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She hadn't really wanted to do it. When she first found the details of the ritual in one of her older books, she'd dismissed it as pure fantasy. An entity of pure magic that could and would grant any wish? Please. And yet, she had tried everything else. Incantations, ancient artifacts, mystical sigils, and yet every time she thought about him, something exploded. This was essentially her last hope, so she was forced to do something she knew she'd regret later: She asked for help.

The elevator hissed open at the garage, where Cyborg was once again polishing, retouching, upgrading and otherwise pampering his "babies." He was so obsessed with installing the in-dashboard Wafflematic (A/N: That auto-waffle thing from "Cyborg the Barbarian.") for the T-Car that he didn't hear anything until someone cleared her throat.

"Cyborg," said Raven, "I, uh, need help with something."

The half-robotic teen looked up from the batter injector he was working on, smiled, and replied "Anything for my favorite assistant grease monkey! What'cha need?"

Raven hesitated. The material components of the spell were somewhat flexible, but they had to be very powerful. She decided to start with the simplest request. The gray girl held out her hand, which contained the fragments of the ring of Azar used in the battle against Trigon. "I need you to repair the ring," she droned trying to hide her growing anxiety about the other item she'd need from her friend, "and you can't technologically enhance like you do with everything else." Cyborg frowned, but nodded. She continued to the more difficult task. "Next, I need one of your power cells..."

"WHOA!" exclaimed a shocked Cyborg, "OK, not adding my signature touch to something you want me to repair is one thing, but a power cell? It ain't like I've got an infinite supply of the things!" He saw Raven's hurt expression, and calmed down a little. "I'm sorry, Raven, but without a charged power cell, I'm essentially, well, dead."

"Can't you recharge them, or make more?" she asked, desperate.

"The cells have a limit to the number of times they can be recharged before wearing out permanently, and the materials to make new ones are extremely rare and expensive. Even Robin's connections with Bruce Wayne he pretends he doesn't have couldn't get enough to make a functional cell." Cyborg sighed, and continued, "I'm sorry, Raven, but I just can't let you have one." He watched the telekinetic as she sulked back towards the elevator, waited until she was halfway, and smiled while saying, "Unless, of course, you tell me why."


After Cyborg finished what she needed, Raven again referenced the ancient tome were she found the spell, deciphered the remaining material components, and prepared herself for an even more onerous task. Sighing, she left her room and walked to another door in the Tower. Hesitantly, she knocked on the door.

The door flew out, as did the room's occupant, who caught Raven in an embrace that would've likely snapped the half-demon in two had she not telekinetically reinforced her ribs. "HELLO, friend Raven!" exclaimed an ecstatic Starfire.

Barely managing to breathe even with the assistance of her powers, Raven managed to grunt out a "Hi, Star" before extracting herself from the Tamaranean's vicelike hug. Even though she was now free of Starfire's physical strength, Raven still had to deal with the orange girl's nauseatingly upbeat personality.

"Friend Raven, I am overjoyed to see you visit my room of the bed. Please, come in," rambled Starfire, largely shoving Raven into her airy, bright, and otherwise unRavenish room. "Why have you chosen to visit me here? Do you wish to discuss various styles of hair? The bands of boys? To you perhaps desire to initiate the 'girl talk?'"

Starfire probably would've continued to blabber until the world ended (again,) but Raven managed to get a line in edgewise. "Actually, Starfire, I wanted to borrow something."

This only encouraged the alien. "Glorious! What is it you wish to borrow, friend? Hair accessories? The discs of compactness? Mustard? Clothing? My recipe for Stewed Qlorznogs?"

"Actually, I wanted to know if you had something that could keep one of your Starbolts glowing after you released it." replied Raven, who was beginning to question the wisdom of asking Starfire for help.

Starfire's expression sank a little, disappointed that she could neither spend any of the "girl time" with Raven nor share the rubbery, sour pleasure of stewed Qlorznogs with her. However, her near-permanent optimism quickly recovered. "Of course, friend Raven!" she exclaimed, "What you request is known as a Tlem'gark, I shall fetch one." With that, Starfire flew to her closet, where she threw out a variety of strange alien artifacts, pictures of Robin, ingredients for Tamaranean recipes, pictures of Robin, jars of Silkie food, and pictures of Robin before pulling out what was evidently the Tlem'gark. It looked vaguely like a crown, a ring of brass, or something like it, with three prongs rising out of the main structure at regular intervals. It was engraved with scenes of climactic battles, and looked incredibly valuable.

"Starfire, I can't take this," Raven gasped, marveling at the exquisite piece before her. "It's too beautiful, what if I break it or..."

"Worry not, friend Raven," replied Starfire, "I have other Tlem'garks, and you are both a dear friend and an ally in the kicking of evil butt. Besides, you and your love deserve such a fine..."

"My WHAT?" exclaimed a stunned Raven. Her sudden shock at the mention of love caused Starfire's mattress to be briefly encased in a black aura before exploding in a shower of feathers and springs. "Wh-Who said anything about love?" Raven quickly composed herself, but was still greatly concerned. Had Starfire figured why she needed the device?

The orange girl wrinkled her brow in confusion and explained further, "But friend Raven, the Tlem'gark is traditionally given to one's greatest love." She lit the device with a Starbolt, the green orb somehow staying in place without fading between the three brassy tines. "The shining energy within the Tlem'gark represents the pure and everlasting light of mutual affection. Did you not know?"

Raven sweatdropped, and replied, "Uh, no, I just, uh, needed it for a spell." 'Well,' she thought, 'that's part of the truth.'

"So, you are not in love?" inquired Starfire.

Frantically waving her hands, Raven practically shouted "No! No! Of course not! How could I ever be in love with Beast Boy? That's ridiculous!"

Starfire once more looked at her friend in confusion. "But...I did not mention friend Beast Boy."

Raven, shocked at what she just blurted out, let out a burst of nervous laughter, causing a few jars of Silkie food to explode and splatter their contents on the walls. She sputtered, "Of-Of course not! Um...bye now!" With that, she grabbed the lit Tlem'gark and tried to rush out of the room. In her haste, she slipped on some of the zorka berry-flavored goop now coating the room and slid into the wall. Again laughing nervously, Raven rushed out the door and ran to her room so fast she practically plowed through the door.


Having recovered from the crushing embarrassment of the Tlem'gark incident, Raven prepared the ritual necessary to use the spell. A pentagram was drawn in mystical powder, and at each point of the star lay an offering.

At the topmost point was the restored ring of Azar. To its right was one of Cyborg's power cells, fully charged and glowing with blue energy. Below the cell was a seemingly normal pebble. In reality, Raven had extracted the stone from Nevermore, so deep in Timid's realm that it was the first boulder in geological history with an inferiority complex. To the left of the silicaceous sadsack was the Tlem'gark, still glowing with Starfire's energy. Finally, above the brass ring was what resembled a floor tile with leprosy. It was really a square foot of...matter chiseled out of Beast Boy's room. Judging by the way it was attempting to squirm out of the pentagram, it would serve its purpose excellently.

With everything prepared, Raven began the chant that would summon the entity who could maybe, just maybe, fulfill her greatest desire. "Azarath Balshan Corian Daru Elfhame Femeref Ghitu Halam Icatia Jukai Keld Llanowar Metrion Numai Oxidda Panopticon Quirion Rakdos Skyshroud Tolaria Uktabi Verdura Wyluli Xanthia Yavimaya ZINTHOS!

With the final word, the entire pentagram let loose a blast of golden light. Once the blinding glare faded to manageable levels, Raven looked into the glowing shape. She was shocked to see a figure within the pentagram. "It worked!" she shouted.


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