SUMMARY: What if Jed and Matt Eckert had a younger sister, Rebecca. It follows the story, but only with Rebecca mixed in and a few people that did die don't die. I hope you like it!

THIS IS THE STORY, Everyone Is Lost at Least Once


Just a normal school day...YA RIGHT!

Jed's POV

Sunday night, I was walking to my room that I shared with Matt when I noticed a light coming from Rebecca's room. I opened the door and there she was, writing again. Thrown across her floor were her old photos that she had drawn over the summer when ever she had a chance.

"Rebecca," I stated and her head shot up. "It's time to go to bed. You have school tomorrow." She nodded, put her notebook on the floor next to her bed and shut off her headboard light. I closed the door out as she climbed under the covers and I headed to my room to try to get some sleep...

Rebecca's POV

I was sitting in Math next to my buddy, Robert Morris. But I don't call him Robert like most people do (well at least not to his face). I call him Robbie to annoy...Wait let me correct myself...Try to annoy him. It doesn't bother him though for some reason. Then he'd just start calling me "Becky" which really annoyed me. Everyone else either called me by my whole first name, my nickname that Jed and Matt called me "Becks" or even by my initials - Rae (Rebecca Antoinette Eckert). But NO ONE called me Becky because I'm a tomboy...except Robert. My brothers, Jed and Matt, were really hard one me (just like my dad), plus they didn't like me hanging around guys but hey! I grew up with them! Well, we were doing equations on the slope intercept when we heard gun fire. When a missile busted the door, everyone started running and screaming. Robert reached out, grabbed my hand, and started dragging me to Daryl's car. Daryl came running up to us, pushing us to make us run faster to his old beat up car. As soon as we hopped in, Daryl pushed us down as a Russian soldier shot up the engine. We climbed out the passenger side and ran when I saw Jed in his pick up driving towards us. Daryl, Robert, and I quickly climbed up into the bed of the truck and laid down so we wouldn't get hit by bullets. Jed hopped into the front seat and Arturo jumped into the bed of the truck with us. While we were driving we picked up Danny too, who took a running leap into the back of the truck. We didn't stop driving until we got to the gas station that Robert's dad owned.

"Dad! Dad!" Robert exclaimed jumping out of the truck before Jed even stopped it. He just started rumbling on about the Russians and how they were shooting at everyone.

"What's happening?" Mr. Morris questioned. I wouldn't blame this guy for not knowing what was going on.

"We're going to the mountains. We're gettin' out of here," Jed said, as I hopped out of the back of the truck.

"Who are they as far as you can tell?" Mr. Morris asked.

"I heard some of them speaking Spanish, Mr. Morris," I stated.

"Did you see any of them?" Mr. Morris questioned. I turned to see an explosion from where we came from. Every one else saw it too. Mr. Morris kept asking questions but my attention turned to Jed who was as pale as a ghost and in shock.

"Oh my god," he whispered.

"Jed..." I started but was cut off Mr. Morris telling us to go into the convenient store and grab sleeping bags, food, and guns. We were all busy grabbing stuff and I started grabbing all the stuff I knew that wouldn't go bad while up in the mountains. Then I grabbed heavy jackets that would keep us warm. Finally, we were ready to go.

"Rebecca..." Matt started.

"What? Gonna leave me behind so I can get killed? Great plan," I said sarcastically, while jumping into the bed of the truck after all the stuff was arranged.

"GET DOWN!" Jed exclaimed. I ducked in the bed as a helicopter went by. Finally, we were ready to go. Robert bid goodbye to his dad and we sped off. We were going down a dirt road when we all noticed Russian cars up ahead, blocking the road. Jed turned off really quick but the Russians spotted us and opened fire. Then the helicopter came over head and started shooting at the Russians.

After awhile I fell asleep. I felt the truck stop, but instead of getting up, I just laid there. Finally, the truck started up again and we were off. I felt someone shake my shoulder while whispering, "Becky." I opened my eyes and looked to my right to see Robert. "Are you asleep?"

"I was before you woke me up!" I snapped.

