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Title: Hiro hîn hîdh, hiro hîn Estel

Author: Vanagristiel

Rating: T

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Author's Note: The translations to the elvish bits are all in the end:)

The sight before him made his heart almost stop. Elrohir had just entered one of the rooms on the healing wings while looking for Elrond, but found his twin. Elladan was knelled down, a hand clutched to his chest, tears flowing down his closed eyes.

"Elladan! What happened? Are you hurt?" he asked, rushing to his brother's side.

The older twin just shook his head, not raising his eyes to meet Elrohir's worried ones. Instead, he held out the hand that was closed tightly above his heart, allowing Elrohir to see what he was holding in it.

It was a finely crafted silver necklace with a star shaped pendant.

He immediately recognized that jewel. How could he ever forget it? It was Celebrian's. She had worn it ever since they could remember... until that day.

He felt his heart break anew at the thought of that fateful day when they found her in the hands of those foul creatures... beaten... tortured... barely alive. He shuddered at the memory of his mother's suffering. Even now it was hard to think back on it... on that day.

"But I… the orcs… I thought they had taken it…" Elrohir finally managed to say, already feeling the sting of tears threatening to fall, as he slowly took the jewel in his hands, running his fingers across the tiny shape so carefully and lovingly... almost as if he was touching his own mother again. "I thought it was lost" he whispered. "How did you find it? Where was it?"

"Under the dresser… between the floor boards…" Elladan said in a deep breath, still fighting to control his emotions. "It must have fallen from her neck when we brought her in... but how did we miss it?"

Elrohir understood his twin's feelings, and offering him a sad smile, he said quietly "I can think of a couple of reasons..."

That day had changed their lives so drastically... and permanently.

It robbed her of the joy to live on Middle-earth, forcing her to sail, so she could find peace.

And it had been that same day that made them leave behind the merry nature of their hearts... the pranks... the laughter. When they had both sworn never to rest as long as a creature of Sauron still drew breath on the face of Middle-earth.

No… he would never be able to forget it.

"When will this end?" Elladan breathed tiredly. "When will we finally have peace again?"

"I don't know brother… but even now there's still hope." Elrohir answered, trying himself to believe his own words. "Estelio han, gwador nîn. Estelio han".

Looking into his older twin's eyes, so much like his own, he said firmly, and yet gently. "Si boe ú-dhannathach... si boe ú-dhannathathon. Ú-i lu dollen i Estel ammen"

"Estel..." Elladan whispered almost to himself. "Is he the one we've been waiting for?"

"I don't know, brother." Elrohir answered, but now a true smile beginning to form in his lips. "But Adar named him Hope, so he might as well be... he might as well be."

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And here are the translations... :)

Hiro hîn hîdh, hiro hîn Estel – May they find peace, may they find Hope

Estelio han, gwador nîn. Estelio han – Trust this, my brother. Trust this.

Si boe ú-dhannathach... si boe ú-dhannathathon. Ú-i lu dollen i Estel ammen - You cannot falter now... I cannot falter now. Not when Hope has come to us.