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Gabriella got out of the hospital and went home with her mother, Martin, and Taylor. Grace and Tom had visited before they all left, and Tom apologized. He explained to them that he would be getting help, but Grace still wanted Martin to stay with the Montez's. Taylor was spending the night again, just to make sure things were all right, and Gabriella didn't push herself too much.

Taylor was finishing her homework, and Martin had already fallen asleep. So Gabriella decided to call Troy to thank him for the flowers.

"Hey, It's Troy. You know what to do." She sighed, disappointed that he didn't pick up.

"Hey Troy, It's Gabby. I just got out... I just wanted to call you and say Thanks for the roses. They're beautiful. Happy Valentine's Day. I guess I'll see you tomorrow. Night." She hung up the phone and sat on her bed thinking.

Why didn't he just give me the flowers himself? She thought before she drifted off to sleep.

Troy was laying on his bed thinking about Gabriella, and how he saw her with Jeremy. Then his phone started to ring. He knew it was Gabriella because he set that ring tone especially for her. He just picked up his phone and stared at the picture of her from the night they met. He fell into a deep thought, and didn't realize that it was too late to answer it.

After a few minutes, he listened to the voice mail she left.

Yeah, Happy Valentine's Day... Too bad you weren't mine like I wanted.

The next day, Taylor was early as usual to Mrs. Darbus' class. Gabriella got to class a few seconds before the bell rang because she had to drop off Martin at school. Mrs. Darbus let the class just talk since there were no announcements and she was working on the new musical with Kelsie. The guys got in a group as usual and started talking.

"So, are we gonna do the locket thing today?" Jason whispered.

"Yeah, Gabby's back." Chad said. Troy was about to talk until Zeke cut him off.

"Alright, so how about at lunch? I've got office aid before lunch, so I can write you guys passes to get out early so we can put them on the table before the girls come out." Zeke said

"Yeah man! That sounds awesome!" Chad kind of yelled.

"Mr. Danforth! Hush your voice!" Mrs. Darbus told him from her desk.

"Sorry Mrs. Darubus."

"Alright. So don't forget then Zeke." Jason said.

"Yeah. Don't worry. Let's go talk to the girls." Zeke said walking over to the back of the room where Ryan, Gabriella, Taylor, Sharpay, Jeremy, and Camille, were playing Boom Shikka Boom Boom. (LOL if you guys don't know what game that is...then omg.)

"I win!" Gabriella exclaimed, but soft enough to avoid trouble from Mrs. Darbus. "Oh, hey guys!" Gabriella smiled. "Wanna play?"

"We already played three times Gabby, and you always win." Ryan pouted.

"That's because she's got skills." Taylor laughed.

"So how you feeling Gabby?" Troy finally spoke up.

"A lot better actually. My head still kinda hurts a little bit though."

"Oh, well that's good, so what happened?" Troy asked. Suddenly the bell rang.

"Hmm, walk me to class? And I'll tell you."

"Sounds good, besides the fact that our classes are right next to each other." Troy laughed.

"Right." She blushed. As they walked to their next class, Gabriella explained everything that was going on about Martin and being hit in the back of the head.

"And yeah, that's basically what happened." She said just as they reached their classrooms.


"Without all the details, of course." She laughed.

Incredible. She goes through all that, and still manages to be the same Gabriella. Troy thought, and smiled. Suddenly he hugged her, which took her by surprise, but hugged him back.

"Uhm, Thanks for the hug Troy?" She looked at him puzzled.

"Sorry, it's just, I'm glad your safe. And I want you to know that you can call me anytime, anywhere, if something happens."

"Thanks, big brother." she joked. "I'll see you after class." She said and walked into her class.

"Big brother? Great one, Troy, now you're her big brother.. far from where you wanna be" He muttered as he walked into his class and took his seat.

"Hey, Troy, right?" Jeremy spoke up.

"Yeah. Jeremy, right?" Troy said turning to Jeremy who was sitting in the seat next to him.


"I didn't know you were in this class."

"Oh, I just got switched into it today. They put me in the wrong class since i have normal classes now."


"Alright, I want you guys to partner up." The teacher began. Troy and Jeremy were the only ones left without a partner.

"Partner?" Troy gave in, but saw it as a chance to get to know Jeremy.

"Yeah, looks like we don't have much of a choice." Jeremy laughed.

"Okay, now that everyone's got a partner, we can begin. These are your partners for the rest of the year. We will be working on a research project. I will allow you to choose any topic that must be approved by me. Nothing inappropriate. Now for the rest of the class, I want you guys to brainstorm any ideas. At the end of the year you will present it. Alright, get to work."

No one actually got to work. Everyone was just talking.

"So..." Troy said.


"So what's the deal with you and Gabby? I mean do you like her?" Troy blurted the words out with no intention to. He wanted to just think about it, not literally ask Jeremy.

"Hah, I'm surprised you're asking me that man." Jeremy chuckled.

"What are you talking about? I--" He was cut off by Jeremy.

"Nah man. It's not like that. Gabby and I used to go out, then she moved, and I never saw her again. Until the other day when we went to the park with everyone else to help out some kids. We started talking about where we stood in a relationship, and she said things changed when she came to Albuquerque. She met you." Jeremy explained.

"Really?" Troy said astonished.

"Yeah, she really likes you dude. I think you guys are good together."

"She said she likes me?" Troy was shocked. He felt bad for thinking that Jeremy was a bad guy. "I thought you two were going out. Every time I saw or wanted to talk to her these past few days, you were always there. Like at the hospital yesterday. I guess I kinda got jealous." Troy admitted.

"What? Really? Oh, I only went to visit her yesterday because no one said they were gonna visit her. And I didn't want her to feel like her friends didn't care or anything. But all she kept talking about was you."


"Troy Bolton, you have a call slip." their teacher called. Troy knew it was the pass that was written by Zeke.

"Hey, thanks Jeremy. For telling me all this." Troy said before going up to the teacher.

"Yeah, no problem. Just ask her out soon though, she's kinda getting nervous that you don't like her." Jeremy laughed.

"Yeah, I will." Troy said and walked up to the teacher's desk to get the call slip. Once he was out of the classroom, he found Zeke waiting for him against the wall.

"Hey." Zeke said.

"Hey, let's go get Chad and Jason."

"Let's go." Zeke agreed. After they got the other two guys, they walked into the cafeteria. They had 5 minutes before the lunch bell would ring. When they walked in, they noticed the principal and some other people setting stuff up. They walked over the the principal to ask what was going on, with the boxes that had the lockets wrapped up in their hands.

"Hey Principal Matsubi, what's going on?" Troy asked.

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