When destiny calls


It was a gorgeous morning as I awoke, opening my eyes to the beautiful site of Nosgoth. A place where I find to be the best in the world. With it's amazing grasslands and beautiful sky, I felt like I was lucky to live in such a place. My name is Regina, and I have just turned 16 years old. I have brown hair and blue eyes. I live in a small quiet village with my Mother and Father. My Mother's name is Caroline and my Father's name is Marcus. He is the leader of our villages' resistance group, The chosen ones, against the vampire threat. Although there are rarely vampires that come around here, it is good to be prepared for an attack. Actually, I've never seen a vampire in my life. People have told stories of how they were attacked by them long ago, but a lot of times they tend to exaggerate. I've only heard of one vampire, a mean and evil bastard that will stop at nothing to thin the human herd. They call him, "Kain". Although I've never seen this "Kain" before, I have been told things about him. He is the so called vampire lord of Nosgoth who lives in a sanctuary about 15 miles from here. My parents never mentioned him to me before, which is why all this information is new to me. It's been said that he has sons, his loyal lieutenants who would stop at nothing to make sure their master got what he wanted. They all have their own children as well, hundreds... thousands perhaps, all in their own territory. I believe Kain has six sons total. I don't have a clue on what their names are though. But I remember one time my cousin told me long ago that while she was shopping in the market place, she could have sworn she seen one of Kain's sons. Dressed in black leather pants with gold boots and shoulder armor along with a red drape. He along with others, who bared his clan symbol, were along side him as they past her. She didn't know why they were there, but she did notice something strange about that vampire... he was handsome. Now normally, she said, it was rare to see a good looking vampire. I guess Kain must have had some beauty in his early days to have such a beautiful child such as he. She said his name was Raziel or "Lord Raziel" to the lower ranked scums such as us humans. The way she described him made me want to go find him and be with him ... forever. Although what I've heard about vampires was bad, I wouldn't mind meeting this "Lord Raziel" after all.

Morning Chore

Chapter 1

After I had dressed, I went downstairs to greet my parents and to start the day with my usual chores. "Good morning dear, how did you sleep?" My mother asked as she was putting dirty laundry in a basket to take to a small stream outside town to wash. "Fine mother, thanks", I sad as I looked around the room suspiciously. "Where's Father?"

"Aye, he went into town for the resistance meeting. Some member came by early this morning to let him know".

"Oh", I said as I walked over to my Mother. I knew my first duty of the day, laundry. Although only three of us lived in the household, it seemed like the Sarafan army were living with us.

"Come on Regina let's go to the stream and wash my dear,"she said as she lifted the basket. I nodded and trailed behind Mother and out the door. I couldn't help but wonder if any vampires were near by. I just had this feeling in my gut that made my stomach turn. I couldn't stop thinking about vampires. I've heard what they did to innocent and helpless victims such as myself. The thought made me sick. I don't know why but I got enough courage to ask my Mother a question that I knew I'd regret.

"Mother, have you ever seen a vampire?" I said with anticipation yet fear afraid to hear what the answer would be. She stopped dead in her tracks and looked at me as if I WAS a vampire. She dropped the basket of cloths and slapped me hard across the face. A small tear came down as I put my cold hand on my now red hot cheek. I stared blankly at her, wondering what made her do that.

"Where did you hear such nonsense?" She said looking at me.

"At... At the market place. P...People talk about them all the time," I had lied . I cursed my wretched tongue for that. I hated lying, especially to my Mother. If I had told my Mother the truth that my cousin Adara was the one who told me, she would never let her visit me again. I really loved her stories of vampires, her knowledge of them fascinates me.

"Well I don't want you near those foolish people. They don't know what they say. They are all good for nothing drunks and slobs. Good rittons" she said picking up the basket and walking towards the stream. I followed slowly behind her, letting the words that she had said to me sink in. I started getting some cloths and washing them.


