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I got the idea of this fic after hearing the song: 'Leaving you for me' sung by 'Martin Kesici and Tarja Turunen

Kim sighed softly as she began to speak, "Do not take this the wrong way, baby…please…I know you will not like this, but it just has to be done."

She looked down at the ground a bit before she looks back to the person in front of her, though not directly at their eyes as she continues to speak, "You and I both know that we are only hiding from the truth, this could never exist…no matter how much you would want it to…Please just understand. I am not out on hurting you…not at all…"

Kim turned around and shrugged a bit, "We had our good times…we still have them every now and then. But…I am just not up to having to explore every little bit of your soul when I know your soul is not connected to mine. I want to feel alive! I want to live my life to it's fullest! But as long as I have these inner demons inside of my head, I just have to go on a search for those…So…you know…I am only leaving you…because of me…these demons in my head just won't let go…"

Turning around once again she looked into the sad face of Ron, "I am sorry, Ron…but this is goodbye…Life has to go on and this is my way of doing it."

Not a single tear was shed as she turned around and walked away from Ron. Though she grimaced a bit as Ron asked, "But…what about me…? What shall become of me without you?"

She never looked back as she softly replied, "Just try to understand…." Those were the words that were uttered as they broke apart.

That same night Kim could be found on top of one of the largest buildings in Middleton. "What else could I have done? I left on a search for myself….for my inner demons…" She leaned back and tilted her head up to the stars, getting startled when she saw two green eyes looking back at her instead of those stars.

Shego settled behind Kim, wrapping her arms around the younger and smaller girl to keep her in place as she started to struggle a bit. "You better stop that, Princess. Being on top of a high building and struggling against me is not a good combination…"

Kim rolled her eyes a bit before relaxing against her foe, "How did you find me?"

"How else? I am your inner demon." She smirked as she flicked her tongue over Kim's earlobe, "And you know you would never want it any other way."

The red-head smiled a bit at that and turned around in Shego's arms, making herself comfortable there as all those times before.