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Chapter One: First Blood

She dreamt.

She flew above the world as a raven, soaring over a city, spread far into the horizon. She perched on a telephone line, above a window. A girl stared out the window. Where did she know her? The girl slowly opened the window and began to crawl out. The raven began to crow. "Shut up you stupid bird!" the girl was vehement, "Please, shut up!" The girl jumped out the window and began to run. The raven cocked it's head and flew after her. The girl stumbled many times, but she always picked herself up and hurried on. She came to a large building, with flowers in the front. "This must be a church," she said. She ran inside. The raven flew to the window to see what the girl was doing. She took a pitcher and drank from deeply from it. The raven saw her gasp as a cloaked figure appeared and confronted her. The only words the raven heard were, "All are welcome here…"

Raven sat up and gasped. She looked at her clock, 3:47 a.m. She was sweating, but she didn't know why. Her bed was soaked in it, and her room smelled of it… and also some other scent she couldn't place. Gross, she thought, Might as well take a shower if I'm already up. She pushed aside her sheets and blankets and got out of her bed. She paused for a moment to look out her window at the beautiful night sky. The stars shone with the brilliance of a thousand distant suns and the moon was a crescent floating high above the bay. She turned and walked to the bathroom connected to her room.

As she entered she noticed there was still the strange odor, like something was there that was not supposed to. She flipped the switch that activated the cold electric lights of the bathroom ceiling. Her bare feet were cold as they walked across the white tile floor. She took off her pajamas, which was basically her uniform, without the cape. She stepped into the shower and stood there for a moment. She reached up and turned on the shower head, and let the warm water envelop her.

She stood, relishing the feeling of the calming waters sliding down her body. She turned to reach for the shampoo, but when she did, she was overcome with vertigo. Everything started to spin in her mind. She sat down hard on the floor of the shower, the water still pouring down. "What?" she gasped, her breath coming ragged and raspy. She couldn't concentrate, she couldn't think.

She began to retch. Something was in her throat, it was slimy, slick. She coughed and coughed but it would not come out. She stopped and took a deep breath. The water kept raining down on where she sat, trying to calm herself. "What is happening to me?" she whispered. She felt the slickness move into her nose. She sneezed into her hands. She slowly brought them away from her face, and gasped at what she saw. Her hands were flecked with blood, and something black.

The coughing started again. Except this time, something came out. Every time she coughed more blood would come. Her breath came in torn gasps as she watched her blood pool on the shower floor. That smell. She had been smelling blood.

With all her effort she stood up and turned off the shower. Some of her blood was still sliding down the drain. Blood dripped from her mouth, running down her chin. She grabbed a towel and raced back into her room. She turned on the light and collapsed in a heap on the floor. Her bed wasn't covered in sweat, like she had thought. It was blood.

"How…" Raven gasped. She knew it wasn't her "monthly time", that was two weeks ago. She began to hyperventilate. Her breath came faster and faster. I have to get out of here. She stood up, still wearing nothing but a towel and raced out of her room, forgetting there was such a thing as teleportation. She ran down the dark hallways of the tower, until she came to the control room. She ran in and threw herself on the couch.

She squeezed her eyes shut. Oh, Azar, what is wrong with me? She huddled into a ball and waited for morning to come.

Beast Boy couldn't sleep. His mind was restless, even if he was tired. Earlier in the night he had been woken up by someone running past his door. But he must have imagined that. He lay in bed wondering whether to get up and go play gamestation, or try to get back to sleep. He looked over at his clock. It said it was 7:30. He had been laying there for hours. He sighed and decided he might as well get up.

He yawned as he walked down the hallway to the control room. He thought he saw a red smudge on the floor, but he guessed it was nothing. Cyborg probably dripped some oil or something last night. He continued down the hall and got to the doors of the control room. They automatically opened upon his arrival. As he walked in, he looked out the windows at the bright morning sun. He was usually asleep in the morning, so he never really got to see a sunrise. But, he thought, this isn't much of a sunrise. The sun must have been up for at lease an hour.

He walked over to the couch so he could play his video games. Before he got there, he thought he heard a small gasp, and saw a hint of black. What is with me this morning? he thought, I must need more sleep. Instead of going to sleep, he flopped down onto the couch and began to play Mega Monkeys. He sighed and wished someone else would wake up. It looked like today was going to be a beautiful day. So Beast Boy got it into his head to convince the others to go to the beach later today, when they woke up.

She heard Beast Boy at the last possible second, and hastily teleported herself to her room. The scent of dried blood almost overwhelmed her, but she knew she had to clean it up somehow. Raven was still only wearing a towel, so she went to her closet, and got dressed in her usual uniform. She stood there for a while wondering how she was going to clean her sheets. She finally decided to just wash them, and hope the stains would come out. She gathered them in her arms and teleported herself to the laundry room.

The room smelled pleasantly of detergent and fabric softener, a welcome change from the smell of her room. Stepping over the washer, she set the dials, loaded in her sheets, poured in the soap, and started the washing machine. Now, what was she going to do. May as well clean the bathroom.

She teleported back into her room. She walked to the bathroom and got out some cleaning supplies. She stared at the floor for a moment, wondering if she had really lost so much blood. The blood covered the floor in a blotchy design, spreading into the shower. She sighed and began to scrub the floor to get the blood off.

Maybe it was just fluke thing, she thought, Maybe, it won't happen again, and I won't have to worry about it. She knew she was kidding herself.

After about forty-five minuets of scrubbing, the floor had no more blood stains on it. Raven sat back on her legs and stretched. She was sore from bending over to clean. She decided to get a book, and wait for her sheets to get done, so she could put them in the dryer. She grabbed her book, but before she began to read, she thought she should probably go to the laundry room to see if her sheets were already clean.

After she teleported there, she noticed they still had about ten minuets left. She sat on top of the washing machine and started to read. As she read, her violet hair kept getting in her eyes. She impatiently brushed it out of her face. This was a good story, about a kings, mages, griffins, and…

"Hey Raven, I didn't know you were up."

She jumped. She hadn't even heard him come into the room. "Oh, uh, hi Beast Boy."