The water was cold on my bare, sensitive flesh as I washed my cloths. A cool breeze was forming and the sun was going down. It would set behind the tall trees and dissapear before my eyes.

"Regina I'm going home to hang up the laundry to dry. When you are finished come home, child. But don't stay out too late. You never know what lurks out here in the dark", my Mother said as she looked at me. She picked up the basket with wet cloths and walked away disappearing behind the tall shrubs. I watched her walk away , leaving me here in silence as I sat alone and unprotected. I always wondered what lurked out here in the dark. The thought of vampires made me feel uneasy. Again the thought of one showing up was inevitable. I could feel cold eyes upon me, but had no idea from where I was being watched. I started washing faster, telling myself "it will be okay". I started feeling really anxious to finish my chore, the sound of silence sent a shiver up my spine. It made me wonder if someone or something was near, for the animals were quiet.

I'm Captured

Chapter 2

I listened closely to the silence of the woods and looked around nervously. "Forget this, I can wash these another time", I said as I started gathering my cloths. The silence was too much for me. But then something made me stop dead. I heard footsteps not too far behind me, and they were getting louder. My heart pounded like a beating drum in my chest, and my body was trembling. I gulped as I decided to turn around to see what was there. As I did, my eyes slowly widened in fear for what I seen in front of me. A vampire... a real life vampire. He stood at about six feet and had a shaved head with white razor sharp teeth and yellow cat like eyes. He wore leather pants, leather boots and an armored outfit with a strange symbol on it. Probably belonging to one of the clans like my cousin was talking about. Although I don't think it was one of Kain's sons because he wasn't wearing a clan drape. He was a mean and vicious looking beast who looked really hungry and I had a feeling he wasn't going to let me escape.

"Ah, fresh blood", the vampire chuckled to himself. "What's a tasty morsel like you doing out here all alone?". I just looked at him in disgust, but not in fear as I was earlier. "Well, I would like to let you know that I cannot allow you to leave",he said as two more vampires came out from the shadows not too far from him.

"Who are you?", I asked as I slowly backed away.

"I , child, am Demetrius first born son of Zephon, second in command in his Lord's army", he said in such pride. "And these two behind me are Victor, second born son of Zephon", he said as he pointed to his right. "And this is Octavius, third born son of Zephon", he said pointing to his left.

"What do you want with me?" I asked as I was now afraid.

"We are on a mission, if you must know. Our Lord has requested that we find him a new "toy" to play with", he said as he laughed. "Can you believe it? The Master is more than 1000 years old and he still plays with toys. But not the toys of a child, he likes to torture humans for his enjoyment", he said eyeing me. "And whatever the Master wants the Master gets", he said as he charged at me. But in those split seconds, I thought back to the time when I asked my cousin Adara about a vampires weakness. She said there are many:Water, Sunlight, Fire. Water! That's it! I remembered the stream was behind me, and that's when instinct took over. I quickly cupped as much water in my hands as I could and threw it in Demetrius' face.

"Arraahhhhhh", he yelled as covered his face in agony. The flesh began to dissolve and sizzle, with some white smoke coming out. I turned around and ran as fast as I could away from here.

"Get her, do not let her escape", Demetrius said as he held his face in pain. Meanwhile Victor and Octavius were right on my tail. I tried to outrun them, but I had no chance at all. One of them Knocked me down to the ground and I knew it was all over. I tried getting back up but I was hit over the head with something hard and heavy and then... it went black. And all I remembered... was darkness.

