WARNING: Weird pairing, maybe you never saw or thought about this pairing. OO; But I just put my two fav. characters toguether. I'm not telling who! You'll see who it is...

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She was running away from her village, currently being attacked. She kept running in the immense plain even if she had several bruises covering her small body. She fell on the ground, both of her knees and hands on the cold ground. She was crying. Some tears flew down her pale soft face and layed on the ground darkening it. She would always remember these eyes. Her mother's and her father's. Both had rare eyes, unusual eyes. One had crimson eyes, the other golden ones. She inherited of both of their eyes. She had her father's golden eyes yet the bloody ones of her precious mother. She closed her eyes tightly trembling of fear and sadness. Her mother, the most precious person to her, just died. She was the only one liking her for what she is. She didn't know who exactly killed the skilled kunoichi. One thing she knew, it wasn't her father who did it... But she thought that he could be the cause of her death. Since she came back in Konoha, people started threating and looking at her mother in a different way, hatred was showing into their eyes. They felt like she betrayed them which was wrong. Her mother would never had betrayed her village, no matter what. She was also crying from guilt. She felt guilty. Guilty because of her mother's suffering. The Hokage believed her yet she didn't. She could even see the emptyness in her mother's eyes. She was the kunoichi, the strong kunoichi, especially in Genjutsu, that she was. She was dead inside, because of the man she loved, the man that everyone in the village feared. She never knew her father, but was curious to know who he was, after all, she had the right to know who was her father. So there she was, crying and helpless. She sat down and turned around looking at her village. She brought her left little hand to her eyes and wiped her tears. She blinked few times.

"Father, where are you? I know you are near... Please, father, I need you... Mommy's dead... I know you're still alive! Please! Father, help me!"

She shook her head and calmed down. She stoop up dusting her clothes then looks up at the reddish sunset which reminded her of her mother. The young girl lowered her head looking at the necklace around her neck. She grabbed the precious thing and looked at it. It was a kind of ruby... But, there was something odd. The ruby had a kind of amber shade along with its natural color, crimson. She blinked few times then let the ruby go. She looked at her village once more then started walking away toward an unknown direction.

What do you think? Should I continue? Oh and, this is like a story after a certain roleplay I've participated in.

For the ones who hasn't found out yet, the pairing is Kurenai/Orochimaru, and the little girl is their daughters. Sadly, Kurenai is dead in the story but don't worry, there's going to be some flash backs! To make you understand the story and stuff, like how did Kurenai and Orochimaru met each other. I know, this might be the weirdest pairing ever but I like new things... And in my opinion, they wouldn't look THAT bad toguether... Both of them have like... A dark look, that's why I love them. Review please!

NOTE: Their daughter doesn't know who her father is exactly, she never met him.