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Ratings: G

Genre: Romance

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Main Characters: MomijiXTohru (Mijiru)

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A Promise In Each Hand

It seemed so plain, so ordinary a day. The sun was bright as Tohru hung the wash, large sheets from the beds, on the line outside. She sighed; it was peaceful. She looked up when she heard someone giggling on the other side of one of the white sheets. "Who's there?"

Another laugh. "C'mon!" said the other person, a boy. "C'mon, come with me Tohru-kun!"

She frowned a little, putting the sheet she had intended to hang back into the basket. She recognized the voice, but she couldn't place it. "Hello? Where are you?" Who are you? The boy laughed again and she followed the sound. "Where are you?" she called again.

"C'mon Tohru-kun! Hurry—come with me!"

The grass was soft as she began to run towards the sound of the boy's voice. The faster she ran the further away the voice seemed. "Wait! Please," she screamed. Suddenly, her foot snagged on a rock and she crashed into the ground with a yelp. She groaned as she pulled herself into a sitting position.

A voice, the boy's voice, giggled quietly close by and she looked up into large brown eyes. He held out a hand to her, smiling. "Take my hand—we can touch the stars." He helped her to her feet; his smiled broadened. "All your dreams lie in the palm of your hand." She watched as he looked away, toward the sky. "Come with me—take my hand."

And she did, knowing somehow that he was the one she loved; he laughed and gently kissed her lips.

Tohru woke with a start, her eyes flying open as she sat up in her bed. She swallowed. Was it… It was just a dream, then. She sighed as she looked toward the window. But it was such a lovely dream…such a lovely boy… I felt…I felt like I knew him from somewhere. But where?


Turquoise eyes flew open once more, wide this time—it was the voice, the voice from her dream. "Wha—"

She turned to see the boy grinning in the doorway, his brown eyes dancing. It was Momiji. "Tohru-kun? C'mon! Come with me!"

Tohru smiled and took the hand the boy offered her.


A/N: Now, despite the fact that I wrote this story, I still highly dislike both Tohru and Momiji—they're too perky. But this was more for my friend, Amai Uryou. It's based off Vanessa Carlton's "Ordinary Day" (which I don't own). Please, review!