Set in the beginning of Season 10, a series of short fluffy moments focusing on our favorite couple's relationship. Hope you like!


He'd just left the infirmary on his way to a meeting in the briefing room. Though he was a little irritated at being called away from Sam, Jack was having a hard time being angry right now. After all Sam was recovering nicely and, wonder of wonders, he had finally told her how he felt about her. It wasn't pretty and she'd passed out right afterwards, but he'd done it and she heard him!

On his way to Level 28, Jack O'Neill was whistling, something he wouldn't be caught dead doing in normal circumstances. When the elevator stopped on 26 to reveal Daniel and Teal'c, on their way to the same meeting, the normally observant black ops soldier barely noticed their entrance.

The guys stepped inside, the doors closed and Jack's musical rendition of the Star Wars theme barely missed a beat.

When Jack finally looked up, he paused mid-note, aware of two sets of less than subtle eyes boring their way into him, like he had two heads (or was way off key). "What?"

"I believe you are attempting to whistle the theme from my favorite movie, Star Wars." Teal'c observed with a reverent nod.

"This wouldn't have anything to do with a General, a certain Lieutenant Colonel and the "L" word in the infirmary, would it?" Daniel asked with his best Cheshire cat grin.

"Yep." Was Jack's pithy answer, continuing to whistle.

"You know there's a love theme that goes with that movie, right?"

"Yeahsureyabetcha…. Hard to whistle that part though."

With that the doors opened and Jack O'Neill walked out towards the briefing room, whistling, while his two very self satisfied friends hung back by the elevator.

"It's about time, Teal'c."


A/N:Interlude will highlight short, fluffy, moments between our favorite couple – Jack and Sam, of course. The moments will parallel the chapters of Backstory,and I'll try to keep the characters faithful to what's happening in the main story. I don't think you'll need to read the larger story to appreciate these snippets. Again, hope you like.