Take me to your leader

Chapter 3

I had awakened. To a place of which I know not. The surface which I was laying on was hard and cold. As I inhaled, I could smell filth and decay around me. My eyes seemed to wonder where I was as I gazed around this... rat hole I was in. I sat up and wiped the dirt off my face that came from the floor. I stood up and started dusting my cloths off form the filth that had attatched itself to me. I made a hissing noise when I noticed I had touched a freshly opened wound on my right arm. Little blood was there, thought some of it dried up. It looked like a cut that one of those vampires had given me, and they too were most likely the ones who brought me here. Those foolish bastards! I hope and pray that some day they will meet their demise and when they do, God will show them no mercy. I stood there, examining my surroundings with little interest. The sight of death was every where. In the corner of the room remained several skeleton's, which were once living beings like me. I realized it was a jail cell, a place where a human such as myself would probably never see the light of day again. And it was then I heard those horrible noises. I looked out through the small bared opening on the door. The outside seemed like a dungeon. No! Some kind of torture place, probably for those that had betrayed their so called "Master". Or maybe it was for beings that served no purpose to them. Beings... like me. But then, something horrible caught my eye. It was a chained up prisoner. Actually there were many, but this one was different, more disgusting than the rest. This human was only half of it's self. The bottom half, was missing. The top half was hanging by it's wrists in chackles chained to the wall. The person was long dead, it's rotting flesh was already being infested by parasites. And out came the insides that dropped from the corps, the long intestence that swung back and forth like a pengilum while rats feasted upon it. This made my stomach turn and I felt sick. I quickly turned around and vommitted on the floor. Nothing much came out with the exception of acidic saliva. I was also very hungry, thinking back to this morning, I had nothing to eat. It made me wonder how long I was in this cell. I was pulled out of my thoughts as the main dungeon cell door opened violently, startling the other prisoners as well. Two vampires came in, and I recognized them. They were Victor and Octavius, the two that knocked me out and brought me here.

"Ah, so the wench has awakened at last", Victor said chuckling to himself. Octavius began to unlock the door to my cell.

"The Master has requested your presence in his throne room. He wants to see his new prize that we got him", Octavius said as he grabbed me roughly and pulled me out of my cell. They took me out of that place and we entered a mass of corridors that seemed to go on forever. There were vampires everywhere, and they were all from kind it seemed. They gave me cold threatening looks. It didn't matter to me what looks they gave, I just tried to ignore them and remain strong. I didn't want to cry,although I felt I had to. I wasn't going to let these monsters get the best of me.I wasn't going to show any fear that would shame the human race in any way.

"Don't worry, the Master isn't that bad once you get to know him. He's really quite an intelligent man. And who knows... maybe instead of torturing you with pain he might torture you in pleasure", Victor said as he and Octavius laughed.

"Yes indeed. He keeps his attractive victims for himself. He can get any women he wants if he so desired. He's a bit nasty though, he tends to have a hard time keeping his hands to himself, if you know what I mean", said Octavius as he chuckled to himself. I began to worry, what the hell was going to happen to me? "But don't fret, your quite gorgeous, I must say. The Master will most likely keep you", He said as he gave me a lustful look. I turned away in disgust. After minutes of walking, we finally came across two giant doors, each engraved with strange symbols. And above the door barred a name... ZEPHON. I knew this was it, their so called Master's room. Victor knocked on the door and stood there awaiting permission to enter I suppose.

"ENTER", came a loud but steady voice from the inside. Octavius and Victor opened the doors and all I seen were eyes staring at me. The next thing I knew I was pushed down to the floor almost hitting my face. Victor and Octavius bowed deeply in respect beside me.

"Forgive the intrusion my Lord, but we have brought you the prisoner as per your request", said Victor looking up at his Master. I looked up at Zephon, who was staring coldly at me just as the other vampires did before I arrived here. Next to him was Demetrius, probably discussing war plans due to the maps on the table.

"Very well, leave us", Zephon said as he motioned his hand for his children to leave, keeping close eyes on me. As the door closed behind me, my heart froze. I was now alone with some perverted monster. He came towards me and stood right in front of me, and I looked up at him coldly as ever. He wasn't that bad looking, for a vampire. He had very pale skin that almost looked like he seen a ghost. He had raven black hair that was short and spikey in the back and a ponytail that reached to about his shoulders. He was tall and well built, wearing a silk shirt with tight leather black pants.