"Sorry," he muttered and I fell back to sleep...until we had to start setting up camp in the mountains. When we got up there, I was so tired but I searched for fire wood. When I got back Danny was bitching about his family. "But our families, huh? What about them, huh?"

"Shut up already!" I snapped, throwing the wood down as Jed started a fire.

"We just gotta stay up here for a while," Robert answered as I sat down across from them.

"I just wanna go home," Danny whined again. "I don't wanna hide. If I hide, they'll never find me." I just rolled my eyes and laughed at Danny. I looked to Jed who was examining the radio.

"Check it out," he said throwing it to the ground, "Stopped a bullet that would have hit somebody."

"I got these," Robert said, smiling and taking off his head phones.

"Well those will do us a lot of good," Daryl said sarcastically. "We've got no radio. How long do you think we can survive on olives and Rice Krispies." I looked at Robert who had put his head phones back around his neck and he kinda seemed upset. You know what, Daryl is just a...Grrr...I don't know the word for it. Here we go! Stuck up!

"What else are we gonna do?" Arturo asked.

"As calumet Student Body President..." Daryl started.

"Great. Here we go. Speech time," I whispered and Robert must've heard me coz he laughed.

"I forward the motion that we give ourselves up," Daryl finished.

"ARE YOU FUCKIN' NUTS!" I exclaimed, jumping to my feet. I knew Jed was probably glaring at me for swearing but who cares.

"I second the motion. We can't stay here and we need stuff..." Danny said, standing up. He needs stuff. Well what about my time each month!

"Sit down Danny," Jed said sternly. "You're not going anywhere. It's too dangerous to go into town."

"I say we vote on it." Daryl really thought he was a big shot.

"Vote on it. Okay. Who wants to kill Daryl? Everyone that says yes, raise your hands!" I stated. Wouldn't you know it. I was the only one who raised my hand.

"No," Jed said, ignoring my comment and he looked at Daryl.

"This isn't the big game, Mr. Quarterback. He can go wherever he wants," Daryl said.

"No," Jed stated, sternly.

"You're such a goddamn jock," Daryl said and he dove at Jed. I stepped to break it up, but Robert stopped me. Finally, Jed shoved Daryl towards the truck.

"If you wanna go so bad, here haul ass, take you shit!" Jed said, chucking Daryl's bag at him. Then he looked around at the rest of us. "That goes for the rest of you...This is your chance to get walking...It is world war III down there. People are being killed. Those could be Russians!"

"Jed? What about your family, huh?" Danny asked. I just wanted to smack this kid. Could he ask any other questions at all or was he a broken record?

"I don't know...But I'm alive. And I'm staying here. My family would want me to stay alive. Your family would want you to stay alive. You think you're so smart, man, but you're just a bunch of scared kids," Jed stated.

"What do you think you are?" Daryl asked.

"Alone, I guess," Jed said, turning from us. Matt walked over to our brother. "No you're not." He tapped Jed on the shoulder and Jed turned. "What do you say?" They gave each other a hug as I walked over to them.

"I stick with my brothers through anything, no matter what," I said.

"I'm with you," Robert said, appearing at my side. Jed smiled at us, then turned towards the rest of them.

"Alright. Now the rest of you get going," he said but when no one moved, he continued on. "Alright. But if you stay, you're gonna do exactly what I say, okay? Huh? So c'mon over here and get warm." Every walked over to the fire and Daryl and Jed shook hands, both of them saying sorry (even though I could tell Daryl did not want to say sorry...he kinda forced it...) and we all sat around the fire.

"Okay. Matt, Becks, and I have been coming up to these mountains with our dad our whole lives. We can hunt, we can fish. We can stay up here a long, long time. Ok?" Jed stated.

"How long Jed?" Robert asked. In the background, you could hear gun fire and stuff like that.

"Until we hear that no more," Jed stated.

At my high school, it felt more to me, like a jail cell, a penitentiary, and time spent there, it only made me sick, coz I don't ever wanna be like you, I don't wanna do the things you do, I'm never gonna hear the words you say.