if he even went to heaven or heck. He revealed none of the inescapable ending of everything or even why he didn't come sooner.

How do I know he came back?

He rescued me.

How? You ask.

I'm not entirely sure of that.

One thing is for sure though..I'm happy.

I don't care anymore if Sparrow survived the Kraken or if Norrington will rise once again. My father, is back.